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Southern Brittany Open All-Age Championship

By Betty Morgan | Mar 20, 2020
The Winners and Contenders. From front left: Kyle Merrill with Waypoint Big White, Ben Lorenson with Grouse Gunning Gracie, Kent Patterson with Piney Run Hilltop Blew,  Morgan Merrill and John and Joanne Perry with Marjo’s Fille De La Bretagne. Behind: Judges Dave Walker and T. K. Smith.

Waynesboro, Ga. — Thank you to the Georgia Brittany Club for hosting the Southern Brittany Open All-Age Championship.

We were fortunate to have David Walker and T. K. Smith sitting in the judges’ seats to evaluate our dogs.

Thank you to Purina for their continued support and for fueling many champions.

The weather was cold and the skies were clear; good for running dogs.

The winner, Waypoint Big White, competed in brace No. 5. Second place Grouse Gunning Gracie was in brace No. 4. Piney Run Hilltop Blew, in the first brace, and Marjo’s Fille De La Bretagne (Brie), in  No. 7, pressed the winners.


Piney Run Jake (Kent Patterson) took to the front and was out of pocket for awhile. The retrieval unit was pulled. Sigbrit’s Not A Trace of Rust (Kyle Merrill) was ranging closer and the birds seemed to be elusive.

Piney Run Hilltop Blew (Patterson) was strong and forward. He went wide to the left and showed to the front. At 25 point was called for Blew, everything  in order. Blew took the pines wide to the right and continued with wide forward sweeps to finish the hour. Sniksoh Pattyann’s range was short as she hunted the grounds checking in with Jamie Fountain. She had a find at 35 with a slight mark. Patty finished the hour.

I’m Your Man (Ben Lorenson) was scratched due to an injury. Wichita Wild Woman (Nicki/Fountain) was hunting the cover to the front. The brace ended early at 27 with Nicki under a bird.

Shailorville’s Gunner (Lorenson) and Grouse Gunning Gracie (Merrill) took to the front. At 7 Gracie scored with a covey. Point was called again at 20 for Gracie which was standing nicely. Kyle relocated Gracie then chose to move on with an unproductive. Gunner had been out of pocket since the breakaway and at 38 Ben requested the retrieval unit. Gracie continued to take the fields effortlessly to the front and finished going away.

Waypoint Big White (Merrill) scored first at 20 with a nice find. He took to the front continuing with a forward run. At 26 Sligo Sam (Lorenson) was up due to an indiscretion with birds at woodsedge. Big White cut to the front over the creek. He headed up the hill to the left and point was called again as he carded a covey. At 38 as we turned right at the crossroads, Big White scored his third covey. Big White took the front and finished with a strong forward race.

At 8 birds were up and Piney Run Patch (Lorenson) and Dreamcatcher’s Windystorm (Merrill) were in tow.

Just Call Me Eli (Merrill) and Marjo’s Fille De La Bretagne (Brie/John Perry). Brie scored first with a covey at 8. Both dogs were forward. With an unproductive at 22, Brie was moved on to catch the front. Eli was ranging shorter at times. At 50 Eli had a covey on the first strip of the green fields. Brie was moving forward around the second field and spun to hit point on another covey. Both dogs finished going forward.

Waynesboro, Ga., January 25 — One Course

Judges: T. K. Smith and Dave Walker


[One-Hour Heats] — 14 Brittanys

Winner—WAYPOINT BIG WHITE, 1669434, male, by D B Cooper—Waypoint Chance’s Jesse. Vic Williams & Joyce Roberts,  owners; Kyle Merrill, handler.

Runner-Up—GROUSE GUNNING GRACIE, 1677685, female, by Black Creek Deacon—Black Creek’s Dot On The Horizon. Morris & Monica Pollard, owners; Kyle Merrill, handler.

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