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U. S. Complete Shooting Dog Association National Amateur Championship

By Michael Spotts | Mar 06, 2018
Championship Winners. In foreground, from left: Bruce Conover, judge; Verlene Stephenson with Shadow’s Carolina Molly, Judy Jones, Ken Black, Howard Schultz, judge; Bobby Phillips with Brown’s Brute Ace, Chris Carnahan and his daughter. Behind: Mike Spotts, Meredith Jones, Phil Townley, Sharon Townley, Donna Kivikko and Dennis Kivikko.

Ahoskie, N. C. — The U. S. Complete Shooting Dog Association held its National Amateur Championship on Dr. Aubrey Morgan’s Cuttawhiskie Farm near Ahoskie, N. C. Cover was just right to showcase a good walking dog. Long fields planted in corn and beans connected several brushy sections filled with natural quail cover. The grounds were very wet making it difficult walking and a tough test for the dogs.

Purina again led the charge with sponsoring our event and through their generosity we are able to host these events. They provided dog food for the winner and runner-up, sample bags for all participants, and covered the cost of our advertisement. Thank you Purina and Dean Reinke!

Garmin also helped with the trial and generously donated collars for the winner and runner-up.

A trial is made by the people who put it on and Sharon Townley put on a memorable event. Sharon covered every detail from taking entries to the meals. If anyone has had Sharon’s cooking you know what kind of meals we had! She did have plenty of help. Meredith Jones drove the gallery wagon, Judy Jones helped with the meals, Jameson Crandall and Phil Rutter planted birds, and Phil Townley marshalled and drove the dog wagon. Thanks to everyone for their help.

Judges for this year’s trial were Bruce Conover of South Boston, Va., and Howard Schultz of Frederick, Md. Both men have judged several AKC and American Field Championships. They endured some tough conditions over the two days and we appreciate their time.


Brown’s Brute Ace, handsome pointer male, was named champion over a strong field. Ace was handled by Ken Black of Antigo, Wis., who co-owns the dog with James Brown. Ace ran in the ninth brace with Quail Hollow Jessie (Ted Riley). It was cold and ice covered the fields when the dogs broke away. Both dogs were strong out of the gate and made a big out of sight move through the cut corn field. Ace showed first at 15 coming from the left and crossing onto the course near the pond. He made some crossing moves through the cover and then pointed ahead at 19. Jessie showed from the front at about this time and backed Ace with some cautioning from her handler. Ace’s manners and composure were perfect during the flush and shot. Ace went forward with class and purpose. He made several strong moves through the pines and again was found pointing at 37 straight ahead on the course. Jessie again backed. After this piece of work Jessie had a hard time getting going and was leashed by her handler. Ace dashed across the road and up the right edge. He rimmed the field to an area where cover sticks out like a peninsula and pointed on the other side. His manners and style were again topnotch. Ace’s finish was strong and forward.

Named the runner-up was Verlene Stephenson’s consistent winner, pointer female Shadow’s Carolina Molly, which ran on the first day right before lunch and was braced with Let’s Do It, handled by his owner Tom DeRosa. Let’s Do It pointed a small covey at 4 but then was erratic and picked up by his handler at 12. Molly had an unproductive at 5 despite an extensive flushing attempt. She made some nice moves through the first field and across the pond dam. At 30 she was making a good cast along the tall pines when she pointed and had a bird pinned nicely. She was sent forward, showed some through the open field, and then was found pointing at 40 along the corn; another good find. At 50 she was found for her third and last find buried in the woods in the field corner. Molly was again solid on her bird work.

The Running

Bob’s Elhew Holly (Bobby Phillips) and Lancaster’s Rolling Rex (Jimmy Crandall) broke away just after 8:00 on the first morning. Rain had just cleared out and conditions were near perfect. Holly had nice finds at 4, 12 and 16. She had an unproductive at 20 and then another near the road crossing at 25. She was leashed after a relocation attempt failed to produce a bird. Rex made a big cast off the breakaway and then was found pointing at 5. He had an unproductive at 15 and then failed to back Holly at 20.

August Sky (J.C. Hudgins) and Crow Creek Sugarbaby (Black) raced down the edge off the breakaway and were not seen for the first 15 minutes. Sky was spotted briefly near the pond but then lost to judgment. Sugar ran a classy hour with superb application but moved up some on her three finds and this kept her out of contention.

Crandall’s Little Jake (Crandall) and Beechwood’s Madison (Sharon Townley) were the first brace after a wonderful lunch. Jake had his running shoes on and the retrieval unit was used at 15. Madison had a nice find at 5 on the course and hunted hard through the grass near the pond. At 20 she was seen under a bird in the open woods and taken up.

A Tarheel Miss Bo (Roger McGuire) and Pirate’s Mean Louise (Dennis Kivikko) looked good going down the first edge. Miss Bo kept going and the retrieval device was requested. Louise had an unproductive in a likely spot at 6 and another at 17 near the pond, ending her bid.

Haywood’s Cindy (Butch Haywood) and Grouse Ridge Gambler (Mike Spotts) ran in the last brace of the first day. Birds were out feeding. Both dogs made big initial casts and were scouted at 5. Gambler was found pointing near the pond and a large, wild covey was put to flight. He went on to have handsome finds at 10 and 15 before taking steps on a bird at 25. Cindy had a dug in find at 7 but then failed to back at 10 and was picked up.

Miss Penn Star (Spotts) and Betty Broomhill (Chris Carnahan) broke away at 8:00 sharp on the second day.

Temperatures were cold at 18° with ice everywhere. Betty Broomhill pointed at 5 on the patch with Miss Penn Star backing from a good distance. Betty went on to have four more finds, a moderate race, and a stop to flush near time. Miss Penn Star ran a forward, classy race with two nice finds.

Pinekone Splash (Ashby Morgan) and A Tarheel Addiction (McGuire) charged down the edge on the breakaway.

Addiction was found standing at 17 near the road crossing. Splash came near and failed to back. A bird was flushed and Addiction moved on. At 35 Addiction pointed in the ditch near the gate but loosened some during the flush. He went on to have another find in the field corner at 45 and then finished forward.

A Tarheel Stub (Dennis White) and Bob’s Elhew Kate (Phillips) hunted the first edge nicely before making a nice move across the first corn field. Stub got caught up behind the pond and was eventually picked up by his handler at 25. Kate had her first find at 38 near the gate. At 45 she pointed along the field edge but was somewhat unsure and moved up several times before tightening up. All was in order at the shot. At 47 she pointed again but no bird could be produced. She hunted the final edge nicely and finished strongly.

Islander (Spotts) and Lady of North (Hudgins) looked great running down the first edge before ducking into the cover along the course. Islander was found pointing at 5 but no birds flushed. He pointed the feeder at 25 and then had another stand at 30 where no bird was produced and he was picked up. North was running strongly but failed to back at 25 and was leashed.

A Tarheel Midge (McGuire) ran as a bye. She was moving attractively and hunting the cover. At 15 she had an unproductive and then was seen under a bird a few minutes later.

Ahoskie, N. C., February 2 — One Course

Judges: Bruce Conover and Howard Schultz


9 Setters

Winner—BROWN’S BRUTE ACE, 1659498, pointer male, by Brown’s Brute Justice—Crow Creek Sugarbaby. James Brown & Ken  Black, owners; Ken Black, handler.

Runner-Up—SHADOW’S CAROLINA MOLLY, 1647056, pointer female, by Verlene’s Ringo Star—Indian Creek Shadow. Verlene Stephenson, owner and handler.

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