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Islander Named Champion; Hifive’s Passin Time is Runner-Up

U. S. Complete Mid-Atlantic Open Shooting Dog Championship

By Mike Husenits | May 17, 2018
Championship Winners. From left front: Islander with Peter Kazic and Hifive’s Passin Time with Garry Malzone. Behind: Sean Melvin, Norm Meeder, judge; Meredith Mays, judge; Joe Cammisa, Jill Stuhr and Chris Catanzarite.

Harrisville, Pa. — The 2018 renewal of the U. S. Complete Shooting Dog Association Mid-Atlantic Championship took place April 23-24 at the Oak Ridge Pointing Dog Club grounds near Harrisville, Pa. The trial was hosted by the Greensburg Pointer and Setter Club and proudly sponsored by Purina, whose representative Greg Blair provided dog food certificates for the winners. Purina has loyally supported field trials for over 30 years. Thank you Purina!

Trial chairman Chris Catanzarite handled the pre-trial arrangements and was in attendance throughout to help in any way needed.

Oak Ridge members Carl Bishop, Joe Cammisa and Brandon Kreuer pitched in with bird planting, marshalling and various other necessary tasks. Oak Ridge executive Ron Schmeider handled course grooming and various other grounds necessities and maintenance.

Utility type vehicles were a tremendous aid. Carl Bishop used his to plant birds, Dave Hughes provided his for a dog wagon and Brandon Kreuer volunteered his for the reporter and second dog wagon. These machines did not in any way interfere with the running and were very valuable in helping to ensure a smooth operation of this event.

The Oak Ridge venue is comprised of reclaimed strip mine land consisting of wooded edges, low growth thickets and rolling open hill country. The one-hour course layout starts in open fields at a point along a low traffic gravel road and parallels same for about a half-mile before crossing into more open country dotted with brush near the 15-minute mark. Open territory to the right and a long wooded edge on the left where a grassy area called the bowl is encountered for about a half mile semi-circle pattern, then a sharp left turn across ditch line near the halfway point, then more open area dotted with locust groves, brushy areas and mature woods on the left for another half mile, then a 90° turn to hilltop followed by another 90° turn following a wooded line to an old gas well rig, then more open area with a 180° turn toward an observation platform and beyond into open fields the final 5 to 10 minutes, all dependent on a normal walking hunting pace.

The layout has plenty of objectives and encourages a dog to range boldly at times but requires a willingness to handle and hunt available cover as well.

The weather co-operated the first day, starting off cool but warming into the high 60s by afternoon. The second day started cool and soon turned to bitter cold as showers moved in and persisted throughout the day.

The judges were Norm Meeder and Meredith Mays, both from Western Pennsylvania. They rode attentively and rendered their decision with a consistent standard of evaluation applied to every contestant. The club appreciates their efforts for this sometimes thankless task.


The winner and runner-up were paired together in the 8th brace that began at 5:02 p. m., the final brace of the first day. Based on the outcome, it appeared birds that had been released throughout the day were moving along the edges, which may have been a favorable factor.

However, the fact that the two winners have annexed a total of 24 placements in championship competition may have been the largest factor — two proven veteran performers!

Islander, coming eight-year-old white, black, tan and ticked setter  male owned and handled by Pedrag Kazic of Greenlawn, N. Y.,  was named champion with five finds and a back. One find was divided and another required a delicate relocation that Islander executed flawlessly. Islander navigated the opening field with faraway flings, recording his first well-mannered find at 13 near the road crossing at brushy thicket.

On to the front he notched a back in the bowl area at 19, then ahead along the wooded edges to hilltop locust grove where he stood stylishly at 31 with quail well located. He and bracemate raced along the top edge to the gas well turn and were found standing side by side at 39 with a divided find.

Sent ahead into the 180° turn field, Islander took the edge and notched another solid find in the far corner at 45, then ahead toward the observation platform where he pointed at 51 in feed strip where an extended flushing attempt yielded nothing. A relocation was called for which Islander executed in flawless fashion, moving cautiously ahead about 20 feet and nailing the hidden quail like the seasoned veteran he is. By now bracemate was well ahead but Islander quickly closed the gap and regained the front to finish going away across the road and down the ditch line, picked up on point shortly after time expired.

The runner-up was Hifive’s Passin Time, orange marked pointer female owned by Ron Levitan, Jr. of Milford, Mich., and handled by Garry Malzone.

Appearing in the 8th brace with the winner the fleet footed pointer rendered a performance quite similar in overall range. Her aggressive casts carried her out of sight for extended periods but forward and typically found pointing with four finds and a pair of backs recorded. Her first stand was at 19, found along the bottom edge in the bowl area standing high and tight, holding solid for the flush and shot.

Sent ahead, she rambled out of sight and was found on a second rock solid stand at 26 in thick switch grass, the bird hard to find and put in the air, Hi steady throughout. Sent ahead, she scored a back at 31, then made the long cast on side hill with bracemate, sharing a find at 39 near the old gas well rig. She added a second back at 45 before disappearing along wooded edge toward the observation deck and beyond before vanishing and found on her fourth sky-kissing stand at 52 below the ridge turn back. She finished the hour strong through the open country going full tilt across the dirt road.

Others under consideration with good performances included Double Deuce Molly with three finds; Suemac’s Sashay with two and Indian Creek Bocephus with four, their performances noted in the account of the running.


Suemac’s Roll Tide (Mark Hughes) and Heavy Chevy Jason (Sean Melvin) broke away at 7:40, both forward. Tide was wider, crossed the dirt road and was found pointing at 17 at the bowl area where he stood stylishly and well mannered for the shot. Tide then faded away along bottom edge, retrieval device requested at 37. The stylish red dog Jason had a short absence early but returned to find and handle birds at 21 in open area below the observation deck, at 30 in locust grove at hilltop turn and at 38 along the upper edge, then shortened for ten minutes before finishing strong.

Backcountry Sassy (Chris Catanzarite) and Indian Creek Courageous Cat (Malzone) were through the opening fields and ahead with plenty of range. Sassy scored at 17 at the bowl area and again at 24 near hilltop where she relocated nicely, mannerly for the shot, quickly adding a third find at 27 near the water hole turn then extending well ahead to be found on point near the gas rig at 33, a fourth stylish and mannerly stand. Her range diminished for a short spell before picking up to finish strong and well ahead. Cat ran at extended range, scored well handled finds at 27 along top edge and 37 on the sharp turn, then out of sight near the observation deck at 43 but returned by scout at 58 to finish ahead.

Indian Creek Bocephus (Malzone) set the bar early with a wide going race. He was found at the bowl area standing tall at 15 with nothing found, then proceeded toward duck blind area and beyond to hilltop where he was mannerly on a divided find at 22, scored at 26 in wooded grove, adding a third near the gas rig at 30 followed by a fourth at 37 in far corner, all handled with high pointing style and approved manners. He finished ahead, not quite as wide as the winners. Black River Ruby (Melvin) scored a mannerly back at 15 but moved on a divided find at 22 and was up.

Wayward Flying Tomato (M. Hughes) and Waybetter Butch (Dave Park) made extended swings in the opening field. Tomato failed to back at 28 and was up. After an extended absence, Butch was found pointing at 28 near hilltop turn, this proving unproductive. Butch was then forward at medium range and scored beautifully handled finds at 37, 42, 46 and 52 along wooded edges, adding a finalé at 59 in thicket beyond observation deck to earn consideration.

A Carolina Shadow (Malzone) took the outside track, failed to make the road crossing, the retrieval device requested at 17. Suemac’s Sashay (M. Hughes) gobbled up the country with an appealing gait, high cracking tail, hunting likely objectives along the way. She scored with extreme style at 30 near hilltop turn and again at 39 along woodsedge, then a far-reaching cast toward observation deck, disappearing for a short spell, returning on her own at 56 to finish out front still going strong.

Indian Creek Perfect Storm (Malzone) and Double Deuce Molly (D. Hughes) were both through the opening field and across road looking good, Molly hitting the cover nicely and swinging forward. Storm erred and was picked up at 30 near hilltop spring. Molly notched a well handled find at 27 on mounded area after ditch crossing, adding another at 33 along top edge and a third at 38 in open area beyond the gas rig near pine tree to the right. She extended her range and hunted likely areas with purpose, all the while paying attention to handler and finishing well ahead hunting strong.

Kendal Hills Dawson Creek (M. Hughes) and Lambo Koby (Melvin) were wide and forward. Dawson carded a stylish mannerly find at 11 near road crossing, then ahead along bottom edge and gone for an extended time before the retrieval unit was requested at 30. Dawson was found pointing at 31 ahead on course. Koby moved with plenty of style, notched a mannerly find at 11 near road crossing then returned limping slightly at 22 but appeared okay and picked up the pace again, backed at 30, scored mannerly finds at 37 in switch grass and 42 along the edge but shortened and was picked up at 56.

The efforts of Hifive’s Passin Time and Islander were described.

Indian Creek Kitty (Malzone) and Sutter’s Backcountry Race (D. Hughes) began day No. 2 with a cold wind under cloudy skies with all aware that the high standard set yesterday would most likely lead to some early pickups today. These two started strong. Kitty had a well executed find at 18 in the bowl area, then was gone and out for the count. Race scored a mannerly find at 30 but closed in range and was up at 40.

Indian Creek Wingman (Malzone) and Phillips Half Moon (M. Hughes) were both well ahead with Wingman scoring at 11 in thicket near road crossing and again at 17 at the bowl area buried in the woods; a slight movement at flush had him up. Moon backed at 11 and 17, getting through the country attractively and purposefully, scoring a find in thick switch grass at 23 and adding another in far corner at 38 before being picked up.

Double Deuce Dexter (D. Hughes)   was off and running at wide range, gone long and up at 22. Backcountry Tornado (Chris Catanzarite) handled well and ran the edges with purpose. She notched a beautiful sky-kissing stand at 27 followed by an unproductive along wooded bottom edge at 31 but moved after a bird at 43 ending her bid.

Harwich Indian Creek Buck (Malzone) and Thunderhills Pale Rider (M. Hughes) hunted well forward through the opening field. They scored a divided mannerly find at 11 at road crossing thicket then took the bottom edge to the bowl area where both encountered mishaps on birds and were up at 18.

Pure Confidence (Malzone) and Pistol Grip (D. Hughes) started far and wide, seen sparingly. Confidence was found standing at 15 in the bowl area, mannerly for flush and shot, then ahead but picked up at 32. Pistol showed once along bottom edge and found standing at 30 but forgot his manners and was up.

Larke Stormin Trexette (Brandon Kreuer) and Beaver Meadow Rose (M. Hughes) were loosed at 12:31, both hunting hard and handling well across the first field to ditch crossing where Rose scored on a woodcock at 10 with Trex backing. Trex pointed at 14 near road crossing but moved too much and was picked up. Rose notched her second well handled find at 14 near road crossing then continued to hunt hard until pointing at 26 where she was close to a bird that fluttered invitingly overhead at flush with Rose moving only slightly. She notched another find on hillside at 30 with perfect manners and stood again at 36 where a long flush and relocation effort resulted in an unproductive. She scored at 55 in brushy area with approved deportment and finished the hour out front.

Megan’s Blackjack (Malzone) and La Sombra (Dave Hughes) were away at 1:41, both ranging well and handling through the opening fields and across the road with both well ahead and out of sight until we approached the bowl area where both had trouble handling birds and were picked up to bring the running to a close.

Harrisville, Pa., April 23

Judges: Meredith Mays and Norm Meeder


1 Irish Setter

Winner—ISLANDER, 1641545, setter male, by The Insider—East Coast Bella. Pedrag Kazic, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—HIFIVE’S PASSIN TIME, 1620422, pointer female, by Sugarknoll Buckshot—Hifive’s Pepper Ann. R. E. Levitan, Jr., owner; Garry Malzone, handler.

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