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U. S. Complete Northeast Regional Championship

By Bill Bonnetti | Jun 11, 2018
Championship Winners. From left: Cal Robinson, Rich Giuliano, judge; Bob Little with Cairds Lefty, Corey Roy, judge; Robert Ecker with Miss Penn Star and Ed Marquis.

Exeter, R. I. — Twenty-one dogs were drawn and would run in this year’s renewal of this Championship at Arcadia Wildlife Management Area in Exeter, R. I., in what was to be one of the first decent stretches of weather this spring in Southern New England — sunny and in the 50s as opposed to snow, ice, and hurricane force winds as was the case for what seemed like the entire month preceding.

Judges for this year’s renewal were Richard Giuliano of Hope, R. I., and Corey Roy of East Windsor, Conn.

This year’s winner, Cairds Lefty, would emerge from the fifth brace as one of two Derby-age dogs that were entered in this Championship. The white and liver pointer male was handled by Bob Little. What a Derby season for Lefty and Bob . . . multiple wins including three Futurity placements and now a championship title to cap it off! Lefty applied himself well over the hour with three polished finds and a notably strong finish.

The runner-up competed in the ninth brace.  Miss Penn Star, white and black setter female, was handled by Robert Ecker. Miss Penn Star, callname Lady, is no stranger to the winners’ circle, having already earned multiple championship titles. Lady ran her usual eye-catching snappy race punctuated by four of her usual polished, intense finds.

The only thing detracting from her performance this day in this scribe’s opinion was a period in the middle of the brace where she got hung up a little off course and Robert had to work a bit to get her back on course before going forward, this possibly separating her from the winner.

The Running

Kicking off the trial in the first brace was the newly named U. S Complete National Champion, Bo of Piney Woods (Ecker), and Ruff Grouse Lily (Christopher). Both dogs were very pleasing to watch. Lily is a super fancy white and chestnut setter but unfortunately was up at 20 after an infraction on a bird. Bo ran a well applied race and scored once on game with a picturesque find.

Steel Valley Freedom (Ecker) was out of pocket early and the retrieval unit was called for. Braeval Bearcat Laddie (McCluskey) went on to run a strong far reaching race with six finds, then at 59 went missing. At time Laddie was still missing and judges advised Gregor that he had twenty minutes to find his dog. Nineteen minutes after that Gregor got the dog; talk about down to the wire! Even though Gregor found the dog in time, this long absence no doubt flawed what would have otherwise been a spectacular performance and kept him out of the winners’ circle when the judges sorted things out.

Sterlingworth Jack (Ecker) and South Bound Strech (Olfson) was a short brace. Strech got under a bird at 5 and took his bracemate with him. I guess that’s how it goes sometimes . . . .

Cal Robinson called for the retrieval unit at 10 for Walnut Hills Anniversary. Robert Ecker elected to pick up Wicked Thunder Alley at 12. Nice looking pair of pointers; today just wasn’t going to be their day.

Cairds Lefty’s (Little) performance was previously covered. At 30 Ecker called for the retrieval unit for Texas Free Mason (Ecker) which hadn’t been seen in awhile. I had been on the four-wheeler planting birds so I gave Robert a ride to find the dog. We found him standing on a dug up find where he likely stood for 15 minutes. This might have very well been the find of the stake had he still been in contention.

Witch City Chelsea (Levesque) was picked up on a bird infraction early on. Sterlingworth Judge (Ecker) went on to lay down a strong performance. He is a powerful front running dog. He had a covey find at 12 and then was found standing far to the front at 28 on a picturesque find on a single. He went on and finished the hour with plenty of motor left. Robert really stayed on him the last 15 minutes or so to make sure to hold on to him, perhaps breaking up the flow a little bit. The judges told me that Judge was being carried at this point and would end up being closest to the winners.

Hirollins Wake Up Maggie (Ecker) was picked up early on. Witch City Fred (Levesque) was last seen at 5. Steve called for the retrieval unit at 10.

Sunrise Star (Ecker) and Cairds Little Macy Mae (Little) each had a find but at 25 both handlers elected to pick up as it was felt that this time they just were not gonna push what the judges were already carrying.

Miss Penn Star (Ecker) was covered earlier. Hog Hill Katie (Cavanaugh) was ordered up by the judges at 12, this was resulting from a backing situation.

Neither Upper Ammonoosuc Sadie (Ecker) nor Pure Confidence (Cavanaugh) is a stranger to the winners’ circle. They finished the hour with multiple finds between them, each of them having backed the other once as well. When it was all sorted out, however, on this day neither of them would push the winners’ total performances either.

Multiple champion Islander (Ecker) ran as a bye. Jesse, as they call him, was grabbing the judges’ attention on the ground but got out of pocket at 10 and Robert called for the retrieval unit after he couldn’t find him for a bit.

Exeter, R. I., April 12 — One Course

Judges: Rich Giuliano and Corey Roy


[One-Hour Heats] — 9 Pointers, 11 Setters  and 1 Irish Setter

Winner—CAIRDS LEFTY, 1673245, pointer male, by Knight’s White Light—Pine Hollow Belle. T. J. Riggs, owner; Robert Little, handler.

Runer-Up—MISS PENN STAR, 1645604, setter female, by First Up—Smoke Rise Faye. Dr. George Najor, owner; R. J. Ecker, Jr., handler.

Open Derby

In the Open Derby, setter female Upper Ammonoosuc Violet (Ecker) bested the field of seven. Close on her heels was setter male Hirollins Total Package (Ecker), second, and Cairds Lefty (Little), championship winner, was third. All three dogs have had great Derby seasons.

OPEN DERBY — 4 Pointers and 3 Setters

1st—UPPER AMMONOOSUC VIOLET, 1668393, setter female, by Island—Fricke N Coco. Edward Marquis, owner; R. J. Ecker, Jr., handler.

2d—HIROLLINS TOTAL PACKAGE, 1671476, setter male, by Erin’s Hidden Shamrock—Waymaker Hello Dolly. Warren Parrott, owner; R. J. Ecker, Jr., handler.

3d—CAIRDS LEFTY, 1673245, pointer male, by Knight’s White Light—Pine Hollow Belle. T. J. Riggs, owner; Robert Little, handler.

A Postscript

In closing, I would like to thank everyone who made this year’s event such a success. Jayne Fogarty, as usual, did a great job with the preparation and timing of all the meals throughout the entire trial. Pedrag and Lori Kazic hosted a nice cocktail party one of the nights we were there in honor of last year’s winner Islander. Thank you very much.

Our raffle that we conducted to benefit the region this year was a huge success and a lot of fun. I would really like to thank all of our donors for such great prizes and everyone who supported us by buying tickets.

Speaking of support, our association could not put any of this together without the sponsorship and support from Purina. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did. We look forward to seeing everybody next year.

B. B.

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