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Texas Open Brittany Championship

By Wesley Felt | Mar 08, 2019
Championship Winners. Front (l-r): Tequila Scorcher with Jessica Carlson and Crossed The Line with Richard Beaver. Standing: Tom Milam, Wesley Felt and Mike Griffin, the judges, and Mary Karbiner.

Ardmore, Okla. — The 2019 running of the Texas Open Brittany Championship was held February 3-4 at the Lake Murray State Park field trial grounds near Ardmore, Okla. The  Championship was hosted by the Lone Star Brittany Club and followed the regional club event held January 31-February 2.

There are some fine folks we need to mention for their contribution to the success of this Championship. First and foremost Mary Karbiner, club secretary of the Lone Star Brittany Club. Mary, along with club members Wesley and Mary Felt, devote their time to make this event a premier championship in the Brittany world. Mary Karbiner was available the entire trial to drive the dog wagon.

The Lake Murray field trial has established coveys of bobwhite quail and every day Wes Felt planted quail to add to the grounds. Mary Felt had the lunches ready when needed. Richard Beaver kept the quail healthy and Linda Milam picked up the dog food. We thank these dedicated folks for their hard work.

We give a special thank-you to Nestlé Purina,  our sponsor. Purina provided both money toward the running of this event and Pro Plan product for the winners. Purina Pro Plan is fed to several dogs running in this event as testimony to the quality of ingredients that brands the Pro Plan dog products.

Judges for this year’s event were Mike Griffin of Stilwell, Okla., and Wesley Felt of Kaufman, Tex. These two judges were up to the task of two days of riding to select the dogs with the all-age range, intensity on birds pointed, and the handling necessary to be named the champion and runner-up. Thank you judges for giving of your time in the saddle.

Twenty dogs wer entered in this Championship. Named champion was Tequila Scorcher, eight-year-old male owned by Charles B. Crain of Raymore, Mo., and handled by Ed Tillson. His sire is Almaden’s River of Shadows, his dam Tequila With a Twist. Runner-up was Crossed the Line, nine-year-old male owned by Andrea Christensen and Vicki Rankin of Wheat Ridge, Colo., and handled by Ed Tillson. His sire is Making R Point, the dam Windtuck’s Enough Said.

The weather for the two days was unseasonably warm for the month of February for Oklahoma. At times there were small southwest breezes, with temperatures in the low 50s to low 70s. We had bird work for most of the dogs and some dogs had multiple finds.


Rincon Valley’s Sally (Rogers) was gone early and when she caught the front she pointed on the edge. Handler elected to pick up when a bird could not be produced. Sparky’s Prairie Wind Gypsy (Johnson) had a stylish  and mannerly find at 14. Just past Manck’s crossing the dog was going to the right and did not return. Handler called for the retrieval unit.

Crossed the Line’s (Tillson) first find was just past Ten Pad Point at 11 with a large covey put up for both dogs. He was released and climbing up the rock hill past pond dam No. 2 he was standing with high head. Bird was put to flight and dog was steady. He had two more finds and an unproductive to finish the hour. His performance was enjoyed by the judges and he was awarded the runner-up title. High Point Blazin High Noon (Kuykendall) had the divided find and stepped to mark the flight. His second find was heading toward the bear trap. He again stepped to mark the flight and handler elected to pick him up.

Rammer Jammer Jax (Baer) pointed at 2. The bird was up and shot fired. His second find was not as successful and he was taken to the wagon. S K F Miss Cheap Bourbon Whiskey (Johnson) was up early when she failed to back her bracemate.

Both Touch of Bourbon Little Chug (Johnson)  and Arrow’s Tequila Rustler (Beaver) finished the hour but no birds.

Highpoint Southern Spike (Ben Kuykendall) had two nice finds. He started to pace himself late and handler elected to pick up before the hour. A Trace of Bourbon with Diamonds had an unproductive late and Rick Hastings elected to pick up before the hour.

M K’s Magnificent Bandito (Johnson) made the halfway point to the front until he was out of sight. Handler elected to employ the retrieval unit. Midway through the brace Maxwell’s Heavy Hitter had pointed his second unproductive and Rogers elected to pick up.

J R’s Cool Hand Luke (Johnson) had three early finds and then pointed an unproductive. He finished at the end of the hour with one last pointed bird. Luke was shorter at the end to distract from his impeccable bird work. Tequila Scorcher (Tillson) had an early find with great manners. From the release to the end of the hour he showed an all-age performance without handler encouragement.  At the end of the hour he had his second find and finished the hour strong. His performance was truly mature and fun to watch. This dog was enjoyed by the judges and he was awarded the championship title.

Just Call Me Lucky Ned Pepper (Campbell) broke to the front with ease. Handler was pointing him out ahead when he locked up on point. Handler worked to get the bird to fly and all manners were good. His second bird was near bird valley. He was released and quickly moved to the front. He was seen one time before heading to the airport. Handler waited before Manck’s crossing as he finally caught the front and searched forward. Ned had two more finds before the hour. The long absence detracted from his overall performance. Lambach’s Blew By You was lost at the midway point and Rogers requested the retrieval unit.

S S Rig’s Colorado Gun Runner (Milam) had early success carding three finds before the half. After his first unproductive he seemed to shorten to a bird hunter mode and when he had his second unproductive handler elected to pick him up. M K’s My Lil Ammo (Johnson) had three nice finds before the midpoint of the hour. She had a long absence and showed at time.

Remchester Premium White Lightning was not pleasing Johnson who elected to pick him up early. Almaden’s Under Lock and Key had an early unproductive. He carried the front the entire hour. At 58 he pointed.  Jessica Carlson could not find the bird and relocated to search the area when the dog showed the bird to us.

Ardmore, Okla., January 31

Judges: Wesley Felt and Mike Griffin


20 Brittanys

Winner—TEQUILA SCORCHER, 1642501, male, by Almaden’s River of Shadows—Tequila With A Twist. Charles B. Crain, owner; Ed Tillson, handler.

Runner-Up—CROSSED THE LINE, 1613155, male, by Making R Point—Windtuck’s Enough Said. Andrea Christensen & Vicki Rankin, owners; Ed Tillson, handler.


Judges: Wesley Felt and Ben Kuykendall

OPEN ALL-AGE — 14 Brittanys

1st—ARROW’S TEQUILA RUSTLER, 1658864, male, by Beaver’s Straight Arrow—Runner’s Tequila Rose. Sandy Becker, owner; Richard A. Beaver, handler.

2d—JAZZ EM UP ARROW, 1683195, male, by Sanbar’s Legendary Evening—Sanbar Crosscreek Tell Me A Story. Rick D. & Becky J. Hastings, owners; Rick D. Hastings, handler.

Judges: Trey Baer and Frank Campbell

OPEN SHOOTING DOG — 21 Brittanys

1st—HOOCHIE COOCHIE MAN, unreg., male, by Ramblin Man—Independence Day. Pam Baird, owner; Ed Tillson, handler.

2d—JOSEY’S JAZZ EM UP RASCAL, 1683196, male, by Turning Points Landslide—Monet. Rick D. & Becky J. Hastings, owners; Rick D. Hastings, handler.

3d—STRAIGHT ARROW QUIVER, 1658866, male, by Beaver’s Straight Arrow—True Gritz Baked Alaska. Richard A. & Mary Amanda Beaver, owners; Richard A. Beaver, handler.

OPEN PUPPY — 6 Brittanys

1st—B AND T’S SONNDANCE KID ROCK, unreg., male, by Spanish Corral’s Sonny Patch—Janee’s Dirty Dancer. Trasa Shinpoch, owner and handler.

2d—HIGH POINT DAKOTAS PARKER, unreg., male, by Dakota’s Copper Nickel—Highpoint Blazin Meg. Ben & Carolyn Kuykendall, owners; Ben Kuykendall, handler.

3d—TEQUILA’S TRIPLE THREAT, unreg., male, by Hoochie Coochie Man—Tequila Zenyatta. Pam Baird & Jessica Carlson, owners; Ed Tillson, handler.

Judges: Frank Campbell and Wesley Felt

AMATEUR ALL-AGE — 13 Brittanys

1st—A TRACE OF BOURBON WITH DIAMONDS, 1658738, male, by Touch of Bourbon Little Chug—Sniksoh Little Diamond. Rick D. & Becky J. Hastings, owners; Rick D. Hastings, handler.

2d—JAZZ EM UP ARROW, 1683195, male, by Sanbar’s Legendary Evening—Sanbar Crosscreek Tell Me A Story. Rick D. & Becky J. Hastings, owners; Rick D. Hastings, handler.

Judges: Wesley Felt and Mike Griffin

OPEN DERBY — 14 Brittanys

1st—B AND T’S SONNDANCE KID ROCK, unreg., male, by Spanish Corral’s Sonny Patch—Janee’s Dirty Dancer. Trasa Shinpoch, owner and handler.

2d—T J’S BRIGHTEST JEWEL, 1682992, female, by Tequilas Joker—Alar’s Dirty Dancer. Joe Cummings, Scott Kohler & Brad Sutherland, owners; Ed Tillson, handler.

3d—HIGH POINT SPIKE’S SOUTHERN STAR, unreg., female, by High Point Southern Spike—Blazin Pepper Hollie Norwood. Carolyn Kuykendall, owner; Ben Kuykendall, handler.

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