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Field Trial Report

Utah Field Trial Association

By Richard Burgi, President | May 17, 2018

Howell, Utah — The Utah Field Trial Association held its spring trial March 24 in Howell, Utah. This venue has held a field trial in this location for over fifty consecutive years. The grounds consist of low rolling terrain, climbing toward the foothills, with patches of sage and draws. We once again found grouse and pheasant to accompany chukar planted for each brace.

We thank Judges Kyle Oxborrow, Richard Burgi, Doug and Lillian Favor for giving each brace their attention and rendering their decisions.

Thanks to Scott Evans for raising and bringing the chukars, which were excellent flyers, and help in planting the birds. Also, thanks to Brett Burgi for help in releasing the chukar.

The trial was well attended and we were honored to have a visit by Glen Wiese this year. The club has awarded the winner of the shooting dog event a traveling trophy to recognize the efforts and field trialing of Glen for sixty years, and all the contributions he made to field trialing in Region 9 and elsewhere.

The winner of the Open Shooting Dog was Cruz, German Shorthair male owned and handled by Ray Larrondo of Nampa, Ida. Cruz ran a well directed, forward race, with a find on sharptail early, followed by another find on a chukar. He finished his brace strong. Second place was awarded to Yukon, German Shorthair female owned and handled by Matt Solt of Salt Lake City, Utah. She had a forward, nice shooting dog race with a find on a chukar. Yukon had a strong finish. Third place was withheld from placement this year.

The winner of the Open Derby was Lewy, pointer male owned by John and Sherry Cushing of Rexburg, Ida., and handled by John. Lewy had a very nice race and a find at 20 on chukar. Second was Kilo, German Shorthair female owned and handled by Tom Kosmack of Price, Utah. Kilo was out to find birds and had finds on chukar at 15, 22 and 28. Tom also handled third place Ratchett,  German Shorthair female owned by Orson Rich of Price, Utah. Ratchett had a find on a sharptail grouse.

Congratulations to all the placements.

Howell, Utah, March 24 — One Course

Judges: Richard L. Burgi and Kyle Oxborrow

OPEN SHOOTING DOG — 5 Pointers, 1 Setter and 6 German Shorthairs

1st—CANYON CREEK CRUZER, 1662001, German Shorthair male, by Rio’s Rising Renegade—Cottonwood’s Spot and Stalk. Ray & Tami Larrondo, owners; Ray Larrondo, handler.

2d—SADDLED WHITEHORSE, 1678543, German Shorthair female, by Orlando’s Oscar v Greif—Northwater’s Holle on Wheels. Matt Solt, owner and handler.

Judges: Doug Favor and Lillian Favor

OPEN DERBY — 8 Pointers, 1 Setter and 3 German Shorthairs

1st—OUTSIDE FULL FORCE, 1671297, pointer male, by Outside Chewy—Premier’s Force of Nature. John & Sherry Cushing, owners; John Cushing, handler.

2d—T A K’S HAIL ON HEELS, 1677840, German Shorthair female, by Tope’s Forward Scout—Tak’s Jeter. T. A. Kosmack, owner and handler.

3d—T A K’S LIL RATCHETT, 1678667, German Shorthair female, by Tope’s Forward Scout—Tak’s Jeter. Orson Rich, owner; T. A. Kosmack, handler.

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