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Texas Amateur All-Age Brittany Championship

By As seen by Jan Kilpatrick | Jun 16, 2020
Championship Winners. From left: Trey Baer, Dr. Bob Rankin, Terry Gowin, Judge Dickie Sorrell, Rick Hastings with A Trace of Bourbon with Diamonds, Jan Kilpatrick, Judge Charlie Collier, Richard Beaver  with M K’s My Lil Ammo, Nick Blasi, Stan  Williamson, Linda Milam and Tom Milam.

Ardmore, Okla. — The Texas Amateur All-Age Brittany Championship moved to Ardmore, Okla., in 2017 and it appears to be gaining in popularity at these Lake Murray grounds.

The Sooner Brittany Club, host for this event, has spring field trial dates that run immediately before two prestigious American Field Brittany Championships; the United States Open Brittany Championship and the Victoire National Derby Brittany Championship.

Entries at the Texas Amateur Brittany Championship immediately increased after the 2017 move.

Tom and Linda Milam, Bob Rankin and members of the Sooner Brittany Club as well as a group of dedicated volunteers make the Texas Amateur All-Age Brittany Championship a class event.

In 2020, 24 amateur handlers and their dogs traveled from Tennessee, Arizona, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado and Texas to vie for the coveted Silver Spurs awarded to the champion of this event. Most of these entrants agree that this Championship is a great tune-up for the Field Dog Stud Book recognized Brittany Championships that immediately follow.

A huge shout-out of THANKS TO PURINA for their monetary and product support of this Championship.

Purina Pro Plan is by far the food most chosen to power our Brittany bird dogs.

Judges Charlie Collier and Dickie Sorrell were studious in their observations, paying close attention as the dogs traversed these grounds which consist of rolling open hilly grasslands interspersed with dense treelines and rocky outcrossings.

The Recognized

Declared champion was the bottom dog in brace No. 10, A Trace of Bourbon with Diamonds, handled and owned by Rick Hastings of Kincaid, Kan.

Trace was smooth in his application over course No. 1 working in concert with Rick who provided direction to this well-seasoned bird dog. Trace ran the edges to completion at a nice-paced, consistently forward range leaving no objective unchecked in his search for birds.

He was rewarded for his thoroughness with finds at 3, 32 and 41. These finds were all handled with classy style and impeccable manners. Trace also had an impressive rock-hard back at 18 standing tall and tight through the shot and flush. Trace finished his hour in fine form with a series of big forward casts and intelligent application.

Runner-up was the bottom dog in brace No. 3, M K’s My Lil Ammo, “BB”, handled and owned by Nick Blasi of Wichita, Kan.

BB earned her spot by running a fast forward energetic race with four solid finds at 19, 38, 40 and 59 which she handled with intensity and manners.

BB ran over course No. 2 and No. 3 in true all-age fashion exhibiting fleetness of foot and intelligence in her search for birds. Her bird work was classic with stately points and honest manners. BB stayed robust for her entire hour.

In the third position was J B W’s Levi The Lionheart, owned and handled by Joe Williams of Lebanon, Mo. Levi operated over the twisting course No. 3 with an intelligent application which was evidenced by his  finds at 18, 23 and 38. He was more moderate race-wise but was always to the front going the distance to far away objectives. A fine forward finish completed his performance.

Jazz Em Up Arrow, owned and handled by Rick Hastings, appeared on course No. 1, but wasn’t quite as polished or independent as the other noted  contenders, but he sure found birds as evidenced by his large covey find at 25 and another single at 53. Arrow was solid in form and manners on his birds. Arrow’s race was moderate but his movement is very athletic and eye pleasing which makes it most enjoyable to watch him run with ease over these grounds.

The Running

The two-day Championship experienced chilly mornings and warm afternoons with gusty alternating north and south winds blowing, sometimes a little more than necessary.

Jessie (Harlan Gerardy) and T L M Tall Tale (Sam/Tom Milam). The maiden brace of this series ended shortly when Sam went missing after the breakaway and the retrieval unit was requested at 13. Jessie stayed down a little longer but at 22 he pointed then gleefully chased a bird which ended his run.

Wiyanna (Annie/ Terry Gowin) and Arrow’s Tequila Rustler (Rusty/Richard Beaver). Annie found a bird at 5 under that first tree up the hill from breakaway. Rusty ran through giving the situation a quick look but failed to honor so bye-bye to Rusty. Annie was clean through the flush and shot and was moved forward. Though she had some nice moves at times, overall Annie was running nconsistently; handler elected to pick her up at 46.

M K’s My Lil Ammo was braced with  Spanish Corral’s Wild Bill (Claude Kilpatrick). BB’s run was described above. BB and Billy decided to run to the end of the Bear Trap (road race in the wrong direction) but both were rapidly rounded up and brought back to the front no worse for the side bar. Unfortunately, Billy failed to stop when he ran over a bird in tall grass at 20 so he got the gone gong.

S S Rig’s Colorado Gun Smoke (Milam) and Maxwell’s Legal Tender (Faith/Kevin Rogers). Rig’s had a unproductive at 8, a nice back at 10 but handler picked him up after his second unproductive at 23. Faith was a little short in her race but had birds at 10, 50 and 58 which were handled properly. Faith finished her hour at a moderate race and range.

No. 5 had Lambach’s Blew By You (Joey Rogers) and Jazz Em Up (Arrow/ Rick Hastings). Arrow’s run was described earlier. Blew did just that so the retrieval unit was requested at 25.

Piney Run Jake (Patterson) and Wild Wild Willie (Gerardy). Jake logged an unproductive at 39. Neither dog was rewarded with birds though they worked hard and had big forward races.

J B W’s Levi The Lionheart (Joe Williams) was paired with Maxwell’s Heavy Hitter (Gabe/J. Rogers). Levi was described above. Gabe ran a big though somewhat erratic race. Gabe shared a find with Levi at 20 then logged an unproductive at 50. This was an enjoyable brace to watch as the dogs complemented each others’ style but Gabe’s application was too inconsistent to make the top four.

J W B Arctic Cat (Kimber/Patterson) and Ru Jem’s Last Penny (Williams). Kimber proved to be most uncooperative this day and was picked up at 35. Penny ran like the pro she always is and looked good in her application but today found no birds.

Sir Walter Raleigh (Williams) and Alley Cat’s Drought (Stan Williamson). Drought made short work of his effort when he ran by the judge carrying a live quail in his mouth at 6. Raleigh had a find at 30 but his performance was not pleasing the handler so he worked the bird then picked him up.

No. 10: Jowills Daniel Inthe Lions Den (Williams) was braced with the winner, A Trace of Bourbon with Diamonds (Hastings.) Trace’s championship run was previously detailed. Daniel pointed at 20, but unfortunately chased on the flush to end his run.

Red Bud (Jake/Williams) and C V K’s Spartan King (Leo/Patterson). Jake had an unproductive at 30 and no other bird contact in his hour. Leo was a renegade this day. Handler elected to pick up the prickly boy at 50.

No. 12: Highpoint Southern Gal (Ellie/Trey Baer) and Maxwell’s Quick Silver (Sally/K. Rogers). These girls had spunky, though inconsistent races. Sally was not pleasing her handler and was picked up at 26. Ellie kept moving

forward and had a very nice find at 41 where she showed excellent style and manners. Ellie finished her hour at a moderate speed and range.

Ardmore, Okla., February 29

Judges: Charlie Collier and Dickie Sorrell


[One-Hour Heats] — 24 Brittanys

Winner—A TRACE OF BOURBON WITH DIAMONDS, 1658738, male, by Touch of Bourbon Little Chug—Sniksoh Little Diamond. Rick Hastings, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—M K’S MY LIL AMMO, 1648457, female, by Sniksoh Free Boy—Chief’s Nubbins Ridge Runner. Nick Blasi, owner and handler.


Judges: Claude Kilpatrick and Dr. Robert Rankin

OPEN ALL-AGE — 32 Brittanys

1st—ALMADEN’S UNDER LOCK AND KEY, 1680914, male, by Marked Jack of Diamonds—Almaden’s Lone Shadow Dancer. Emmy Wollenburg, owner; Ed Tillson, handler.

2d—HIGHPOINT SPIKES SOUTHERN STAR, 1680359, female, by High Point Southern Spike—Blazin Pepper Hollie Norwood. Carolyn Kuykendall, owner; Ben Kuykendall, handler.

3d—HIGHPOINT BLAZIN HIGH NOON, 1665223, male, by Highpoint Blazin Lamont—Southern Breeze. Ben Kuykendall, owner and handler.

Judges: Vic Carrington and Tom Milam

OPEN DERBY — 10 Brittanys

1st—PRETTY BOY FLOYD, 1687789, male, by Maxwell’s Prickly Pete—Dakota Sage. Joseph Muljana, owner; Steve Chang, handler.

2d—TEQUILA’S TRIPLE THREAT, 1688907, male, by Hoochie Coochie Man—Tequila Zenyatta. Pam Baird & Jessica Carlson, owners; Ed Tillson, handler.

3d—GUILTY PLEASURE, 1689355, female, by Crossed The Line—Sniksoh Patty Anne. Robert Rankin owner; Ed Tillson, handler.

Judges: Richard Beaver and Tom Milam

OPEN SHOOTING DOG — 19 Brittanys

1st—HIGHPOINT BLAZIN MEG, 1653487, female, by Highpoint Blazin Lamont—Southern Breeze. Ben Kuykendall, owner and handler.

2d—OVER UNDER’S KICK IT OUT, unreg., female, by Legacy’s Pine Bandit—Over Under Killin Time. Eileen Gust, owner; Scott Johnson, handler.

3d—SIMON’S STANDING STONE, unreg., male, by Ory’s Marshall Dillon—Crosscreek Millicent of the Mountains. Nancy Hensley, owner; Ed Tillson, handler.

Judges: Tom Milam an Jan Kilpatrick

OPEN PUPPY — 10 Brittanys

1st—CALLIAH’S KATIE CROSSED THE CREEK, unreg., female, by Sandbar’s Standing Ovation—Copley Calliah’s Up A Crick. K. Cherrie, owner; Ben Kuykendall, handler.

2d—PERRO PAJARO UNO, unreg., male, by My Lil Shady Kid—Redrock’s Sniksoh. Justin Hagedorn, owner; Scott Johnson, handler.

3d—OVER UNDER’S REAL WILD ONE, unreg., female, by Schonhund Winning Wager—Overunder’s Bantam’s Bay Watch. Eileen Gust, owner; Scott Johnson, handler.





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