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South Carolina Open Shooting Dog Championship

By R. L. Duerksen, MD and E. Lawton Huggins | Jan 12, 2021
South Carolina Shooting Dog Championship Winners. From left: Bail Me Out with Jack Kimbrell and Miller’s Unbridled Forever with Austin Shaeffer. Behind: Lawton Huggins, JadieRayfield, and Mike Tracy.

Patrick, S. C. — The 2020 South Carolina Open Shooting Dog Championship  was held December 7-10 at  the Cooper Black field trial grounds, despite COVID fears and government restrictions.

The trial enjoyed delightful weather and no delays throughout the week, allowing time for both the Championship and the companion Open Derby.

The Club was blessed with 45 dogs in the Championship and fifteen entries in the Derby.

Judges were experienced field trialers Ron Lambert from Tigar, Ga., and Bill Adams from Mt. Holly, N. C. Both of the judges were looking for shooting dog races with dogs that stayed to the front. The dogs under consideration had to be stylish on their game.

The South Carolina Shooting Dog Championship was held at the Cooper Black field trial grounds, December 7-10, despite COVID fears and government restrictions.

The hardy crew of Lawton Huggins, Roger McPherson, Mac Stidham, and Roger Duerksen got the job done.

Lunches were provided by Alan Johnson; dinners were cancelled.

The weather was ideal for field trials and much appreciated by all.

Judges were experienced field trialers Ron Lambert from Georgia and Bill Adams from Mt. Holly, N. C. Both of the judges were looking for shooting dog races with dogs that stayed to the front. The dogs under consideration had to be stylish on their game.


Named champion was Bail Me Out, six-year-old white and orange pointer male  by Great River Ice and Summerhill Black Label for own Casey Hollander of Blakely, Ga.

Runner-Up was Miller’s Unbridled Forever, also a six-year-old white and orange pointer male by Just Irresistible and Miller’s Bring The Heat, owned by Great River  Kennels and Neil Walker. Mike Tracy handled both dogs.

The first day of running was cloudy with light mist, rain and cool.

Miller's Unbridled Forever set the early standard with a forward race and three finds. Sue Mac's Roll Tide, (PM/S. Browder) had two finds and a unproductive before Steve ask for the retrieval device. Cheyenne Jack (PM/Tracy) notched two finds and a divided find before being lost. Panola Lady Jane (PF/S. Browder) had three finds and a divided find, plus a back. A nice performance. Bully Rock (PM/Tracy) had five finds and an unproductive. Erin's Battle Cry (PM/S. Browder) ranked up three finds and also had an unproductive..

Big Time Boy (PM/S. Browder) also had three finds. Iron Bully (PM/Tracy) was credited with a back and picked up at 35. Erin’s Blew By You (SM/S. Browder) notched three finds but  a  manners violation ended the bid. Winterset’s Attitude (SM/Tracy) was credited with two backs before being picked up. Charitable Deed (PF/T. Rice) scored two finds,  had an unproductive and a very big  race. Lily On Be (SF/Tracy) had the retrieval device used at 35.

The second day was sunny but cold.

Waybetter Rocky (PM/Tracy) tallied six finds. Pointer female Sandwood Creek had two finds, a big race, and retrieval unit was out at pickup. Erin’s Big Casino (SM/Tracy) was credited with a back and then picked up. Grand Prairie Thrill (PF/T. Rice) had one find, then was lost. Rocks Bird Colonel (PM/T. Rice) was a big running dog with one unproductive. Miller’s Locked N Loaded (PM/Tracy) had one find and a back.

Erin’s Copper River (PM/J. Raynor) tallied three finds and a nice race. Pointer female Miller’s War Bonnet rendered a big race but no bird work and was  up at 40. Swami’s Rip Tide (PM/J. Raynor) had no bird work and the retrieval bit was out at 25. Miller’s Heat Seeker ( PM/Tracy) went on the board with three with finds and a big  race. Miller’s Record Heat (PM/Tracy) was picked up. Tallokas  Sun Dial (PM/T. Rice) had one find but a manners violation at 50 ended the brace.

Conditions the third day were cloudy and cold.

Both Sandlands Shooter (SM/C. Curnutte) and Miller’s Big Iron (PM/Tracy) were lost. Bittersweet War Cry (Tracy) was credited with one find. Erin’s Woodland Warrior (C. Curnutte) suffered an unproductive, then was lost. Graypoint Nubarton (PM/C.Curnutte) was  up following manners violation. Bracemate Bail Me Out, the winner, had six finds and the race that the judges were looking for and this was our champion.

Glassilaun War Paint (PM/Trac) was picked up at 25. Nella’s Belgium Brew (P/T. Rice) was up at 30. Shagtime Zeke (SM/C. Curnutte) had one find. Suemac’s Tiger Rose (PF/Tracy) backed bracemate's find and was up at 26. Armstrong Mountain Dustie (PM/Tracy) suffered a pair of unproductives. Northwoods Sir Gordon (SM/T. Rice) notched two finds, a back but also had two unproductives.

Palara (PF/Tracy) tallied one find and a back. Merritt’s Bear (SM/C. Curnutte) had manners error at 35. Miller’s High Heat Index (PF/Tracy) had two finds. Grand Woodlands Jim (SM/C. Curnutte) was up early.Sandhill Wally (PM/J. Raynor) had one find and an unproductive. Touch’s Two Step (PM/T. Rice) was lost.

Miller’s Extreme Heat (PF/Tracy) notched five finds. Burrow’s Trip My Trigger (PM/T. Rice) was credited with three finds, two backs, and one unproductive.

Patrick, S. C., December 7

Judges: Bill Adams and Ronald Lambert


[One-Hour Heats] — 35 Pointers and 10 Setters

Winner—BAIL ME OUT, 1659355, pointer male, by Great River Ice—Summerhill Black Label. Casey Hollander, owner; Mike Tracy, handler.

Runner-Up—MILLER’S UNBRIDLED FOREVER, 1661404, pointer male, by Just Irresistible—Miller’s Bring The Heat. Great  River Kennels & Neil Walker, owners; Mike Tracy, handler.


Our judge from the Championship, Bill Adams, switched to the handler role for his Derby, Hap, and your's truly (Lawton Huggins) joined Ron Lambert to fill the judicial saddles.

The stake kicked off on Thursday afternoon, the course freshened up with game and the youngsters did not disappoint.

The first brace featured Hap (Bill Adams0 and Rose (Tommy Rice). Both dogs ran the limits of the course with great style and had a single find showing solid Derby manners on their game. This trend continued in the subsequent two braces with the contenders having good fortune finding game and equal manners handling the same. At his point in the stake, the judges would need to “split hairs”.

Brace No. 4 was released at 4:30 p.m., the timeframe my old quail hunting companions referred to as “The Rush Hour”. The sun was getting lower and the birds began to congregate before the coming darkness. Scenting conditions began to improve and this brace produced our first and second place dogs.

Miller’s Million Dollar Penny, owned by Muriel and Bill Primm, was braced with Tommy Rice’s Spec for the return trip on course No. 1. The youngsters broke away to front and began to score on game immediately with Penny having four well-spaced finds. Her composure on game began to deteriorate incrementally with each find and on the final game contact, which involved a large covey, she gave chase and was quickly gathered up by her handler. Her enthusiasm was contagious. Spec had a back on Penny’s first find with mature manners and went own to have two independent finds with tremendous style and manners nearing shooting dog standards. He gained the edge and would be the winner, should nothing change on Day No. 2. Penny was a close second going into the cocktail hour Thursday night.

The first brace on Friday featured Jerry Raynor handling Auddie Brown’s Browntown Breakaway and Dr. McPherson’s Sumac’s Rocking Leta. The Kimbrell grandsons, Jack and Austin, were at the line to scout for the morning braces. Leta was off like a shot and was out of pocket by the first sand road crossing. Jack Kimbrell saved the day with hard riding and found her near the paved road at the park entrance. Breakaway ran a medium race, was very biddable and consistently drew cover at the likely objectives. This resulted in two clean finds with style not equal to our previous brace but he was very mature around game. This moved him into the third placement. As his confidence grows, he will be a force to be reckoned with in the future.

The balance of the stake featured bye dogs. The dogs continued to find game including a large covey handled by Just Win Chester, which had eluded all the shooting dogs.

The stake concluded with no changes in the placements and a very enjoyable week came to an end.

OPEN DERBY — 14 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st—ERIN’S TOUGH GRIT, 1687105, pointer male, by Westfall’s True Grit—Erin’s Kiss’n Tell. Thomas Rice III, owner and handler.

2d—MILLER’S MILLION DOLLAR PENNY, 1690149, pointer female, by Miller’s Upgraded Version—Erin’s Little Rose. Muriel & Bill Primm, owners; Mike Tracy, handler.

3d—BROWNTOWN BREAKAWAY, 1690829, pointer male, by Fastforward’s B K Gunner—B K Whynot Handous. Auddie Brown, owner; Jerry Raynor, handler.

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