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Some "Housekeeping" Matters

May 19, 2017

Club officials, please note: Trial write-ups cannot be published unless the Essential Data forms confirming the winners in each stake are also received.

It happens that a report is submitted in timely fashion, but not ED forms, and  a subsequent delay ensues in publishing the write-up and crediting dogs with earned placements while awaiting receipt of the ED forms.

Essential Data forms are sent to clubs in advance of their trials. This form is also available on The American Field web site (interactive and printable).

When completing the Essential Data form  the number of all dogs drawn for a stake are to be shown, and this number is to be broken down by breed (e.g.: pointers, setters, Brittanys, German Shorthaired Pointers, et al.).

A reminder to owners and handlers: Any dog (all pointing dog breeds) that has won a championship or has been named runner-up in a championship is to have DNA on record with the Field Dog Stud Book. Securing a DNA profile is a “one time” procedure. Once done, it’s done.

DNA swabs, instructions and accompanying forms may be obtained from the Field Dog Stud Book on request.

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