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Coronavirus Safety Guidelines

The Fall Field Trial Season

Jul 23, 2020

CHICAGO, ILL. — The “Upcoming Calendar & Events” box on the American Field web site shows a number of scheduled trials from August 1 to October 16, an encouraging sign for the coming season.

But daily news items covering the coronavirus continue to remind us that we are not “out of the woods” yet.

Earlier this month a list of suggestions was posted to assist club officials in their efforts to keep field trial participants safe at their trials. It is deemed advisable to reinterate these suggestions.

First and foremost it is understood that the club officials, after determining if the wellbeing of participants can be ensured, are the decision makers if a trial is cancelled, postponed and rescheduled.

It is advisable  that clubs have a checklist of practical practices for participants. Clubs are urged to take sensible precautions for the benefit of all participants and indicate in their trial ads specific details, some of which may be in included in the appended list.

Appended are some suggestions:

(1) First and foremost, all parties – club officials, participants, attendees are required to follow state and local mandates that apply to the locale where the trials are to be held.

(2) Practice social distancing consistent with the local guidelines; no congregating as much as possible. No shaking hands or hugging.

(3) Consider wearing a mask when in close proximity to others.

(4) Wash hands as frequently as possible; use hand sanitizers. (It will be helpful of clubs have these available at the grounds.)

(5) Have a disinfecting spray at bathroom facilities for use on door knobs or any other surface they may have touched.

(6) Avoid common use of pens/pencils. Have your own.

(7) Each person(s) is responsible for providing their own lunches/beverages; none served.

(8) If paying entry fee(s) in cash, have exact amount.

(9) Club officials handling paperwork (entry slips/entry fees etc.) should wear gloves.

As noted in number (1), all participants are expected to follow state, local government and event mandates and guidelines. That is a given. Club officials should be prepared to enforce these.

The suggested list is not intended to be “all-inclusive.” Club officials and participants may deem the inclusion of additional safety measures.

It is recommended that pertinent items be included in a club's announcement of a coming trial. (For example: No meals served on grounds; bring your own.)

The trial announcement for the Montana Open Shooting Dog Championship does a good job of noting some practical precautions

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