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Aug 07, 2017
Larry Huffman

Word from Columbus, N. D., where Larry Huffman has his camp with Oklahoman Allen Vincent.

“Conditions here have been dry, but not the severe conditions south of us. We did finally get a little rain today (August 2).

“Our cover is good and we are finding birds every day for the most part. We have gotten into some young chickens lately, even seen some that were too little to fly.

“Birds seem to be getting better. We have seen chickens, Huns and a few pheasants.”


VIRGIL MOORE and his wife Darby arrived at summer camp on July 25.

“This is our fourth year on the historic grounds in Arnett, Okla., where some of the top dogs in the history of bird dogs have been developed!” wrote the Texas trainer. “At one time the likes of Jack Herriage, Buzzy Daugherty, Gordon Hazlewood, Richard Woolever, Lee West, Chuck Taylor, Tip Davis, Lou Gleber, Dave Peck, Fred Dileo, Hoyle Eaton and John Rex Gates and others utilized the western Oklahoma prairies. It’s not for everyone and takes a dog and a man with heart, stamina and desire to beat the brush to find the wild birds. It’s hard on man, dogs and horses, but if you can survive you can run anywhere in the country!

“I’ve got some good young shooting dogs in Champions Jacked Up Jasper and Supernatural, and Dixie Delight, Chupacura, After Party, Jetson Rising and Pedro. We’ve also got some exciting Derbies in Buck, Speck, Matt, Koda, Levi.

“Thank you to all the owners for your support. I sincerely want to thank Ralph Millie, George Miller and Mark Atwood for the opportunity to have the ultimate Western Oklahoma experience!

“I hope to survive another year!”

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