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By Ronnie Rogers | Feb 01, 2019
Amateur Shooting Dog Winners. From left: Kristine Hammons, Tim Hammons with Roses Are Red, Buck Heard, judge; Ronnie Rogers with Daphne’s Gage, Jim Crayne, judge, and Arnold Hall with Rare Nugget.

LaVergne, Tenn. — We had our annual classic in early December, with good weather, great people, great dogs, and great judges! We would like to thank all the participants, handlers, owners, and especially anyone who helped.

A special thanks to the judges who worked hard and gave well respected decisions. Buck Heard judged three days and spent a long time in saddle; Jim Crayne judged the Open and Amateur Shooting Dog Stakes. Tim Hammons judged the Derby and his assistance was gratefully appreciated. David Steele  judged the All-Age and helped prepare meals and anything else that needed to be done.

Jimmy Gentry planted birds early each morning and did an excellent job in the cold. That helped us tremendously.

Lynn Heard helped and the stew was well received. Harry Lane drove the dog truck and because of him we never missed a beat. Thanks to Purina for their support, especially the dog food that was well received.


Tim and Kristine Hammons took first and second in the Amateur All-Age with their beautiful red setters. Roses Are Red earned first and Little More Shine, second, with big races and several finds. Phil Morgan’s Derby-age Miller’s Direct Line was third. Good to have Phil back running dogs.

The Derby had a competitive entry. Walden’s Ridge Tail Wind had a huge race and had one good all-age type find for owner-handler David Steele. James Heimdal’s Big Creek’s Coldwater Bandit ran big but somewhat erratic and had a bird contact, while Buddy Morrison guided High Drive Naughty with some nice bird work to third.

Monday morning’s Amateur Shooting Dog produced some fireworks, especially the second brace with eleven total finds and two backs along with huge races from both dogs that both stayed to the front and hunted independently. Roses Are Red came back to win this stake also with six finds, a back and a great shooting dog race for Kentuckian Tim Hammons. Bracemate Daphne’s Gage, owned by Daphne Rogers and handled by her husband,  had five finds, a back and a huge forward race, maybe a little too forward at times. Rare Nugget put down an exceptional shooting dog race with three really nice pieces of bird work for third. The white and liver pointer was handled by owner Arnold Hall. A couple more dogs made strong bids, including Katlyn’s Jan which had a breach of manners on her eighth find.

Tuesday morning started with the   Open Shooting Dog. Twelve dogs were entered and a lot of them had their running shoes on. Our thanks to Travis Gellhaus for his entries. Unfortunately he just arrived down South and the open country his dogs were used to proved to be their undoing as most were lost in heavy cover. We also missed some dogs because of a big snowstorm to the east. Hope everyone was safe. Ronnie Rogers managed to guide a couple dogs around with good races and excellent bird work. Thor For President earned first with four finds and a great shooting dog race.

The good judges, great food, plenty of birds, excellent grounds, and great people made for a really good trial. Everyone had a great time. We’d like to invite everybody back next year!

LaVergne, Tenn., December 9

Judges: Buck Heard and David Steele

AMATEUR ALL-AGE [One-Hour Heats] — 2 Pointers, 2 Setters and

2 Irish Setters

1st—ROSES ARE RED, 1653376, Irish setter female, by Time To Rock—Red Rush. Tim Hammons, owner and handler.

2d—LITTLE MORE SHINE, 1671392, Irish setter female, by Red Rock—Covered In Red. Kristine Hammons, owner; Tim Hammons, handler.

3d—MILLER’S DIRECT LINE, 1680371, pointer male, by Miller’s Dialing In—Bearwallow Misty. Phil Morgan, owner and handler.

Judges: Buck Heard and Tim Hammons

AMATEUR DERBY — 12 Pointers

1st—WALDEN’S RIDGE TAIL WIND, 1675823, male, by Walden’s Ridge Shadow Dancer—Walden’s Ridge Chatter Box. D. L. Steele, owner and handler.

2d—BIG CREEK’S COLDWATER BANDIT, 1678806, female, by Coldwater Warrior—Big Creek’s Free. James Heimdal, owner and handler.

3d—HIGH DRIVE NAUGHTY, 1675925, male, by Erin’s Wild River—High Drive Jade. Allen Linder, owner; Buddy Morrison, handler.

Judges: Jim Crayne and Buck Heard

AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG [One-Hour Heats] — 5 Pointers, 5 Setters

and 2 Irish Setters

1st—ROSES ARE RED, 1653376, Irish setter female, by Time To Rock—Red Rush. Tim Hammons, owner and handler.

2d—DAPHNE’S GAGE, 1641559, setter male, by Long Gone Nixon—Rogers Terrific Trixie. W. R. Rogers, owner and handler.

3d—RARE NUGGET, 1651792, pointer male, by Rare Coin—Moss Southern Belle. Arnold Hall, owner and handler.

OPEN SHOOTING DOG [One-Hour Heats] — 7 Pointers and 5 Setters

1st—THOR FOR PRESIDENT, 1663680, setter male, by Agent J—Forstar Dirty Dancer. Daphne Rogers, owner; Ronnie Roger, handler.

2d—GUARD’S TWO DOLLAR BILL, 1621405, setter male, by Rogers Pioneer Andy—Rogers Terrific Trixie. W. R. Rogers, owner and handler.

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