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Chasehill Little Thudd Named Winner; Miss Penn Star is Runner-Up

Southern New England Woodcock Championship

By Ryan L. Frame | Jun 13, 2018
Chasehill Little ThuddWinner of the Southern New England Woodcock Championship with ownerTim Kisieleski (left) and handler John Stolgitis.

Arcadia, R. I. — After a tad over a week’s delay due to bad weather, the Southern New England Woodcock Championship came to a successful conclusion at the Arcadia Management Area in southern Rhode Island.

The trial has been held in this locale since the 1980s and  for many years on Labor Day weekend. It was moved to the spring for better bird numbers and there were  plenty of woodcock available to the dogs in 2018.

Weather was generously good but it did rain the first two afternoons.

John Stolgitis, with extraordinary effort, wore many caps and did the lion’s share of the work. He thanked Ed Marquis, Paul Christopher, Mike Flewelling, Steve Forrest, Eddie McGovern and Tim Cavanaugh, and likely some others who I missed, but the trial could not have taken place without John’s efforts.

One reason  was  club secretary Bob Fleury was under the weather; we wish him a speedy recovery.

Apologies to all for the report being a bit late. A combination of personal issues and weather related (rain) damage to electronics and notes occurred.

Special thanks to Nestlé Purina for their generous sponsorship of this and other cover events. Their support is both indispensable and appreciated.

The club was fortunate to have the services of two good judges. Adam Dubriske of Keene, N. H., and Joe Dahl, the long-time Maine resident who now spends most of the year in North Carolina. Both walked three days in occasionally bad weather and gave the task their full attention. Their efforts are certainly appreciated.

The Winners

Fresh off his runner-up at the Grand National Grouse and Woodcock Invitational, Chasehill Little Thudd, white and liver pointer male owned by Tim Kisieleski of Amesbury, Mass., continued his winning ways. Imbued with a plethora of style, both running and on point, Thudd is one of those dogs that, if he finishes with clean bird work, often finds himself in the winners’ circle.

His effort here was not extreme. He was generally in bell range, though certainly not short by any means. And as Judge Dahl put it, “He had no holes.” He was forward, perfect on his game and had no unproductives.

Runner-up Miss Penn Star, white, black and ticked setter female owned by George Najor of Southfield, Mich., and handled by Robert Ecker, is also no stranger to the winners’ circle. She drove hard and had one of the best finds of the stake. Her style was of the first order and her manners on game perfect.

The Running

Sterlingworth Jack (SM/Ecker) and Wynot Adam (PM/Steve Forrest) were  loosed at 7:50 a. m. Temperature was at near freezing and a very thin layer of snow covered the ground. Both dogs worked well and handled kindly. Adam had an edge in style. Jack was wider through the middle though showing in a timely fashion and both dogs seemed to apply themselves well. Jack lost a step the last 10 and Ecker hooked him at 59. Adam drove to the end, no birds seen.

Witch City Fred (SM/Steve Levesque) and Daddy’s Little Boy Butch (PM/ Stolgitis) moved well and handled kindly. Butch had a nice find at 2 which Fred backed. Fred pointed with good style at 6 but corrected as Levesque was flushing, which put him on the ropes. Fred was taken up about ten minutes later after an unproductive which involved several relocations. Butch worked well through the middle, but suffered two unproductives. He ran hard throughout and finished well.

Walnut Hills Anniversary (PF/) and Brae Val Bearcat Laddie (ISM/Gregor McCluskey). Cal Robinson was there to watch Anniversary go. Both dogs charged well at the beginning, working well without much handling required. The pace here was brisk at times but the dogs stayed forward nonetheless. Just before the half, Laddie stopped in likely cover and “Annie” stopped moments later. A woodcock whistled out and both handlers shot. The judges determined that Annie could not see the red dog from where she stopped and a divided find was awarded. The judges also noted that Laddie’s style dropped a bit as McCluskey flushed, but perked back up at the flight. Both dogs continued well, though Annie had about a thirteen-minute absence, back in ken at 51. The pair stood near time. It all looked like a repeat of the first event but this time each had a bird and both were mannerly for the flush and shot.

Long Gone Juicy (SF/Lloyd Murray) and Islander (SM/Ecker) were away at 12:26 p. m. “Ju Ju” pointed with Islander backing mannerly. Nothing was home. Islander was scouted at 13 but returned at 20. Ju Ju stopped in likely cover at 20, Islander backing again. This time a woodcock was home. Ju Ju suffered a second unproductive at 43 and Islander an unproductive at 46. Islander had a stylish find at 49. Both dogs hunted the last 10, but Islander lost a step.

Rain arrived after lunch, temperature in the upper 30s, resulting in a cold, wet and unpleasant afternoon.

Chasehill Baby Bella (PF/Stolgitis) stopped at 2, Witch City Chelsea (SF/Steve Levesque) backing on sight. Nothing flew. Both dogs were attractive in motion. Chelsea was scouted at 6 by Lloyd Murray but returned on her own in short order. Chelsea had a mannerly stop to flush at 10 at the same spot where Mr. Levesque’s dog had an unproductive in the morning. Bella was wide at this point but showed up shortly. Bella looked good on a woodcock at 40, but Stolgitis picked up after a second unproductive minutes later. Chelsea hunted well, though not very wide, hunting hard to the finish with a barren stand at 45.

The rain picked up as Wild Kat Run (SF/Ecker) and Wild Apple Spot On (PM/Craig Doherty) were loosed. Both dogs moved well and were driving early. The bells were quite similar and Doherty changed his at 2. Neither dog ranged very widely, but hunted well. Run pointed at 25, but corrected. Both handlers elected to pick up near the half.

Miss Penn Star (SF/Ecker) and Wild Apple Calvados (PF/Doherty) were up first on day No. 2. Both looked good moving and hustled. Miss had a nice way of going and hit the cover well. Near the road crossing her bell had disappeared. After a brief search she was found straightaway, with superb style. The woodcock was well-located and her manners true, one of the best finds of the stake. Though the second half proved uneventful birdwise, she hustled and hunted well. Calvados hunted well to the finish, but did not connect with game.

Wicked Thunder Alley (PF/Ecker) and Long Gone Mersadies (SF/Murray) moved well. Mersadies stood near a stone wall in likely cover. It did not appear she had the bird well-located and Murray tried to move her. A woodcock flew well off the stand, called by Marshal John Stolgitis. Just after she dug well right and stopped again. Murray moved her without flushing. She stopped briefly again fifteen feet along and was moved on. Up front, Alley stopped in likely cover and was intense, though she lacked style. Mersadies arrived as Ecker was flushing and backed mannerly. Nothing flew. Ecker took up Alley. About 10 minutes later, Mersadies stopped near an old foundation. A long flushing attempt ensued, with some slight movement as she checked her handler. Nothing flew. Near the half she stopped, corrected and stopped hard. Murray put a woodcock to flight, all in order. She stuck a woodcock perfectly at 40 with good style and perfect manners. She laid out well down the stretch and finished strong.

Wild Apple Jonathan (PM/Doherty) and Higby Rilo (PF/Stolgitis) moved well to begin, but neither would go the distance today. Jonathan was involved with a woodcock early and taken up. Rilo was not pleasing her handler and was taken up about fifteen minutes later.

Sterlingworth Judge (SM/Ecker) and Hog Hill Katie (PF/Tim Cavanaugh) hustled out of the gate. Judge was wider, reached down along a swamp near the half and Ecker asked for the retrieval unit. Katie, not as wide, hunted hard, had a nice woodcock find at 48 and a mannerly stop to flush at 55. A few stops and starts where handler needed to use the whistle detracted, but a solid job nevertheless.

Upper Ammonoosuc Sadie (SF/ Ecker) and Split Rock Princess Jilly (PF/ James Welsh) began well. Sadie was buried in a nice find early which her owner Ed Marquis quite appreciated. She continued a nice medium ranging hunting effort, but two unproductives had her on the leash. Jilly stuck a woodcock to the left with good style, and some movement as Welsh headed back to her. She added a back, but was loosing steam at 35 and was taken up there.

Both Rockland Ridge McGraw (SF/Ecker) and Cairds Little Macy Mae (PF/Bob Little) were stylish in motion, ranging well. McGraw tallied a find, an unproductive and a solid forward race. She looked good running and on point. Macy had a back and ran exceptionally well the first half, but seemed to lose focus and Little took her up at 45.

Snuff Mill Atalanta (SF/Dellinger) and Wild Apple Polka Dot (PF/Doherty) broke away at 7:50. Both dogs carried themselves nicely, hunting and handling, and both surviving the twisty part of the course in good form. Through the middle both dogs drifted back occasionally, though not persistently, and continued to hit the cover well, Dot a bit wider overall. Dot had a bit of a sinking spell at 40 at the road crossing, but was hustling again in short order. She stopped to the left at 47 in likely cover. She corrected some as Doherty worked his way over to her, then shuffled slightly as he was flushing and Doherty moved her on; nothing was seen. She slowed noticeably down the stretch. Atalanta finished well.

Bud Of Piney Woods (PM/Ecker) and Elhew Snakecharmer (PF/Doherty) were off to a strong start. Bud posed nicely at 4, but nothing was home. Charmer required some handling during the back. Bud suffered a second unproductive at 25. Charmer hunted, though not as wide. At 40 Charmer was stopped in likely cover. Bud came in and a woodcock popped, though neither judge felt the flush was deliberate. Charmer required some handling again to whoa. When the judges made it clear that neither was contending, both dogs were taken up.

Setter female Ruff Grouse Lilly handled well, had a nice way of going and obvious rapport with Paul Christopher. Guardian (PM/Mike Flewelling) was a bit wider overall, but checking back kindly. The middle was uneventful, with diminished pace by either dog. Guardian was scouted at 50, but not found, eventually counted out. Lilly finished well. One bird was seen, but after time.

Gretna Crest Anticipation (SF/Ryan Frame) took the wider course to begin; both dogs moved nicely. Anticipation was wide at the twisty part of the course and came in from well behind at 12. Cairds Lefty (PM/Bob Little) worked well, and more in the pocket. Through the middle Anticipation was forward and to the limits, showing now and then, but mostly a distant bell. Near the half Lefty spun and snapped into an intense, stylish point along the stream to the left. I would have sworn he had one pinned but nothing flew. At 48 Anticipation’s bell stopped hard forward and slightly left. Mike Flewelling spotted her. She looked good and had a woodcock pinned, all in order at the flush and shot. After the find Anticipation and Lefty worked the cover well to the end, with no further action.

Wynot Whitney (PF/Forrest) and Sunrise Star (SM/Ecker) moved nicely and worked well. Except for a time or two, both stayed in bell range and handled well. At 28 Whitney found a woodcock, moved some at the shot and was hooked. Though his charge had done nothing wrong Ecker, sensing that he was not contending, graciously saved everyone a few steps and took him up near the half.

Chasehill Little Thudd (PM/Stolgitis) and Texas Free Mason (SM/Ecker) set a strong pace early. Thudd’s race was forward and well-applied and with little handling. He was in bell range for the most part, but certainly not underfoot. Mason was wider, but more erratic and came from well behind several times. Otherwise, the brace was uneventful birdwise until the very end and neither dog stopped until the very end. With only minutes remaining, Thudd went right near a road and bridge and posed up. Mason crossed the road and stopped in likely cover about sixty yards after. Fairly long flushing attempt ensued for both dogs. Thudd maintained his composure well until a woodcock was produced about 30 yards away, manners were perfect and time had expired by that point. Nothing was produced for Mason and both dogs were taken up.

Arcadia, R. I., April 3

Judges: Joe Dahl and Adam Dubriske


[One-Hour Heats] — 19 Pointers and 16 Setters and 1 Irish Setter

Winner—CHASEHILL LITTLE THUDD, 1628498, pointer male, by Beaver Meadow Benjamin—American Honey. Tim Kisieleski, owner; John Stolgitis, handler.

Runner-Up—MISS PENN STAR, 1645604, setter female, by First Up—Smoke Rise Faye. Dr. George Najor, owner; Robert Ecker, handler.

Judges: Brian Breveleri and Lanny Dellinger

JOEL COLLIER OPEN DERBY CLASSIC — 10 Pointers and 1 Setter

Winner—CHASEHILL LITTLE IZZY, 1669623, pointer female, by Erin’s War Creek—Richfield Almond Joy. Erin Stolgitis, owner; John Stolgitis, handler.

Runner-Up—STEEL VALLEY FREEDOM, 1674629, pointer male, by Stoney Run’s Buddy—Class Act Tweet. Harry Blaine, owner; Robert Ecker, handler.

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