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St. Croix Brittany Club

By David Carlson | Jul 06, 2017
Tequila Scorcher First in the Open All-Age Stake

Thayer, Ia. — The St. Croix Brittany Club had a great inaugural spring trial May 5-7 at the Union County Bird Ranch near Thayer, Ia. We enjoyed great weather on nice grounds.

One hundred and twenty dogs were entered and we ran 118 dogs on two courses over three days. Union County Bird Ranch is owned by Brittany owner Linda Thomas. She and Tommy were great hosts.

SCVBC members have been going there for Iowa and Hawkeye Brittany trials for a long time but I think we can all say that the recent improvements to the grounds are pretty impressive. There are rolling hills, objectives to go to and grasslands where you can really show your dog.

Holding our trial at Thayer also allowed several folks to come who typically would not make it up to Minnesota to trial with us. Thank you to Nutri-Scource for sponsoring us with ad money and dog food for the winners. I must thank trial chairman Steve Ralph who does so much of the work on the front end and during the trial planning the days. And he took care of the north course with planting birds and running the dog wagon. John Chyne helped out on the north course as well. John Lindback came down and ran the dog wagon for the south course.

A special thanks to former President Bret Lindback who judged two stakes for us including a big Open All-Age Stake at the last minute when Judge Bill Cockrum had to have emergency surgery earlier in the week.

Also, I must thank Hawkeye and Iowa Brittany Club members pitching in as well to help us out.

Thanks to Bruce Heiter for setting up the big screen so we could watch the Kentucky Derby on Saturday.

Susan Januschka brought the celebratory cake honoring Steve Ralph’s “Jordan” that was inducted into the Brittany Field Trial Hall of Fame earlier this year, and Susan’s “Streak” which earned his FC.

With everybody pitching in it makes my job easier as the secretary. I think we will end up back there for our trials as long as the calendar and schedules will allow us to do so.

Great time, great dogs and great people.

Thayer, Ia., May 5

Judges: Bret Lindback and Tommy Thomas

OPEN ALL-AGE — 28 Brittanys

1st—TEQUILA SCORCHER, 1642501, male, by Almaden’s River of Shadows—Tequila With A Twist. C. B. Crain, owner; Ed Tillson, handler.

2d—SNIKSOH SPANK’S HANK, 1630018, male, by Sniksoh Little Rascal—Decan’s Blazin Bye. Jeff Hoskins, owner and handler.

3d—J R’S COOL HAND LUKE, 1659767, male, by K B’s Shadow Dancer—Wakta. Matt Harris & Harlene Hoyt, owners; Scott Johnson, handler.

Judges: Kelly Porter and Charles Schaefer

OPEN PUPPY — 8 Brittanys

1st—BANDIT’S SPRINGTIME BULLET, unreg., male, by Summertime Buddys Bandit—Rebel Flame’s Billie Snap. Tonya & David Carlson, owners; David Carlson, handler.

2d—DAN DE WEEDOT, unreg., female, by Sniksoh Spank’s Hank—Dan De Katey Ban the Door. D. G. & Denise Collins, owners; Dan Collins, handler.

3d—MY LIL WHISTLING DIXIE, unreg., female, by T L M Copilot—M K’s My Lil Ammo. Nick Blasi, owner; Scott Johnson, handler.

Judges: Dan Collins and Tommy Thomas

OPEN DERBY — 18 Brittanys

1st—SCOUT ME UP GUNN, unreg., male, by Peter Gunn—Emma Tayshon. John Jergens, owner; Scott Johnson, handler.

2d—OVER UNDER’S KICK IT OUT, unreg., female, by Legacy’s Pine Bandit—Over Under’s Killin Time. Eileen Gust, owner; Scott Johnson, handler.

3d—TURNING POINTS SHENANIGANS, 1665954, female, by Masked Jack of Diamonds—Copley Wincrest Grand Theft. Julie Nelson, owner and handler.

Judges: Dan Collins and Kelly Porter

AMATEUR ALL-AGE — 16 Brittanys

1st—SPARKY’S PRAIRIE WIND GYPSY, 1622811, female, by Jim De Bob’s Sparks A Dan D—Two Rivers Skyhawk. Barry Koepke & Karen Fujikawa, owners; Steve Ralph, handler.

2d—BRENDI BROOKS COWBOY UP, 1667890, male, by Brendi Brooks Broadway Joe—Brendi Brooks Cowgirl Up. Ray Trimble, owner and handler.

3d—KIDS RED DEVIL, unreg., male, by Shady’s  Count Kid—Allied’s Dazee Belle. Bruce Heiter, owner and handler.

Judges: Jessica Carlson and Bret Lindback


1st—SIRIUS BUDDY BOY, 1651260, male, by Sirius Medicine Man—Tommy’s Renegade Gal Pal. Tommy Thomas, owner and handler.

2d—ST. CLAIR’S PRINCE ROCCO, 1617962, male, by SLW Prince Duke Jr—Misty Morning XXIII. Jon St. Clair, owner and handler.

3d—WILD MTN’S MIDNIGHT RENDEZVOUS, 1648461, female, by Triumphant’s The Heat is On—Wild Mtn’s Lone Star Rendezvous. Marcy Beveridge, owner; Roger Stowell, handler.

Judges: Jeff Hoskins and Charles Schaefer

OPEN SHOOTING DOG — 32 Brittanys

1st—ST. CLAIR’S PRINCE ROCCO, 1617962, male, by SLW Prince Duke Jr—Misty Morning XXIII. Jon St. Clair, owner and handler.

2d—STARLIGHTS MERCURY OUTRIDER, unreg., male, by Timberline Strait To The Point—Rubyridge’s Million Dollar Babe. Teresa Richmond, owner; Bob Burchette, handler.

3d—HOOCHIE COOCHIE MAN, unreg., male, by Rambln Man—Independence Day. Pam Baird, owner; Ed Tillson, handler.

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