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Field Trial Report

Tachibana Bird Dog Club

By Chiharu Niwa | Apr 12, 2019
Open Shooting Dog Winners. From left: Casserole with Tatsuo Ishino, Silver Rail Sugar

Kanna Riverside, Japan — The Tachibana Bird Dog Club held its spring trial March 3. We used Kanna Riverside venue in North Japan.

The weather was cloudy and rainy to bad weather.

The president thanked the many people who supported the trial.

Two stakes were offered — an Open and Amateur Shooting Dog. Good winners were chosen by the judges.

In the Open Shooting Dog, first was Casserole, pointer male owned and handled by Tatsuo Ishino. He had three mannerly finds and a strong finish. Second was Silver Rail Sugar, pointer female owned and handled by Satoshi Kikuchi. Silver Rail was all good,  with a searching forward race, three finds and a commendable finish. Placed third was Railway Rock, pointer male owned and handled by Yonezo Imai. He had a good forward race and three finds.

In the Amateur Shooting Dog, first was Caladen’s Rail Knot, pointer male owned and handled by Tokio Iino. Rail Knot was forward with a good searching race in which he scored two finds and finished well. Second was Thousand Leaves Lady, setter female which started with good speed, carding a find at 25.  She had no further bird work but finished well.

Kanna River Field, Japan, March 3 — One Course

Judges: Chiharu Niwa and Tadashi Takahashi

OPEN SHOOTING DOG — 14 Pointers and 3 Setters

1st—CASSEROLE, 1658011, pointer male, by Caladen’s Railway Max—Struttin’s Pat. Tatsuo Ishino, owner and handler.

2d—SILVER RAIL SUGAR, 1670797, pointer female, by Caladen’s Rail Knot—Wheeling. Satoshi Kikuchi, owner and handler.

3d—RAILWAY ROCK, 1658044, pointer male, by Caladen’s Railway Max—Struttin’s Pat. Yonezo Imai, owner and handler.

AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG — 3 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st—CALADEN’S RAIL KNOT, 1656871, pointer male, by Caladen’s Storm Trooper—River Ranch Belle. Tokio Iino, owner and handler.

2d—THOUSAND LEAVES LADY, 1671769, setter female, by Okusha Kid Grouse Ken—Yamagata Chibusu Beauty. Sannei Chiba, owner and handler.

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