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Field Trial Report

South-Central Kansas Bird Dog Club

By Jacob Starnes | Jan 02, 2020
Open Shooting Dog Winners. Front row, from left: Emmett Sasser with Sasser’s Emma, AnaLeah Sasser with Sulfur Bend Woodman and Weldon Gardner with Jade. Behind: Amanda Ray, Lindsey Wagner, Chuck Maxson, Chuck Kenney, Jason Patty, Brookelyn Patty, Kevin Barry and Lucinda Gardner.

Atlanta, Kan. — The SCKBDC held its  trial October 26-27 at the Pike Rock Creek Farm in Atlanta, Kan.

Thank you to everyone who attended this NBHA trial and helped us put on another successful event.

Enough cannot be said about Mr. and Mrs. John Pike and family for their graciousness in allowing the SCKBDC to host trials on these wonderful grounds. Mr. Pike works diligently weekends in advance of our trial date to ensure the grounds are well manicured and maintained, along with providing amenities to our guests throughout the weekend.

Landowners such as Mr. Pike are indispensable to the continued success of field trialing in the United States. We are truly blessed to have his support and hospitality.

A special thank you, and a debt of gratitude, goes out to our judges; Trasa Shinpoch of Cushing, Okla., Matt Harris of Emporia, Kan., Kenny Snow and Jerry Snow of Muldrow, Okla. Your contribution to our trial and the quality of your work speaks volumes to the continued success of the trials we host.

This weekend’s judging crew has a combined judging record of well over 200 events, with various championships included. These judges sat in the saddle for two full days, keeping our trial on schedule, all while meticulously focusing on all dogs in the various stakes.

As a club we are honored to have judges of this caliber at our events, which was confirmed by numerous calls we received after the trial expressing the gratification with our judges. Thank you again for your time, attention to detail, energy and focus for our trial.

We also thank many of the volunteers and members of our club who helped make this a successful field trial. This trial would not have run smoothly without the help of all those involved.

Mr. Paul and Mrs. Rae Ott of Kennel Connectors worked hard and provided lunch on Saturday as well as providing their Ranger for the dog wagon all weekend.

Bob Brown for managing the grounds and providing logistic support. Jason Patty of Skyview Setters who was field trial chairman, marshal and bird planter. Chuck Kenney of Kenney Setters for providing the traffic leads for our event and helping coordinate many of the activities leading up to the event as well as the daily operations, including entries, and prizes. Jacob Starnes for working to secure sponsorships and support for the prizes and giveaways used in this trial.

As most know amateur field trials rely heavily on donations and sponsorships from major organizations. Without these donations, hosting an event of this magnitude in our area would not be possible. The SCKBDC was very fortunate to receive an outpouring of local and national support. These companies provide a direct, positive impact to the field trial community, and are dedicated to emphasizing their passions for the outdoors.

We thank the following sponsors for making our event a huge success:

Kennel Connectors is your source for heavy-duty long-lasting kennels. Serving the continental USA, used by pros and amateurs alike, they build kennels to last a lifetime. Be on the lookout for exciting new product announcements from them as well!

Purina Pro Plan for continuing to support the NBHA and the field trial sport. With over 500 scientists, nutritionists and vets on staff, Purina Pro Plan’s relentless focus on nutrition, quality and safety is why Pro Plan remains the top supplier of performance nutrition for hardworking competing hunting dogs.

Tractor Supply Company, the largest operator of rural lifestyle retail stores in America, which is committed to be the most dependable supplier of basic maintenance products to farm, ranch and rural customers. TSC has supported the field trial community since their inception and continues to serve our community by embracing the values and earning the trust of the folks they serve. Casey’s General Stores which has been a longtime supporter of the field trial community by providing a welcoming and safe environment. Casey’s General Stores offers quality products at competitive prices with courteous service and clean stores at over 2,000 locations in small towns across the Midwest and Southern regions of the United States.

Steve Snell and Gun Dog Supply, whose passion and commitment to the bird dog world is unrivaled, by providing quality dog and field trial supplies with fast, friendly service. Gun Dog Supply continues to support the NBHA and our competitors year after year. Please show them your support the next time you are in the market for any of the products they sell.

Skyview Setters is committed to producing quality English setters that excel in the field. The breeding program produces classy bird dogs and companions.

Kenney Setters, superior English setters with focus on breeding high quality puppies for performance in the field, and companionship in the home.

A successful field trial can be defined and interpreted in many ways; whether it’s with the weather cooperating, having enough dogs to host an event, the event running on time, quality judging, safety factors, the list can go on and on. But one key factor that truly measures success for us is how many families and youth we continue to see at our trials. If there was one thing that was evident to our club this weekend that overshadowed all other aspects, it was the number of families at our trial throughout the weekend. Those families all had children ranging from 13 years of age and younger, most on the younger side. A person would be hard pressed to see any of the youth buried in technology over the weekend.  We are thankful that field trialers continue to bring family and friends to our events and getting people involved in the game we love to play.

Within the first week of our ad appearing in The American Field, we  had an official draw of 60 dogs for the two-day trial, 30 dogs entered in the Amateur stakes, and 30 in the Open.

We had dogs from several of the neighboring states — Oklahoma, Missouri,  Nebraska, and the Oklahoma/ Arkansas border. We truly appreciate being able to serve those in our community and the neighboring states.

Our club is also very proud that we continue to grow our event in many different areas. We saw an increase in growth from overall new participants, which accounted for 33% of the entries. We also had five youth handlers entered in our events, two of which featured placements. Our club also hosted its first female judge, and we continue to get female owner/handler entries.

The Open Shooting Dog Stakes grew;  we recognized an increase in entries by 50% over our spring trial. We also saw a continued increase in continental breeds enter our trials, which represented 16% of our total entries, and accounted for 21% of the winning population of dogs! It should also be noted that the German Shorthairs swept the Open Shooting Dog Stakes, which hasn’t occurred in an KFTCA sanctioned event in Kansas for quite some time. Of the dogs that entered our trial, 53% were setters representing 63% of the winning population of dogs; 17% were pointers representing 16% of the winning population of dogs.

The Winners

The Kansas weather cooperated this weekend; morning lows were in the 40s, to highs in the afternoon of 70°. Mostly clear skies and sun throughout the entire weekend with minimal Kansas winds.

The Amateur Shooting Dog was won by Craig’s Runin Roxie, pointer female owned by Craig Hiatt. Coming off a recent win at the North Missouri Field Trial Club, Roxie did not disappoint with a follow-up performance laying down a nice forward shooting dog race, highlighted by three nice finds, one of which was a limb find, part of a scattered wild covey from a brace earlier in the day. Emma, German Shorthair female owned and handled by Emmett Sasser, had two nice finds with solid bird work. Coupled with her strong motor and endurance, Emma put on a performance well deserving of second place.

The Amateur Shooting Dog (judgment ceases at flush) was won by Ray, setter male owned and handled by Chuck Maxson. Ray rendered a moderate front-running race, hitting all objectives effortlessly. His first place bid was stamped by  polished dog work throughout his run. Bruce, setter male owned and handled by Kaulin Ogle, was braced with Ray,  one of the feature braces that did not disappoint, with handlers on both ends of the age and experience spectrum. Ray, handled by veteran KFTCA Hall-of-Famer Chuck Maxson, and Bruce, handled by newcomer and youth trialer Kaulin Ogle. Kaulin handled Bruce with ease as he navigated the 30-minute course like a seasoned pro. Bruce showed speed and style during and finished with a solid performance.

The Amateur Derby was won by Scorpion, setter female owned and handled by Chuck Maxson. A puppy-age dog, Scorpion showed the maturity it needed to solidify first place honors. Scorpion had a nice Derby race demonstrating the potential to become a seasoned shooting dog. Scorpion showed well to the front, opening her range in between draws and objectives all while under the control of her handler. Tin Man,  pointer male owned and handled by Kenny Snow, is not new to the winners’ circle, having amassed wins in the puppy stakes in the 2018-2019 field trial season. Tin Man was turned loose in the second Derby brace paired up with Scorpion, showing well to the front hunting all objectives. Tin Man carried a high cracking tail, handled well for his owner, and is on the cusp of being ready for shooting dog stakes. Third was Outfield, pointer male (Kenny Snow). Outfield had a similar performance to his littermate Tin Man, so it was fitting to see this dog in the winners’ circle as well. Outfield is a classy dog that ran the edges of the course, hunted to the front and was pleasing to watch.

The Amateur Puppy was won by Firebug, setter female owned and handled by Chuck Maxson. Firebug had a nice forward race that reached the edges of the course. Second was awarded to Mo’s Sweet Child, setter male owned and handled by Lindsey Wagner. “Izzy” had good style, showed some independence and had a strong desire to hunt. Third was awarded to Mo’s Blazingstar,  setter male owned and handled by Lindsey Wagner. “Axl” had nice range but was a bit erratic at times. All puppies were very similar in biddability and some handle probably weighed in how the judges sorted out the winners. Overall these dogs did a fine job.

The Open Shooting Dog was won by Emma,  the second place winner of Saturday’s Amateur Shooting Dog. Emma put on a clinic in Sunday’s Open stakes. Emma’s performance on Sunday made her Saturday performance look like a warm up for Sunday’s stakes as she pulled out all the stops. At her initial breakaway, Emma made a nice forward cast to the front showing well, then disappearing for a brief time over a hill only to be found on point to the front and on course. With minimal handling Emma stretched out over the course hitting the draws and treerows on the downwind side of all the objectives. Emma completed the 30-minute course with four polished finds and a strong finish with gas left in the tank. Second place honors were awarded to Sulfur Bend Woodman, German Shorthair male owned and handled by Emmett Sasser. “Woody”, a hard charging dog with a big motor, ended his day with two finds and a big shooting dog race. Third was Jade, German Shorthair female owned and handled by Weldon Gardner. Jade finished her day with two stops to flush, two finds and had a good ground race under judgment.

The Open Derby was won by Diamond L Islander Girl, setter female owned and handled by Bob England. “Sue” did well on this day and showed those same traits and characteristics that made her a winner in the puppy stakes. Sue had a medium race, handled well and had one broke find solidifying top honors. Second was awarded to Kodiak Island Bird Dog, setter female owned and handled by Amanda Ray, which is showing strong promise in the field trial game, continuing her 2018-2019 performance as a strong puppy and demonstrated she has what it takes to be a shooting dog Derby. Kodi showed well, had a medium race, one bird contact and displayed a nice pattern. Third place was awarded to Skyview Rising Angel, setter female owned by Jason Patty and handled by Brookelyn Patty. This was the first-time handling for Brookelyn in any real competition, and the nerves were starting to build as “Halo” broke away. Those nervous jitters were exponentially increased as the brace started off with an equipment failure and a weed seed clogging the whistle. As the brace continued, Brookelyn’s dad removed the seed and away they went. At some point halfway through the brace the “go” cadence was mastered and Halo responded to the encouragement. Shortly thereafter Halo was acting a little suspicious before stopping in her tracks in a stylish pose for her handler. As Brookelyn made her way in front of Halo the bird flushed, shot fired and the chase was on. Brookelyn continued to encourage Halo throughout the rest of the course until time was called. It was only fitting that as Halo made her way back, she took a direct route back to Brookelyn and was leashed. Quite an exciting day for Brookelyn and a proud moment for dad. Halo ended her day with one find and a medium race.

Like Saturday’s amateur performance, all puppies were very similar in biddability and some handle probably weighed in on how the judges sorted out the winners. The Open Puppy was won by Mo’s Blazingstar, setter male owned and handled by Lindsey Wagner. “Axl” had a nice breakaway and displayed nice animation while covering the course along with having bird contacts and a solid race. Second was awarded to Wild Afire, setter female owned and handled by Chuck Maxson whose experience as a seasoned handler was on full display as he continues to get his puppies in the winners’ circle weekend after weekend. Wild Afire had nice style, medium range and made some impressive moves for the objectives on course. Placed third was Scorpion, setter female owned and handled by Chuck Maxson. Scorpion started her brace with a nice forward race and was exciting to watch. She was snappy, displayed class and showed the speed and style to be a great shooting dog. I would imagine that if Scorpion would have caught more of the front, she likely would have been named the winner.

Thank you once again to everyone who came out to support our field trial and competed with some of the best dogs in this region. Please join us again in the spring as we will be hosting another field trial, as we anticipate having some exciting news in one of our shooting dog stakes in the award offerings. Please stay safe and have a wonderful holiday season.

Atlanta, Kan., October 26 — One Course

Judges: Matt Harris and Trasa Shinpoch

NBHA AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG — 3 Pointers, 2 Setters

and 3 German Shorthairs

1st—CRAIG’S RUNIN ROXIE, 1665573, pointer female, by Mac’s Silver Dollar—Hilo Southern Tea. Craig Hiatt, owner and handler.

2d—SASSER’S EMMA, unreg., German Shorthair female, by Hi N’s Feed Jake—Chicoree’s Sparkle In Her Eye. Emmett Sasser, owner and handler.

NBHA AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG — 2 Pointers, 3 Setters

and 1 Irish Setter

1st—BRANNIGAN’S LAST STRAW, 1623856, setter male, by Brannigan—Ruffian. Chuck Maxson, owner and handler.

2d—JOJO’S DARK KNIGHT, 1668845, setter male, by Erin’s Hidden Shamrock—Jojo’s Skyjett Iron Belle. Christian Ogle, owner and handler.

NBHA AMATEUR DERBY — 2 Pointers, 5 Setters and 1 German Shorthair

1st—SCORPION, 1685635, setter female, by Bugs N Dirt—Iron Afire.  Chuck Maxson, owner and handler.

2d—HEY MR. TIN MAN, 1680641, pointer male, by Crazy Train—My Lil Whiskey Girl. Kenny Snow, owner and handler.

3d—OUTFIELD, 1681494, pointer male, by Crazy Train—My Lil Whiskey Girl. Kenny Snow, owner and handler.

NBHA AMATEUR PUPPY — 7 Pointers and 1 German Shorthair

1st—FIREBUG, 1686749, setter female, by Bugs N Dirt—Iron Afire. Chuck Maxson, owner and handler.

2d—MO’S SWEET CHILD, 1685735, setter male, by Bugs N Dirt—Iron AFire. Lindsey Wagner, owner and handler.

3d—MO’S BLAZINGSTAR, 1685734, setter male, by Bugs N Dirt—Iron Afire. Lindsey Wagner, owner and handler.

Judges: Jerry Snow and Kenny Snow

NBHA OPEN SHOOTING DOG — 8 Pointers, 5 Setters

and 5 German Shorthairs

1st—SASSER’S EMMA, unreg., German Shorthair female, by Hi N’s Feed Jake—Chicoree’s Sparkle In Her Eye. Emmett Sasser, owner and handler.

2d—SULFUR BEND WOODMAN, 1666906, German Shorthair male, by Showtime Uodibar Waiting For Woody—Showtime’s Pale Rider Ms Aniya. Emmett Sasser, owner and handler.

3d—JADE, 1687181, German Shorthair female, by Prairie Wind’s Rip N Dominic—W C’s Epic Flitestoppin Blackcloud. Weldon Gardner, owner and handler.

NBHA OPEN DERBY — 1 Pointer and 5 Setters

1st—DIAMOND L ISLANDER GIRL, 1680167, setter female, by Islander—Sandland Miracle Maggie. J. D. Logue & Bob England, owners; Bob England, handler.

2d—KODIAK ISLAND BIRD DOG, 1680072, setter female, by Shagtime Bobo—Max’s Dancing Flame. Amanda Gross, owner and handler.

3d—SKYVIEW RISING ANGEL, 1681170, setter female, by Skydancer Skyview Ace—Skyview High Regard. Jason Patty, owner; Brookelyn Patty, handler.

NBHA OPEN PUPPY — 1 Pointer and 5 Setters

1st—MO’S BLAZINGSTAR, 1685734, setter male, by Bugs N Dirt—Iron Afire. Lindsey Wagner, owner and handler.

2d—WILD AFIRE, 1685638, setter female, by Bugs N Dirt—Iron Afire. Chuck Maxson, owner and handler.

3d—SCORPION, 1685635, setter female, by Bugs N Dirt—Iron Afire. Chuck Maxson, owner and handler.

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