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Trials At Fort Campbell

By Lisa Little | Dec 06, 2019

Woodlawn, Tenn. — As of December 1, 2019 we do not have a written formal confirmation from Fort Campbell Military Installation personnel granting us  permission to use the Outdoor Recreation Area to conduct trials.

Club officers began making formal requests in March for the weekends of December 19-22 and December 26-29  to conduct the Clarksville Pointer and Setter Club and Clarksville Bird Dog Club’s amateur trials.

We have had many verbal confirmations from the wildlife biologist that the grounds have been mowed and are   available. When questioned about a written document that we can have  on hand for proof of the use of the grounds, we have received no response from the Forestry and Wildlife Department.

We have placed an additional request for the dates of January 16-19 and February 13-6, 2020, respectively, to conduct these two trials.

We will provide an update  to you when we know the status of these dates.



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