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Southland Championship

By Tiffany Genre | Nov 07, 2017

Booneville, Ark. — The Southland Open Championship and Arlin Nolen Open Derby Classic began November 6 at Blue Mountain Wildlife Area, Booneville, Ark.

Twenty-seven dogs were drawn for the Championship — 26 pointers and one setter. Eight Derbies are in the Arlin Nolen Derby Classic.

The judges are George Hill of Wentzville, Mo., and Kipp Linard of Silex, Mo.


Arlin Nolen Open Derby Classic

Name of dog/breed & sex/handler

1. Superstition’s Last Touch, PM; Allen Vincent. With

Miller’s Ring Tone, PM; Randy Anderson.


2. Executive Action, PM; Randy Anderson. With

Erin’s Black List, PM; Sean Derrig.


3. Miss Stylin Sue, PF; Allen Vincent. With

Worsham’s Silver Charger, PM; Randy Anderson.


4. Erin’s Three Leaf Shamrock, ESM; Sean Derrig. With

Westfall’s Castaway, PM; Andy Daugherty.


Southland Championship


1. Erin’s Redrum, PM; Sean Derrig. With

Westfall’s River Ice, PM; Andy Daugherty.


2. Manteo’s Ace of Spades, PM; Randy Anderson. With

Lowrider Frank, PM; Allen Vincent.


3. Oakspring Big Time Warrior, PM; Allen Vincent. With

Abberdeen’s Paid in Full, PM; Randy Anderson.


4. Touch’s Adams County, PM; Randy Anderson. With

Hackberry’s Chris Kyle, PM; Allen Vincent.


5. Touch’s Blackout, PM; Randy Anderson. With

Westfall’s True Grit, PM; Andy Daugherty.


6. Erin’s Hidden Shamrock, ESM; Sean Derrig. With

Salem’s Annie Oakley, PF; Andy Daugherty.


7. Erin’s Rebel Rum, PM; Sean Derrig. With

Hush Money, PM; Randy Anderson.


8. Barshoe Five’N Dimer, PM; Allen Vincent. With

Valiant, PM; Randy Anderson.


9. Westfall’s Black Ace, PM; Andy Daugherty. With

Miller’s Happy Jack, PM; Randy Anderson.


10. Phillips Field Line, PM; Randy Anderson. With

S F Mapleleaf, PF; Allen Vincent.


11. White Dollar, PM; Randy Anderson. With

Samstorm, PM; Allen Vincent.


12. Lester’s Jazz Man, PM; Randy Anderson. With

Westfall’s Black Thunder, PM; Andy Daugherty.


13. Whippoorwill Red Rage, PM; Andy Daugherty. With

S F Bandwagon, PM; Larry Smith.


14. Round of Applause, PM; Randy Anderson.

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