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Back Country Tornado Named Champion; Thrill Me is Runner-Up

South Carolina Open Shooting Dog Championship

By Roger Duerksen | Jan 10, 2019
Backcountry Tornado Winner of the South Carolina Open Shooting Dog Championship

Patrick, S. C. — The South Carolina Open Shooting Dog Championship had a full slate of entries (49) for the 2018 running.

Our field trial committee is most grateful for the extraordinary help we had for this week-long trial at Patrick, S.C. Bird planting by Lawton Huggins, Roger McPherson, Marian Huggins, and Pam Constantine; dog wagon drivers Roger Duerksen and Mac Stidum, and Bill Britt.

Daily lunches daily were provided by Alan (Coach) Johnson and Cliff Brown.

Susan Duerksen and Andrea Clark provided the handlers’ dinner which was elegant, as always, with Christmas decorations and fine food. Bill and Muriel Primm hosted a dinner in honor of last year’s winner, Waybetter Rocky. Cliff Brown stepped up and provided a dinner, as well as Lawton Huggins with his famous “chicken bog”.

Judges for this renewal were of the highest quality that we hope to provide every year. Jadie Rayfield of Mount Pleasant, S. C., who has judged so many major trials, was accompanied by Gary Futch, a well respected Georgia field trial competitor whose dog Law’s High Noon won the National Champion in 2001.

Purina continues to providegenerous support for the trial which is appreciated and greatly needed.


Judges were looking for a strong race, nice style on birds, and a strong finish. They found that combination in brace No. 7 in Backcountry Tornado, seven-year-old white and orange pointer male handled by by Mike Tracy for owner Chris Catanzarite of Scenery Hill, Pa.

The runner-up from brace No. 4 was Thrill Me, white and orange pointer female handled by Tommy Rice for owner Keith Finlayson of Tallahassee, Fla.

( * signifies “honorable mention”.)

The first day weather was cold, wet, with rain in the morning and wind in the afternoon. It took a real hero to be out in this weather all day.

In the first brace, Bully Rock, pointer handled by Mike Tracy, had an unproductive, three finds, but was picked up at 40. *Merritt’s Hope (SF/Calvin Curnutte) logged six finds in a snappy big race early. A setter from Terry Merritt’s breeding, this dog earned an honorable mention.

Cheyenne Jack (PM/Tracy) had two finds. Bombs Away (PM/T. Rice) had three finds. Both Bully Bragg (PM/Tracy) and Steel City Alabama (PM/Basilone) were lost.

Bulltaeo (PM/Tracy) had one find and two backs. Runner-up Thrill Me had four finds, including a difficult relocation, a strong race and a strong finish.

In brace No. 5, Packin A Punch (PM/M. Tracy) was lost. *Panola’s Lady Jane (PF/S. Browder) had five finds and a nice shooting dog race, earning an honorable mention. Adjusted Attitude (SM/Tracy) had an unproductive; a manners error had the rope out. Just Thrillin (PM/Rice) had a divided find, but was charged with a manners error on a relocation.

Second day’s weather was much improved with cool temperatures and sunny, with enough humidity to make it a perfect bird dog day.

The winner Backcountry Tornado had four finds, two divided finds and the race the judges were looking for, which was strong and to the front with a big finish. Deerfield Game (PF/Basilone) had three finds, a back, and two divided finds. This pointer had a strong race and was to the front and was being considered by the judges for the championship title until with two minutes to go when the dog was lost. Matt Basilone needed the retrieval unit which ended the heartbreak brace for Deerfield Game.

Bail Me Out (PM/Tracy) and Mamma’s Broken Heart (PM/Basilone) each suffered two unproductives.

In No. 9, Kingsman (PM/Tracy) had two finds but was up at 40. Caladen’s Davinci (SM/J. Raynor) notched three finds but also had an unproductive. Armstrong Mountain Dustie (PM/M. Tracy) was credited with one find but was up at 45. McRee’s Roxanne (PF/J. Raynor) logged two finds and a back.

Waybetter Rocky (PM) Tracy) had two finds and a stop to flush. Matt (PM/ Curnutte) was picked up early. Moonlite Yellow Jacket (PF/Tracy) was credited with two finds. Grand Prairie Thrill (PF/Rice) had one find and an unproductive.

The third day had cool conditins with slight overcast and enough humidity to be a good bird dog day.

*Coosawhatchie Smooth Ride (PM/ Tracy) tallied seven finds, with one of them so beautiful it would take your breath away. Jerry Raynor picked up pointer male Sandy Hill Jake early.

In No. 14, Walden’s Ridge Shadow Dancer (PM/Tracy) was lost. Charitable Deed (PF/Rice) suffered a manners violation on a relocation.

Reedy Creek Dial Tone (PM/Tracy) had one find, but was up at 40. *Hoos English Ivy (SF/Basilone) was credited with six finds and a nice race.

The Slight Edge (PM/Tracy) notched one find but had a manners violation. Limbsmoke Skeet Rock (SF/Basilone) had two finds before being picked up.

Miller’s War Bonnet (PF/Tracy) sufferered a manners violation. Erin’s Copper River (PM/Tracy) had two finds but was picked up.

In No. 18, North Country Girl (PF/ Tracy) carded two finds and was picked up. Bear (SM/Curnutte) was picked up early.

The fourth day was cloudy, cool, and the dogs had numerous covey finds.

Erin’s Saint Louis Jimmy (PM/M. Tracy) was credited with one find and was picked up. Urban Fantasy (PM/ Basilone) also had one find but was subsequently lost. Sam (PM/Curnutte) tallied two finds in his bid. Foolish Again (PM/J. Raynor) also had two finds but was picked up.

*Thomas Adirondack Turbo (PM/ J. Thomas) had four finds and a nice race. Sassy Creek (PF/J. McHugh) also had four finds, a back, and find a on relocation. Limbsmoke Polar Express (SM/ Basilone was lost. Bracemate *Sandwood Creek (PF/J. Raynor) notched four finds in a snappy race.

Neither Sandland Miracle Hodge (SM/M. Tracy) nor Missy (SF/Curnutte) had bird work and both were picked up.

Glassilaun War Paint (PM/Tobiassen) had a huge race with one find. Jayhawk Thunder (PM/Basilone) had a big, strong race with one find.

In the final brace, Mike Tracy used the retrieval device for pointer female Sand Mountain Icy at 35.

The weather changed to cold rain and the scheduled Open Derby was cancelled.

Patrick, S. C., December 10

Judges: Gary Futch and Jadie Rayfield


[One-Hour Heats] — 40 Pointers and 9 Setters

Winner—BACKCOUNTRY TORNADO, 1629924, pointer female, by Mac’s Silver Dollar—Backcountry Dolly. Chris Catanzarite, owner; Mike Tracy, handler.

Runner-Up—THRILL ME, 1661569, pointer female, by Just Irresistible—Snow Thrill. Keith Finlayson, owner; Tommy Rice, handler.

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