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Tar Heel Open Championship

By Ruthann Epp | Oct 15, 2019

Hoffman, N. C. — The Tar Heel Open All-Age Championship is scheduled to begin October 18 at the Robert Gordon venue, Hoffman, N. C. The judges are George Kimbrell of Fort Mill, S. C., and Ray Joye of Marion, S. C.

The stake has drawn a fine field of 41 dogs for the 2019 renewal, as follows:


Name of Dog/Breed/Handler

1. Ace’ s R Wild, PM; Mark McLean. With

Hendrix’ s Deacon Blue, PM; Luke Eisenhart.

2. Erin’ s Full Throttle, PM; Lefty Henry. With

Lester’s Private Charter, PM;  McLean.

3. L C Smith, PM; Gary Miller. With

Dunn’s True Issue, PM; Luke Eisenhart.

4. True Confidence, PM; Luke Eisenhart. With

Touch’ s Mega Mike, PM; McLean.

5. Dominator’ s Kid Rock, PM; Doug Ray. With

Quickmarksman’s Tom Tekoa, SM; Mike Hester.

6. Touch’s White Knight, PM; McLean. With

Miller’s Creative Cause, SM; Tom  Liesfeld.

7. Hoos Boss, PM; Rick Furney. With Master’s Touch, PM; Doug Ray.

8. Miller’ s Dialing In, PM; Luke Eisenhart. With

K H Game Train, PM; Scott Griffin.

9. Dunn’s Tried’n True, PM; Luke Eisenhart. With

Quickmarksman’s Dan, PM; Mike Hester.


10. Erin’s Three Leaf Shamrock, SM; Luke Eisenhart. With

Touch’ s Blue Moon, PM; McLean.

11. Greenfield’s Queen, SF; Rick Furney. With

Ascension, PM; Luke Eisenhart.

12. K H Game Weapon, PM; Scott Griffin. With

Shearjoy’ s Unforgiven, SM; Luke Eisenhart.

13. L F Samantha, PF; Doug Ray. With

Game Wardon, PM; Luke Eisenhart.


14. Marques Armed Robber, PM; Lefty Henry. With

Elhew Canadian Jack, PM; McLean.


15. Touch’ s Malcolm Story, PM;  McLean. With

Shearjoy’ s Unforsaken, SM; Luke Eisenhart.

16. White Smoke, PM; Luke Eisenhart. With

Summerlin’s Harvest Time, PM; McLean.

17. Touch’ s Wild Desire, PM; Rick Furney. With

Touch’ s Red Rider, PM; Luke Eisenhart.

18. Touch’s Gallatin Fire, PM; McLean. With

Erin’ s Wild Justice, PM; Luke Eisenhart.

19. Game Bo, PM; Luke Eisenhart. With

Touch’ s Folsom Blue, PM; McLean.

20. Lone Tree’s Rod Iron, SM; Mike Hester. With

Erin’ s Cold Justice, PM; Luke Eisenhart.

21. Touch’s Smooth Operator, PM; Rick Furney, as a bye.

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