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The American Field has followed the field trial sport in America since 1874. The bird dog field trial pastime encompasses several facets of the game, from horseback stakes to walking events, on every upland gamebird— quail, pheasant, prairie chicken, grouse, woodcock, chukar and Hungarian partridge.

Each week The American Field provides its readers with the very latest news on purebred sporting dogs and field trial competition results. Every issue carries photos of winners, stories of owners and handlers, detailed event descriptions, and an advertising section for the sale of goods, services and announcements of upcoming trials.

The Field Dog Stud Book is the oldest purebred dog registry in the United States helping dog owners with authentic documentation, registration, certified pedigrees and DNA services.

American Field & FDSB News Update

Chicago, Ill.—It is more than three weeks since the governor of Illinois and the mayor of the city of Chicago issued “stay at home” mandates in the face of the coronavirus outbreak. These are tentatively scheduled to expire on April 30. If such did occur, the American Field would be up and ...
American Field Business Update

Chicago, Ill.—Information in the media is that this week (April 6-11) will be crucial for the Chicago area in terms of persons afflicted with the coronavirus, and the number of deaths resulting from the infection. The current state and local “stay at home” order mandates that American Field ...
American Field and Coronavirus: An Update

Chicago, Ill.—The Governor of Illinois has issued a “stay at home” order, effective to April 7. The Mayor of Chicago has concurred, with potential sanctions for any persons congregating. Cook County, which includes the Chicago metropolitan area, is considered a likely “hot spot” for the virus. ...
An Unprecedented Time

It is likely that no one has experienced the current situation that the coronavirus has created nationwide, indeed, worldwide. Of utmost importance is the wellbeing of family, friends, neighbors, everyone. The virus has affected virtually every aspect of daily life — shopping, entertainment, ...
American Field Services Modified Due to COVID-19

In an effort to best serve our staff and the field trial community during this unprecedented response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our service hours will be modified starting the week of March 16-20. Service availability may be affected during this week. Please be aware that we will make necessary ...