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South Carolina Shooting Dog Championship

By Roger L. Duerksen | Jan 13, 2020
Waybetter Rocky Winner of the South Carolina Open Shooting Dog Championship

Patrick, S. C. — The South Carolina Open Shooting Dog Championship was held in its usual time frame, the second week of December. This was a relief since there was doubt if this trial could ever be held at Cooper Black again.

Despite the fact that the Cooper Black venue is specifically designed by the South Carolina legislature for field trials, many changes have occurred over the years and the supervision of these grounds has been changed to the South Carolina Park Service.

The Park Service believes that the grounds should be multi-functional and fees are to be charged for all usage. The South Carolina legislature has required the parks to be self sufficient and pay for itself. This has resulted in significant increase in fees and the introduction of new fees that made future field trials uneconomical at Cooper Black.

Prolonged negotiations over the summer resulted in compromises that the championship committee could live with. Hopefully, this compromise will stand for many years and the South Carolina Shooting Dog Championship will remain at Cooper Black.

We are fortunate to have dedicated members of the South Carolina Field Trial Association who are willing to spend their time, energy and money to put on this trial.

Roger McPherson brought his four-wheeler and bird planted on course No. 1. Lawton Huggins, along with his many other duties as secretary-treasurer, bird planted on courses No. 2 and No. 3. Mac Stidham brought his 4-wheeler and helped Roger Duerksen with the dog wagon. Jeff Ruth handled the dog wagon during the Derby.

Lunches were provided by Alan Johnson and Cliff Brown. Lawton Huggins did two dinners with his famous low country boil and chicken bough.

Handlers’ dinner was hosted by Chris Catanzarite in honor of his pointer female Backcountry Tornado, last year’s champion.

We were pleased that Jadie Rayfield of Mount Pleasant, S. C., and Gary Futch of Statesboro, Ga., agreed to judge again this year. It is always a pleasure to have experienced and nonpartisan judges. An accident occurred when Jadie’s horse stepped into a deep hole which was camouflaged by tall grass. Fortunately, the horse did not break a leg and Jadie sustained only minor injuries.


Waybetter Rocky, six-year-old white and orange pointer male owned by Carl, Joyce and Collin Bishop and Bill and Muriel Primm and handled by Mike Tracy, was named the winner.

Rocky appeared in the second brace with Hardison’s Wake Up Maggie, setter handled by Jerry Raynor. Maggie had a back and was later picked up.

Rocky scored eight finds in a strong forward race. It’s hard to believe that a dog with so much bird work could run such a strong championship race, but that is what Rocky did in winning his 11th championship.

Named runner-up was Tallokas Sun Dial, white and orange pointer female handled by Tommy Rice for owners Tallokas Kennels of Thomasville, Ga.

Sun Dial was paired with Armstrong Mountain Dustie, pointer male handled Mike Tracy, in the seventh brace. The twosome had a divided find, and Dustie a back, and one more find. Sun Dial was credited with five finds including the divided find and a back.

He renderered a medium race until the finish when Sun Dial made a big cast and this was good enough for the judges to reward her with the runner-up spot.

Opening day was cool weather with sunshine. Bittersweet War Cry (PM/M. Tracy) had four finds and a nice shooting dog race. Big Time Boy (PM/S. Browder) suffered a manners violation early and was picked up.

Waybetter Rocky and Hardison’s Wake Up Maggie followed.

Osceola’s Seminole Wind (PF/M. Tracy) was lost. Thrill Me (PF/ T. Rice) had three finds and a nice race. High Drive Whirlwind (PM/M. Tracy) was lost early. Just Thrillin (PM/T. Rice) was also lost after breakaway.

Cheyenne Jack (PM/M. Tracy) had one find and an unproductive. Panola’s Lady Jane (PF/S. Browder) tallied two finds and a back. Nice race. Miller’s Unbridled Forever (PM/M. Tracy) was picked up early. McRee’s Roxanne (PF/ J. Raynor) suffered an unproductive, had one find and was picked up.

The second day was cool in the morning but warmed in the afternoon.

No 7. Armstrong Mountain Dustie and the runner-up, Tallokas Sun Dial.

Miller’s Heat Seeker (PM/M. Tracy) notched three finds, had an unproductive and a good finish. Foolish Again (PM/J. Raynor) suffered two unproductives and was picked up. Miller’s Lock and Loaded (PM/M. Tracy) had one find, an unproductive and a divided find.

Charitable Deed (PM/T. Rice) also had one find and a divided find.

In No. 10, Suemac’s Tiger Rose (PF/ M. Tracy) had an unproductive and a manners violation. Grand Prairie Thrill (PF/ T. Rice) had three finds and an unproductive. A nice effort.

Miller’s Calamity Jane (PF/M. Tracy) was picked up after a manners error on a relocation. Bombs Away (PM/ T. Rice) was lost. Kingsman (PM/M. Tracy) had a back, one find and was picked up at 30. Caladen’s DaVinci (SM/J. Raynor) racked up four finds in a nice effort.

The third day was overcast and cool.

Miller’s Vanilla Snow (PF/M. Tracy) was charged with two unproductives. Browntown Man (PM/J. Raynor) had an unproductive and was taken up.

Reedy Creek Dial Tone (PM/M. Tracy) was picked up after an unproductive. Sandwood Creek (PF/J. Raynor) tallied five finds with a medium race, and a finish that could have been a bit stronger.

Bail Me Out (PM/M. Tracy) had one find and a manners violation on a relocation. Lincoln County Chase (PM/J. Raynor) also had one, then was later picked up. Sand Mountain Ice (PF/M. Tracy) notched three finds including off course on swamp edge. Great 30 minutes. Miller’s War Bonnet (PF/M. Tracy) put four finds in the books with an impressive last half.

The final three dogs were run as byes.

Bully Rock (PM/M. Tracy) had two finds, two unproductives and was picked up. Coosawhatchie Smooth Ride (PM/ M. Tracy) had seven finds, including a stop to flush. Nice effort but did not finish strong. Hightailing Penny (PF/M. Tracy) notched two finds, then was lost.

Patrick, S. C., December 9

Judges: Gary Futch and Jadie Rayfield


[One-Hour Heats] — 33 Pointers and 2 Setters

Winner—WAYBETTER ROCKY, 1652783, pointer male, by Brown’s Tom Tom—Waybetter Reba. Carl, Joyce & Collin Bishop & Muriel & Bill Primm, owners; Mike Tracy, handler.

Runner-Up—TALLOKAS SUN DIAL, 1673609, pointer female, by Miller’s Dialing In—White Diamond Sally. Tallokas Kennels, owner; Thomas Rice III, handler.


Iron Bully (PM/M. Tracy) suffered a manners violation early and was picked up. Dusty (PM/J. Raynor) had an unproductive with no other bird contact.

Miller’s Triple Digit Heat (PM/M. Tracy.) Sandhill Wally (PM/J. Raynor) had one find with an energetic forward race, and earned first.

Miller’s Extreme Heat (PF/M. Tracy) had a pair of unproductives.

Second placed Calico’s Guns N Roses (PF/M. Tracy) had one find, two unproductives and a nice race.

Erin’s Big Casino (SM/M. Tracy) had a manners violation on his first find.

Third placed Miller’s Record Heat (PF/ M. Tracy) rendered a good forward race with no bird work.

Miller’s High Heat Index (PM/M. Tracy) was scratched. Bronco Bully (PM/M. Tracy) suffered a manners violation and was picked up.

OPEN DERBY — 9 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st—SANDHILL WALLY, unreg., pointer male, by Fastforward’s B K Gunner—B K Wynot Handouts. Bob Lanier, owner; Jerry Raynor, handler.

2d—CALICO’S GUNS N ROSES, 1682136, pointer female, by Dominator’s Rebel Heir—Calico’s Touch of Class. William & Muriel Primm & Calico Kennels, owners; Mike Tracy, handler.

3d—MILLER’S RECORD HEAT, 1685700, pointer female, by Just Irresistible—Miller’s Bring The Heat. Allen Linder, owner; Mike Tracy, handler.

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