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2020 Bob Raymond Memorial Field Trial

South-Central Kansas Bird Dog Club

By Jacob Starnes | Jul 08, 2020
Amateur Derby Winners. Front (l-r): John and Abe Starnes with S K’s Running Ranger and Bella and Jacob Starnes with Stormborn’s Ghost of War. Behind: Emmet Sasser, Chuck, Madison, Tyson and Audrey Kenney; Chuck Maxson, Weldon Gardner, Lindsey Wagner, Frank Schoenborn, Colton Kenney, Judge Rhonda Shepherd, Judge Andy Neria with Tate and Stoney Neria.

Atlanta, Kan. — The SCKBDC held its inaugural 2020 Bob Raymond Memorial spring field trial on February 29-March 1 at the Pike Rock Creek Farm in Atlanta, Kan.

Bob Raymond unexpectedly passed away in the spring of 2018. He tirelessly devoted his time to the sport and others, never asking for anything in return. He was a true friend and mentor whose influence in the community inspired and helped shape the development of many.

It was not uncommon for Bob to have people show up from all over the state of Kansas who had nowhere else to turn seeking his help. While the exact figures are unknown, the numbers are probably close to the hundreds, in terms of those he had invited out to his grounds to help, and more than thousands in terms of hours in the amount of work he put in over his lifetime helping others train dogs.

Mr. Raymond was the type who didn’t want the accolades and always wanted to work behind the scenes. He influenced so many different people in the bird dog community regardless if they were field trialers or not. As demonstrated by the dogs and people that entered this trial, his legacy will live on through the knowledge and experience he shared with others.

Thank you to everyone who attended our trial during this weekend and helped us make this a very special event. Enough cannot be said for those who reached out to us to support this memorial, specifically the Raymond Family. We owe you a debt of gratitude for your support and backing when first approached with the idea of hosting this event.

We also thank Mr. and Mrs. John Pike and family for allowing the SCKBDC to host this memorial on these wonderful grounds. The grounds were in excellent condition once again, with Mr. Pike working weekends in advance of our trial date, to ensure these historical grounds were set to hold this venue.

Mr. Pike spent his off time performing repairs to the grounds to accommodate the course we ran on, as well as making sure the field trial camping area was prepared for our trailers. Landowners such as Mr. Pike are imperative to the continued success of field trialing, and we want to make sure he is recognized for the time and energy he devotes for the purpose of allowing us to host  trials on his grounds.

A special thank you, and a debt of gratitude, goes out to our judges, specifically: Andy Neria and Rhonda Shepherd of Savonburg, Kan., Barry Ward of Leavenworth, Kan., and Klaus Schmidt of Wichita, Kan. Being a judge is an often-thankless job, but we are ever grateful for the time they were able to dedicate to our trial. Andy and Rhonda, for being able to travel with their little ones while managing the trial and keeping everything on schedule and on-time. You are true professionals! Thank you for managing your family time around our trial to make this happen. Barry Ward, thank you for traveling down to our trial and mentoring experienced field trialer Klaus Schmidt in his first judging assignment; he did a fantastic job.

These judges’ contributions and the quality of their work speaks volumes to the continued success of the trials we host. They sat in the saddle for two full days of riding keeping our trial on schedule, all while meticulously focusing on all dogs in the various stakes. As a club, we feel honored to have judges of this caliber at our events. Thank you again for your time, attention to detail, energy, and focus for our trial.

We  also  thank many of the volunteers and members of our club who helped make this a very successful trial. This trial would not have run smoothly without the help of all those involved.

Mr. Paul and Mrs. Rae Ott of Flint Ridge Metal Works worked hard and provided many of the items we auctioned off for the memorial. They also provided lunch for the trial on Saturday and provided use of their Ranger for the dog wagon all weekend. Mrs. Rae Ott prepared what could be known to some as southern home cooking, with all the trimmings. She is making quite the name for herself on the field trial circuit with her home cooking!

The Raymond Family provided paintings out of Mr. Bob Raymond’s personal collection for our memorial auction. As well as providing dinner on Saturday night! It was a very warm welcome to a very long day that we all greatly  enjoyed.

Special thanks to the Wichita Bird Dog Club for helping us throughout the weekend by providing use of their horses and tack. Bob Brown for managing the grounds and his work leading up to the trial with needed repairs, providing new club signage, ordering support equipment and providing logistic support of the trial. Jason Patty of Skyview Setters who was trial chairman, marshal and bird planter. Chuck Kenney of Kenney Setters for providing the dog leashes for our event and helping coordinate many of the activities leading up to the event and the daily operations, including entries, and prizes.

Jacob Starnes for working to secure  sponsorships and support for the prizes and giveaways for the trial. And John Starnes for helping to drive the dog wagon, plant birds on the puppy course and help with getting dogs to the line.

As most know, amateur field trials rely heavily on donations and sponsorships from major organizations; without these donations, hosting an event of this magnitude in our area would not be possible. The SCKBDC was very fortunate to receive an outpouring of local and national support to help sponsor our event. These companies provide a direct, positive impact on the field trial community, and are dedicated to emphasizing their passion for the outdoors. We would like to thank the following sponsors for making our event a huge success:

Frontier Integrity Solutions: A Third-Party Pipeline Inspection Company That Provides Timely, Effective and Quality Inspections. They strive to differentiate themselves through strategic service  offerings and progressive inspector  development by partnering with clients to ensure the right fit for every position, every time.

Drechsler Construction: Whose capabilities run the full range from large, new building projects to remodels and repairs for existing structures. Drechsler Construction Company has specialized in post frame construction for the past sixteen years and has established a reputation for attention to detail and superior quality of finish. Greg Drechsler, owner of the company, has been engaged in the construction trades for nearly 30 years.

Purina Pro Plan, for continuing to support the NBHA and the field trial sport. With over 500 scientists, nutritionists, and vets on staff, Purina Pro Plan’s relentless focus on nutrition, quality and safety is why Pro Plan remains the top supplier of performance nutrition for hardworking, competing hunting dogs.

Tractor Supply Company, the largest operator of rural lifestyle retail stores in America, which is committed to be the most dependable supplier of basic maintenance products to farm, ranch and rural customers. TSC has supported the field trial community since their inception and continues to serve our community by embracing the values and earning the trust of the folks they serve.

Casey’s General Stores, which has been a longtime supporter of the field trial community by providing a welcoming and safe environment. Casey’s General Stores offers quality products at competitive prices with courteous service and clean stores at over 2,000 locations in small towns across the Midwest and Southern regions of the United States.

Steve Snell and Gun Dog Supply, whose passion and commitment to the bird dog world is unrivaled, by providing quality dog and field trial supplies with fast, friendly service. Gun Dog Supply continues to support the NBHA, and our competitors year after year. Please show them your support the next time you are in the market for any of the products they sell.

Skyview Setters, which is committed to producing quality setters that excel in the field. Skyview Setters’ breeding program produces classy bird dogs and companions. Whether in the field or at home, Skyview Setters are a pleasure to be around.

Flint Ridge Metalworks, serving the continental USA, used by pros and amateurs alike, they build and design dog houses, backing dogs, bird launchers and custom artwork to last a lifetime. Be on the lookout for exciting new product announcements from them as well!

Kenney Setters, superior English setters, with focus on breeding high quality puppies for performance in the field, and companionship in the home.

The SCKBDC had an official draw of 74 dogs for the two-day trial, with 38 dogs entered in the amateur stakes, and 36 in the open stakes, comprised of 30 shooting dogs, 15 Derbies, 21 puppies and 8 amateur shooting dogs.

We had many dogs from several of the neighboring states at our trial — Oklahoma, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma/Arkansas border and as far away as Maine. We truly appreciate being able to serve those in our community and the neighboring states and look forward to your continued support.

Our club is also very proud that we continue to grow our event in many different areas. We had nineteen families at the trial, up from thirteen in the fall. We are thankful that field trialers are continuing to bring family and friends to our events and getting people involved.

Total attendance for the weekend drew 58 people on Saturday and 67 on Sunday.

We saw growth from overall new participants, which accounted for 19% of the entries. We also had three youth handlers entered in our events as well. Our club also hosted its second female judge, and we continue to get female owner-handler entries. The Shooting Dog Stakes continue to grow, as we recognized an increase in entries by 15% over our fall trial. There was also an overwhelming increase in the puppy stakes by 50%, which enabled us to create another course to run these dogs on. These were some fine-looking dogs that will seed what appears to be very competitive Derby stakes well in the future.


We couldn’t have asked for better weather on this special weekend! Morning lows in the mid-30s, to highs in the upper-60s in the afternoon. Mostly clear skies and sun throughout the entire weekend with windspeeds from 15-25 mph throughout.

The Amateur Shooting Dog  was won by Sulphur Bend Woodman, German Shorthair male owned and handled by Emmet Sasser. “Woody” had a very nice forward race and the ideal range that you’d expect from a hard charging shooting dog. He covered the ground well, stretching from objective to objective, finally being rewarded with a great limb find to end his day. Second was awarded to Diamond L Islander Girl, setter female owned and handled by Bob England. “Sue”, a Derby aged dog, did well on this day. She was very pleasing to watch and was handled with ease. Sue finished her day with a short to medium race, polished bird work on one find and one back. Third place was awarded to Jade, German Shorthair female owned and handled by Weldon Gardner. Jade, a very smooth-running dog, had a good run on this course and hunted all likely objectives. Jade ended her day with a medium race and four finds.

The Amateur Shooting Dog (judgment ceases at flush) was won by Jojo’s Dark Knight, setter male owned and handled by Jim Ogle. From start through finish, “Bruce” was very stylish, handled well and ended his run with the same energy he started with, featuring one find. Second was awarded to Strangecreek Shine Down,  pointer female owned and handled by Klaus Schmidt. “Maggie”, a very classy and stylish dog, carried that high cracking tail throughout the entire course with her smooth gait and medium range. She finished with one find and broke dog work. Third was awarded to Gun’s Frozen Shamrock, setter female owned and handled by Colby Tackett. “Sue” had one of the later braces in the day with the scenting conditions deteriorated by stronger winds and warmer temperatures. She had a very good run with a brief absence and tried to dig up birds throughout the course but came up empty handed at the finish of the brace. She did well on this day and had a performance well deserving of third place.

The Amateur Derby winner was S K’s Running Ranger,  owned and handled by newcomer John Starnes. Ranger, a medium built all liver German Shorthair male, carried himself well with a very smooth gait, medium range, a good handle, all while staying on course. Ranger hunted the course hitting all objectives like a seasoned spring Derby should. It was very pleasing to see a new trialer come into this sport, and not only get his first win, but get well deserved first place honors. Second  was  Stormborn’s Ghost of War, owned and handled by Jacob Starnes. The big pointer male with an even bigger motor and shooting dog race did well on his breakaway and for the first two-thirds of the course touching all objectives while carrying a very stylish high tail. Ghost had very good drive, digging through portions of the course left untouched by dogs throughout the day. Ghost had a brief absence and an erratic handle to finish up his run.

To preface the winners of the Puppy Stake. All shooting dogs begin life as trial prospects, many competing in the puppy stakes. If this spring puppy season is an indicator of what lies ahead in the fall as Derbies and shooting dogs, watch out because there is some tough competition coming up.

Our trial hosted 21 puppies over the weekend, all of which will make trainers proud to have on their string as prospects.

The Amateur Puppy was won by Brook’s White Hot Blaze, fine red setter owned and handled by Luke Tewes. Blaze showed a great breakaway ending with an unproductive near the creek. Blaze exhibited the manners of a spring puppy, allowing his handler to attempt to make game. Blaze moved on with his handler, staying to the front and actively in search of game. Blaze was later found standing near a group of cedars, again allowing Mr. Tewes in front, and produced a pair of quail. Blaze was rounded up and continued to a very nice finish. Second was Firebug, setter female owned and handled by Chuck Maxson. “Pixie” is part of a litter of pups produced by Mr. Maxson that have been nearly unbeatable. Pixie broke away with vigor, checking likely areas for game. Pixie carried a strong forward race, which required minimal handling. Placed third was Two Seamer, pointer male owned and handled by Colby  Tackett. “Jeff” embodied everything you look for in a walking puppy prospect. He hit objectives naturally, carried a fancy gait and handled well with a strong forward finish.

The Open Shooting Dog was won by Calamy’s Soul Man, pointer male owned and handled by Cal Robinson. “Elwood”, a classy pointer, had a nice breakaway with a moderate front running race and showed well opening his range in between draws and objectives, all while under the control of his handler. Elwood ended his day with a strong finish and one find at 27 featuring well-mannered bird work. Earning second was Bitterark’s Royal Hoz, a huge  pointer male with a well-suited name, owned and handled by Frank Schoenborn. Hoz had a very nice strong forward race, highlighted by two finds. His first find at 10 was buried deep in the grass under his nose. Most dogs would not have been able to handle this type of pressure, but Hoz did a fine job of not breaking. Overall, Hoz was very pleasing to watch as he had a very nice cast at his initial breakaway and showed well his entire run. He disappeared for a brief time only to be found on point to the front and on course for this second find at 28 to finish his run. Third place  honors went to Three Kansans Takin’a Chance, pointer owned and handled by John Markham. Chance, a beautiful white pointer, put on a clinic on Sunday and illustrated the mold of what the ideal shooting dog should be cast from. Chance had a very nice and powerful breakaway to start off the first brace of the morning, briefly disappearing over a hill, later found on course standing birds at 7 with a high 12 o’clock tail. Chance had three more finds at 13, 20 and 29, all of which featured polished bird work, mirroring his previous finds. Chance hunted the entire course, showed speed, shooting dog range, intelligence, and handled well for his owner. All three dogs that placed in this very competitive event could have easily been the first-place dog, and style may have been what separated the decision on this day.

The Open Derby was won by Samantha Markham, pointer female owned and handled by John Markham. “Sam” did a very good job on her run, demonstrating what a seasoned spring Derby should look like. She had style, manners, carried a high tail, and was very pleasing to watch. Sam ended her day with three finds and a medium race. She would have been hard to beat on any day with this performance.

Second was awarded to Diamond L Islander Girl, setter female owned and handled by Bob England. “Sue”, the second place winner of the Amateur Shooting Dog on Saturday, didn’t disappoint in her performance on Sunday in the Derby Stakes. Much like her pervious performances she is a very fancy dog that knows how to find and dig up the birds on course. She has short to medium range and is almost broke to a fault, as demonstrated by her performance on Saturday. Sue had two very good finds on Saturday, one of which I’m sure her owner wished she wouldn’t have found. Sue had been working game on the edge of course and disappeared near a large briar patch. After closer examination by her handler, she was found in that same briar patch, and ended up burying herself in the middle of it standing on point. She was locked in on a libby that somehow had managed to find its way into this briar patch. Mr. England tried everything he could to get her to break and come off point, to no avail. After multiple attempts to get the bird to flush, it was decided he needed to go in and pull her out by hand.

Mr. England ended up Army crawling on his belly with his head down about 15 feet into the middle of that briar patch until he was able to get hold of her collar to pull her out. I would imagine hitting those same briars on his way out with a dog in tow was no less painful. When Mr. England finally got out of the briar patch it looked like he was in a fight with a pack of bobcats, with blood running down his face, neck and hands when he finished his brace. There was no doubt in my mind, that dog would have been standing there all night long if he hadn’t gone in to pull her out. If there was a tough man/dog award he would have been the winner on this day! Sue did a fantastic job and earned a well-deserved second place finish.

Third was Hey Mr. Tin Man, pointer owned and handled by Kenny Snow. Tin Man picked right back up where he left off in the fall carrying that same potential over to the spring. During his run he carried a high cracking tail, showed athletic endurance and handled well for his owner. He ended his day with one find featuring broke dog work. It appears he is well on his way to make a smooth transition into the shooting dog stakes.

The Open Puppy was won by Wild Afire, owned-handled-produced by Chuck Maxson. “Julie’s” littermate Pixie placed second in the Amateur Puppy this weekend. This litter has been a force to reckon with across the Midwest, with multiple owners placing multiple littermates. Julie has the makings of a fine prospect, ranging out to appropriate distance, showing her ability to appear when needed and seeming to know her handler’s location. Julie was fancy on the ground and finished with a strong race for a true puppy.

Second was Flint Ridge Ranger, owned by Paul Ott and handled by Andy Neria. Ranger carried himself well to the front, keeping contact when needed. Ranger won his placement by showing himself to be a true walking trial prospect. Third was Luke, handled by Justin Crook and owned by Eric Nousch. Luke is a good-looking pointer male that carried himself with a fancy gait and tail. Luke had a strong forward race, hitting likely objectives to make game. Luke will be one to watch this fall.

All puppies this weekend showed grit, range and style. This coming fall season will be one to watch. Thank you once again to everyone who came out to support our field trial and competed with some of the best dogs in this region.

Please join us again in the fall as we will be hosting another field trial. We will also be holding a Bob Raymond Memorial Fishing Derby for the kids tentatively planned for the summer. Please be on the lookout for those dates as well on our Facebook Page.

Atlanta, Kan., February 29 — One Course

Judges: Andy Neria and Rhonda Shepherd


1st—SULPHUR BEND WOODMAN, 1666906, German Shorthair male, by Showtime Uodibar Waiting for Woody—Showtime’s Pale Rider Ms Aniya. Emmet Sasser, owner and handler.

2d—DIAMOND L ISLANDER GIRL, 1680167, setter female, by Islander—Sandland Miracle Maggie. J. D. Logue & Bob England, owners; Bob England, handler.

3d—JADE, 1687181, German Shorthair female, by Prairie Winds Rip N Dominic—Wc’s Epic Flitestoppin Blackcloud. Weldon Gardner, owner and handler.

NBHA AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG —  2 Pointers and 6 Setters

1st—JOJO’S DARK KNIGHT, 1668845, setter male, by Erin’s Hidden Shamrock—Jojo’s Skyjett Iron Belle. Christian Ogle, owner and handler.

2d—STRANGECREEK SHINE DOWN, 1683245, pointer female, by Working Class—Nemaha Nell. Klaus Schmidt, owner and  handler.

3d—GUN’S FROZEN SHAMROCK, 1674070, setter female, by Erin’s Hidden Shamrock—Hytest Horizon. Colby & Gunnar Tackett, owners; Colby Tackett, handler.

NBHA AMATEUR DERBY — 1 Pointer, 3 Setters and
1 German Shorthair

1st—S K’S RUNNING RANGER, 1682732, German Shorthair male, by Sw’s Parkers Blazin Barlow—Sw’s Rawhides Slick Dixie. John Starnes, owner and handler.

2d—STORMBORN’S GHOST OF WAR, 1681946, pointer male, by Erin’s Redrum—Erin’s Mayhem. Jacob Starnes, owner and handler.

Judges: Bob Brown and Chuck Kenney

NBHA AMATEUR PUPPY — 6 Pointers, 4 Setters, 2 Irish Setters and 1 German Shorthair

1st—BROOK’S WHITE HOT BLAZE, 1686462, Irish setter male, by Zansett Simply Red—Lincoln’s Steady Brook.  Luke Tewes, owner and handler.

2d—FIREBUG, 1686749, setter female, by Bugs N Dirt—Iron Afire. H. Chuck Maxson III, owner and handler.

3d—TWO SEAMER, 1688946, pointer male, by Rock Acre Shortstop—Frozen Desert  Blizzard. Colby Tackett, owner and handler.

Judges: Klaus Schmidt and Barry Ward

NBHA OPEN SHOOTING DOG — 11 Pointers,  3 Setters,
1 Irish Setters and 3 German Shorthairs

1st—CALAMY’S SOUL MAN, 1678673, pointer male, by Erin’s War Creek—Woodcock Haven Stella. Cal Robinson, owner and handler.

2d—BITTERARK’S ROYAL HOZ, 1668416, pointer male, by Frontline Rebelator—Funseeker’s Rebel Dream. Frank Schoenborn, owner and handler.

3d—THREE KANSANS TAKIN’A CHANCE, 1669604, pointer male, by Whippoorwill Wild Agin—Docheno Chad Smith’s Mae. John Markham, owner and handler.

NBHA OPEN DERBY — 6 Pointers and 4 Setters

1st—SAMANATHA MARKHAM, 1688718, pointer female, by Rivertons Funseek’n Scooter—Penny Markham. John Markham & Aryn Price, owners; John Markham, handler.

2d—DIAMOND L ISLANDER GIRL, 1680167, setter female, by Islander—Sandland Miracle Maggie. J. D. Logue & Bob England, owners; Bob England, handler.

3d—HEY MR. TIN MAN, 1680641, pointer male, by Crazy Train—My Lil Whiskey Girl. Kenny Snow, owner and handler.

Judges: Chuck Kenney and Jason Patty

NBHA OPEN PUPPY — 5 Pointers and 3 Setters

1st—WILD AFIRE, 1685638, setter female, by Bugs N Dirt—Iron Afire. H. Chuck Maxson III, owner and handler.

2d—FLINT RIDGE RANGER, 1688374, pointer male, by Chelsea’s Thunder Bolt—Babe of Flint Ridge. Paul & Rae Ott, owners; Andy Neria, handler.

3d—LUKE, unreg., pointer male, breeding not given. Eric Nousch, owner; Justin Crook, handler.

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