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Double Deuce Molly Named Winner; Backcountry Bruiser is Runner-Up

U. S. Complete National Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Championship

By Sara D. Gomes | Aug 15, 2019
The Winners. From left: Judge Lee Long, Doug McMillen with Double Deuce Molly, Joe Cammisa, stake manager; Chris Catanzarite with Backcountry Bruiser and Judge Chris Rider.

Harrisville, Pa. — The Oakridge Pointing Dog Club and the Pennsylvania Amateur were host to the U. S. Complete National Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Championship April 12-14.

The grounds were prepared in outstanding detail by Ron Schmeider and his team. Hot coffee and morning pastries in the clubhouse were provided by Joe Cammisa and his wife Suzi.

Weather conditions were not ideal. Colder temperatures and light rain or torrential downpours were in store for most of the weekend. This included a nearly three hour storm delay on Friday.

A wonderful dinner consisting of fried chicken, potatoes and salad was catered by Dave Stehele of West Sunbury, Pa.

Judging the 40-dog event and braving the wet weather were Leroy Long of Berkley, Ohio and Chris Rider of Smithfield, Pa. Both men have judged numerous trials and weekend events and gave every dog their full attention. Their decision was applauded.

Dave Hughes donated the use of his utility vehicle and assisted with transport of handlers and their dogs. Norman Meeder planted birds in the utility vehicle donated by Brandon Kreuer.

Field trials continue to run with the help of our generous sponsors. A big thank you to Greg Blair and Purina for continuing to support our events. And we are very fortunate to have Garmin- donated training collars for awards to our winners.

Eric Munden, an avid field trialer and a Lion Country Supply representative, supplied personalized gifts for the judges and reporter, as well as gifts for our winners. Thank you Eric and Lion Country Supply.


Judges named Double Deuce Molly the champion and Backcountry Bruiser the runner-up. Both reached to the outer limits of the course, notching multiple stylish finds.

Double Deuce Molly is a fancy white and orange pointer female owned by Doug McMillen of DuBois, Pa. No stranger to the winners’ circle, Molly has proven to be a contender in both walking and in cover dog trials. This win adds her fourth championship title and her second national title, making her a two-time champion and two-time runner-up with both Doug and Hall-of-Famer Dave Hughes of Grampian, Pa.

Molly hunted hard and vigilantly the entire hour. At the breakaway she ran at high speed inside the long wooded edge with class and elegance. She took long, sweeping casts across the course, leaving no objective uncovered.

Molly had her first find on the northeast corner of the course at 27. After another gorgeous cast along the woodsline, Molly disappeared behind the locust grove. At 39 Molly was scouted standing in the far back corner of the course, well off the path, on a find that could easily be called the find of the stake. Molly’s head high, the bird was flushed and she was off hunting again.

With the sun setting on the grounds, Molly would mark her last find in the feed strips right before time.

Backcountry Bruiser is a stylish young white and liver pointer male owned by Chris Catanzarite of Scenery Hill, Pa. He was awarded his title on the merit of a wide ground race and four mannerly finds.

Bruiser was on a mission from the breakaway, running along the wooded edge line at top speed and then taking the lower ditch bottom. Bruiser went on point at 10 on the bottom side of the road crossing and after a relocation attempt suffered an unproductive. Sent ahead, Bruiser marked his first find at 14 on the woodsedge on the bottom side of the road crossing.

Bruiser continued to cover the country with style and class. He tagged another find in the locust grove at 40, raced forward and had another find in the feed strip at 45, headed toward the ditch line. Not missing a stride, Bruiser made large casts to the front and at 58 was found on the hillside south of the viewing platform. A bird was produced to finish his title earning performance.


Suemac’s Sashay (PF/Eric Munden) and Bob’s Elhew Sage (PF/Bobby Phillips) broke away at 8:00 a. m. Both dogs driving hard and classy, Sashay along the top treeline and Sage taking the feed strips up the middle. At 11 Sage was pointing off the road at the woodcock bottom where a woodcock was produced. At 13 Sashay suffered an unproductive when she was found standing at the road crossing. At 20 Sashay was on the leash for a breach of manners. Meanwhile Sage was tagging three more finds along the pine valley bottom. At 36 Sage was up for a breach of manners.

Lady of North (PF/J. C. Huggins) hunted at medium range with stylish mannerly finds at 12, 21 below the observation platform, 26, 31 and 50, before going with a bird at 55. Jaguar Za Czeshka (SM/Magda Lear) ran strong and classy to the front and had two lovely backs at 12 and 21 but suffered sterile stands at 16 and 35.

Wayward Flying Tomato (SM/Jesse Gomes), also known as Cooper, and Double Deuce Megan (SF/McMillen) covered the breakaway side of the road with style and speed. Cooper made his first contact at 12 on the bottom side of the road crossing, then a stylish back on Megan at 17. Cooper went on to finish the hour strong, hunting well to the front with no additional bird work. Megan pointed below the platform at 26 and again near the gas well at 34. She notched her last find at 53 with perfect manners and finished the hour forward and at mid-range.

Grand Heritage Commotion (SF/ Andy Wert) and Bob’s Elhew Jill (PF/ Phillips) had a very strong and fast breakaway. At 15 Commotion, also known as Molly, was found standing before the road crossing with Jill backing. After a relocation and flushing attempt, no bird was produced and Wert opted to pick Molly up. Jill went on to have a find at 26 where she was picked up for taking steps on the bird.

Cal Peak Hundredth Meridian (PM/ Sarah D. Gomes) and Oscar Robinson (SM/Al Gehm) finally broke away after the nearly three-hour storm delay. Both dogs hunted objectives, Meridian making big sweeping casts and Oscar working slightly closer. At 12 both dogs were found pointing closely together on the water edge of the pond. A bird could be seen half in the water. With no flushing attempt to be had for both dogs, Meridian’s handler opted to collar him and allow Al to shoot for Oscar. Meridian scored at 15 with Oscar backing. Oscar then scored finds at 20, 22 and 25 in the pine valley bottom. Meridian notched a find at 25 at the duck blind. At 31 the dogs had a divided find at the northeast corner. At 35 Meridian made game near the gas well. Oscar failed to back and was leashed. Meridian went on to finish the hour hunting ahead at mid-range.

Long Gone Wallace (SM/Kelly Shepherd) applied himself and was getting the job done with an early find on a woodcock at 10 and another beautiful find at 42 near the ditch edge. Wallace finished the hour with a strong and moderately ranged race. Zuk’s Rambling Man (PM/Marty Zukovich), also known as Ben, began with an unproductive at 9 followed by a stop to flush at 13 and stylish finds at 20 and 35. At 41 a small amount of movement on Ben’s part during the flush was cause for his end.

Phillips Half Moon (SF/McMillen), also known as Remi, and Bob’s Elhew Holly (PF/Phillips) went wide and fast, Holly scoring her first find at 9 at the pond. Holly then had another find at 14 on the north side of the road. With all things in order, Holly made a cast into the piney wood bottom where she found Remi pointing at 17 and had a breach of manners. Remi had a back at 9 followed by her first contact at 11. Remi then went on to have a stylish find at 17, an unproductive at 26, a find at the gas well at 35 and another pretty find at 39. After a long sweeping cast along the treeline, Remi pointed in locust grove. A second unproductive here, an extensive relocation was attempted with no luck.

The second day started with Texas Free Mason (SM/Kevin Klein) and Double Deuce Dexter (PM/McMillen) at 7:51 a. m., both wide and fast, hunting objectives off the start. Dexter had a staunch, stylish point at 9 on the roadside bottom. Dexter was sent ahead and continued to make big, strong casts covering the course. With Dexter being gone for a period of time, the retrieval unit was pulled at 41. Mason scored two nice back to back finds at 15 and 17 in the piney woods bottom. After suffering an unproductive at 24, Mason went on point at 29 but erred on a bird and was up.

Backcountry Bruiser’s winning effort was described earlier. Islander (SM/Pedrag Kazic) covered the breakaway side of the field, speedily taking the top tree edge. At 11 Islander was found standing on the top side of the road crossing. A bird was flushed, all in order. At 25 Islander made game in the northeast corner of the course. The bird played ring around the bush and made Pedrag work for the flush. At 49 he pointed again in the woodsline; no bird could be found. After another sweeping cast Islander was found standing at time; after an extensive flushing attempt he suffered his second unproductive.

Single Shot Barley (SF/Paula Guilitto) hunted hard and forward and was found standing at 8 near the pond in the woodcock bottom; no bird was produced. At 20 Barley suffered her second unproductive and was picked up. Hollywood Madam (PF/Ron Schmeider) tore up the course and laid down a strong, wide race. Madam scored a find at 23 up on the locust hill. At 36 she suffered an unproductive and finished the hour.

Shadow’s Carolina Molly (PF/Verlene Stephenson) hit and hunted objectives until she failed to back at 14. At 12 Double Deuce Sage (PF/McMillen) had a stop to flush on a woodcock, followed by another stylish find at 14 on the road side. After crossing the road, Sage was found pointing at 18 on the hillside. A bird was flushed, all in order. With a few small steps on a bird in the pine valley bottom, Sage was on the leash at 24.

Texas Honey Bee (SF/Klein) and Riviera (PF/Teri Probst) were on the line and moving at 1:05 p. m., both showing an eager effort to reach out and hunt objectives. At 12 Bee pointed but no bird could be found. Both dogs made large casts to the front. Bee was found standing in the locust grove at 33 with Riviera backing. A bird was produced and Riviera was on the leash for wanting to take a better look at the flush. At 43 Bee tagged a find in the woodsedge near the ditch line and another find at 48 in the creek bottom. All was in order and Bee finished the hour with class.

Let’s Do It (SM/Tom Derosa), also known as Cooper, and Pirate’s Mean Louise (PF/Dennis Kivikko) put down impressive breakaways, Louise pointing at 12 below the road crossing. Cooper came in for a stylish back but after standing awhile decided he wanted to get back to hunting and was leashed. After a relocation attempt for Louise no bird was produced. Louise went on to hunt objectives but suffered another unproductive at 28 and was up.

Bo of Piney Woods (PM/Kazic) and Bob’s Elhew Sushi (PF/Phillips) had a strong breakaway, hitting objectives on the hillside and treeline. At 9 Sushi pointed with Bo backing. After a quick relocation a bird was flushed and the pair were back to covering the countryside. History was about to repeat itself for Bobby when Bo was found standing in the piney bottom and Sushi failed to back. A bird was produced for Bo and Sushi was up at 19. Bo continued to have a very strong and stylish ground race but a bird over Bo’s head at 59 proved to be too tempting and he was on the leash.

Backcountry Missy (PF/Catanzarite) and Braggabull (PF/S. Gomes) broke away at 4:33 with speed and class. With a nice breakaway for both, Missy pointed at 11 with Braggabull, also known as Emmy, backing. No bird was produced. Missy made contact at 17 with Emmy backing once again. At 20 Missy had another find in the piney woods bottom. At 27 Missy was on the leash for a breach of manners. Emmy went on to finish the hour making strong casts to the front and tagging finds at 37 in the locust grove and another at 49 off the woods edge nearing the ditch line.

Kendall Hills Dawson Creek (PM/ Eric Munden) started very strong and made long sweeping casts, scoring his first find with impeccable style at 12. Dawson suffered unproductives at 32 and 53, ending his bid for the title. Double Deuce Molly’s championship effort has been described.

The third day started early with I’ll Be Back (SM/Norman Meeder) and Faith’s Maximum Justice (PM/Ken Delong) breaking away at 7:29. At 9 Justice went on point with a back from Back, callname Mickey. No bird was produced. A short time later at 14 Justice notched a find, only to experience another unproductive at 19, ending his efforts. Mickey suffered his first unproductive at 23 but then proved to be an eager hunter as he went on a bird-finding spree with stylish finds at 26, 33, 40, 49 and 55. Mickey finished the hour forward and of medium proportions.

Quail Trap Will (SM/Dave Hawk) made a long cast to the front off the breakaway dipping into the woodsline making his first contact at 11 at the bottom of the hill on the south side of the road. At the same time, after a classy start off the breakaway, Backcountry Sassy (PF/Catanzarite) was notching her own find close by. At 18 Sassy carded another beautiful find but took a few steps and was leashed. Will hunted the course at medium range, hunting objectives and marking stylish finds at 21 in the woods off of the pine valley bottom, at 26, 35, and 43. At 47 Will was up for going with a bird.

Marshall Tucker (PM/Dave Honhold) and True Choice (PF/Greg Freid) both covered the breakaway side of the road with speed and class. The pair scored a divided find at 10. Tucker was up at 15 upon judge’s advice. True had perfectly handled finds at 19, 24, 34, then pointed at 44 but unfortunately lost her manners and was up.

La Sombra (PM/McMillen) was wide and classy from the start hunting the hillside. La Sombra decided to get himself and handler out of the rain when he brought a warm bird back at 25. Backcountry Polly (PF/Catanzarite) hunted strong along the treeline, notching a find at 24. She added another solid find on the locust hill at 32. With the rain pouring down and Polly not beating what the judges had Chris picked up at 45.

Harrisville, Pa., April 12 — One Course

Judges: Lee Long and Chris Rider


Winner–DOUBLE DEUCE MOLLY, 1642562, pointer female, by Cover Charge—Double Deuce Casey. Douglas E. McMillen, Jr., owner and handler.

Runner-Up–BACKCOUNTRY BRUISER, 1672645, pointer male, by Erin’s War Creek—Backcountry Tornado. Chris Catanzarite, owner and handler.

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