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United States Amateur Derby Invitational

By Quintin Wiseman | Feb 14, 2020
The Winners. From left: Judge Quintin Wiseman, Harper Wiseman, Jim Pendergest, Matt Pendergest with Redeemed, Meaghan Pendergest, Brad Kennedy with Coldwater Paradise, Judge Burke Hendrix, Bobby Dubose with Dubose’s Wander Bog, Guy Hendrix and Jolie Wiseman.

Laws Hill, Miss. — After a rescheduled date due to unforeseen circumstances beyond anyone’s control, the East Region Super Qualifier kicked off on a cool sunny December 30 morning at the Hendrix Farm in Laws Hill, Miss. In agreement with the Marshall County Club they allowed the stake to follow on the heels of their Amateur Stake in lieu of their club Derby, which was greatly appreciated on such short notice.

Nine Derbies from Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi came to compete for the bonus points and trophy saddle sponsored by B&B Tack.


The first brace featured Rebel Joe (David Williams) and Dubose’s Snow Man (Bobby Dubose). Neither dog showed on game. The judges really liked the future for Rebel Joe which showed intelligence on a steady forward race.

Dubose’s What A Dog and Small’s Cutbank, handled by owner Mike Small who is no stanger to the podium with “Beau”. Point was called for What A Dog and Cutbank was found honoring what proved to be an unproductive. Small called point for Cutbank in a gap leading to a field bottom. After a lengthy flush and a relocation the handsome pointer was unable to locate the game that initially caught his attention and suffered an unproductive.

No. 3 had a pair of pointer females — Coldwater Paradise (Gary McKibben) and Rebel Kate (Williams). Shortly into the 45-minute brace point was called for Kate in a high stand of cover with birds leaving. David’s young competitor could not quite let them go alone but David got her stopped and shot over her for a credited find. Paradise ran the front and showed at the places where you would want to see one show up. She took a line leading to the left hand side of the course and disappeared. Gary, fully confident his young dog would finish the move, dispatched his scout to be sure she had not gotten pointed and rode the course in front of the judges. After a bit her handler was calling point. As the judges approached birds flew and she, like a lot of young Derbies, was a little anxious but Gary got her stopped and fired the blank needed to score her find. Her mature ground race with the single find earned her second place in this stake.

No. 4 had a pair of liver headed pointers, one being a male named Redeemed for Jim Pendergest and the female Rebel Dreams for David Williams. Shortly after loosing the pair scout Matt Pendergest was heard calling point for his team. Upon arrival the proud handsome Redeemed had his game located but handler Jim couldn’t produce game. After attempting to relocate the dog, which refused to budge, Jim again stepped in front of his confident partner and a single quail flushed. For the shot the young dog was high and tight with perfect manners The front was caught and the brace continued. Point was called and proved to be an unproductive for Redeemed where an earlier find in the trial had happened. Jim took his charge to the front and showed the dog swinging wide through kudzu hill to gain the front where he was found pointed for his second mannerly find. Both dogs finished in the front going away.

Brace No. 5 was a single entry as a bye but that didn’t slow Dubose’s Wander Bog (Dubose) which ran the front and searched the areas that needed searching like a mature dog. He ran with a high cracking tail and tons of hustle proving he is going to be a strong all-age contender for years to come. His ground application and eagerness to please earned him third place, respectively.

Not enough can be said for the hospitality of Guy and Burke Hendrix for allowing this stake to be run on their grounds with such short notice. Without folks like the Hendrixes going above and beyond to help and support this sport, as a whole our sport would not exist.

I have noticed in this sport there are takers and givers and the Hendrixes are definitely givers and should be commended as such.

Mr. Brad Kennedy and Sportsman’s Pride have been the headline sponsor for the United States Amateur  Derby Invitational Classic from the first day it was discussed about the forming of the new format. Without them it simply would not exist.

The committee for the newly formed club has worked hard to keep things fair and gain more prizes and sponsors to ensure it will be considered a priority elevated amateur stake in the future!

The goal is to not change standards for Derby contenders but to uphold Derby standards depicting “potential” through ground application and to show a trainable dog that has potential to be polished into an all-age champion for the future.

Laws Hill, Miss., December 30

Judges: Burke Hendrix and Quintin Wiseman


1st—REDEEMED, 1682552, male, by Reloaded—Dialed In. Jim Pendergest, owner and handler.

2d—COLDWATER PARADISE, 1684062, female, by Coldwater Spectre—Coldwater Belle. Gary McKibben, owner and handler.

3d—DUBOSE’S WANDER BOG, 1684553, male, by Heard Hill’s Memory Lane—Dubose’s Snow White. Bobby Dubose, owner and handler.

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