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Sep 10, 2019
Joe Worsham

Owner-handler Joe Worsham sent a recent update from his summer training camp in South Dakota.

“I finally got away from St. Joseph, Mo., on August 20 headed for the Duling Ranch near Gregory, S. D. We figured out that this was my 30th year of working dogs on their beautiful ranch.

“Birds were at a premium this year as harsh winter and spring rains and flooding take a toll. Cover was lush with a bountiful stand of sweet clover.

“Just prior to my arrival,  a seven-inch rain fell in just two hours . . .  gully washer it was! Many county roads and ranch roads had excessive damage. Thankfully I had done lots of conditioning prior to departure for South Dakota (retirement is GREAT!).

“On to Mortlach, Sask., for the Saskatchewan and Dominion Championships. I got a chance to compare my limited string to those of Robin Gates, Andy Daugherty, and Mark and Cody McLean. I found that I had plenty of enough dog but need to work on the ‘come back’ and ‘handle’ a little bit more.

“Thrilled that I was with Andy when he heard the official word that he had been elected to the Field Trial Hall of Fame. I have been around Andy for lots of years and echo all of those who say that he is most deserving.

“Saw Robin Gates just prior to his departing from Saskatchewan for home . . . he was really in pain . . . I wish him the best and a speedy recovery.

“At this writing I am in North Dakota working dogs in preparation for the trials held by Allen Vincent at Columbus, N. D., and then on to Mortlach, Sask., for the Region 14 Amateur Championship and the National Amateur Chicken Championship. I am seeing good numbers of sharptail and a few Huns. Cover here is perfect and temperatures are great.

“Wishing all well and good luck to each in the upcoming field trial season.”

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