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By Joe Cammisa | Jan 10, 2019
Rich Tuttle Grouse Dog Classic Winner. From left: Judge Dr. Tim Perschke, Dave Hughes, onwer Carlos Escalante with La Sombra, and Judge Lucas Poloff.

Marienville, Pa. — If you were looking for some of the worst weather that Mother Nature could throw, you should have been at the Venango Grouse Trial Club’s 2018 fall event in Marienville, Pa.

The trial was held on Saturday and Sunday, October 27-28. The weekend started with a thunderstorm and ended in a downpour. Cloudy and wet conditions were the norm for the entire trial with a break halfway through the first day so that the judges could change clothes.

Of course, it is always good to start this report from the beginning and 35 dogs were drawn to compete in the Venango Club’s trials. The drawing was held at the home of the secretary on Tuesday, October 23.

The feature stake was the Rich Tuttle Memorial Grouse Dog Classic, named after trainer Rich Tuttle, who handled all of Sam Light’s famed grouse dogs.

The Tuttle Classic is run on multiple one-hour courses throughout the Allegheny National Forest.

Judges for the Tuttle were Lucas Poloff of Spring Church, Pa., and Dr Timothy Perschke of Butler, Pa.


La Sombra, six-year-old white and lemon pointer male, sired by Jack Shadow ex Covey Rise’s Abbie and is owned by Carlos Escalante of Pittsburgh, Pa. “Trico” was handled by Hall-of-Famer Dave Hughes on the infamous M and M course in the second brace of day No. 2.

Trico, a normally big running pointer, had to have his handling hat on to run big and negotiate the many twists and turns of the M and M.

Ten minutes in after the breakaway, just before the first hill, Trico struck gold in the form of a grouse near the pines at the edge of the swamp. Just as Dave Hughes began to flush, Judge Perschke called flight and this find was in the books.

Trico is certainly no stranger to the winners’ circle in Marienville and it is no surprise when he comes up with a bird.

The Open Derby was judged by Mike Oxenrider of Millerstown, Pa., and Dave Duell of Sheffield, Pa. The Derby ran on Saturday, October 27, at the Lamonaville Road Derby Course.

Just as the weather was foul for the Tuttle Classic, it was no different seven miles away at the Derby course.

Sorting through several good Derby performances, the judges found Triggs, pointer male owned by Sara and Jesse Gomes and handled by Mark Hughes, the winner. Triggs, a fancy and free running pointer, stayed to the front applying himself to the cover. Second place went to Sophie, setter female owned by Rob Matson and handled by Dave Hughes. Sophie gave the first place Triggs a run for the money, with very little separating the two. A hair-splitter decision was made. Jay Way’s Leroy, setter male owned by Greg Yutzey and Amy Snyder, handled by Mark Hughes, rounded out the placements with a forward and well-timed race.

The Puppy Stake ran on Sunday, October 28, under some of the same conditions of the previous day, wet, wet and wet.

Bob Miller took the blue with a fancy little setter named Hank which covered the course well, laying to the front and showing well. Art Bruno of Midnight Kennels struck with a vengeance, hitting hard to take second and third places with Celtic’s Red Zone, a flashy Irish setter male, and Steel Valley Bo Jr, a fancy, nice moving pointer male, respectively. Red took to the front and never looked back, and Bo Jr doing much the same. Judges Bruce Mueller of Everett, Pa., and Doug McMillen noted that the three winners stood out of the crowd.

As always, the Venango would like to thank all our judges and the people who help make it a successful and exciting trial.

We would especially like to thank Dean Reinke and the tremendous support that he and Nestlé Purina give to the Venango. Additionally, our thanks go to The American Field for their continued commitment to field trialing. You should all know by now that Purina and The American Field are the lifeblood of field trialing across the country.

The Venango Trial is brought to you from a number of dedicated Pennsylvania sportsmen with the cooperation of the Pennsylvania Grouse Trial Club Association.

Marienville, Pa., October 27

Judges: Lucas Poloff and Dr. Timothy Perschke

RICH TUTTLE GROUSE DOG CLASSIC [One-Hour Heats] — 9 Pointers and 7 Setters

Winner—LA SOMBRA, 1648321, pointer male, by Jack Shadow—Covey Rise’s Abbie. Carlos Escalante, owner; Dave Hughes, handler.

Judges: Dave Duell and Mike Oxenrider

OPEN DERBY — 4 Pointers and 8 Setters

1st—CALIBER PEAK GUNSLINGER, 1677296, pointer male, by Cover Charge Search Engine—Double Deuce Molly. Sarah & Jesse Gomes, owners; Mark Hughes, handler.

2d—ANNA LAKE SOPHIE, 16741966, setter female, by Long Gone Studly—Anna Lake Kiah. Rob Matson, owner; Dave Hughes, handler.

3d—JAR’S WAY LEROY, 1673871, setter male, by Full Blast—Jar’s Way Shirley. Amy L. Snyder & Greg Yutzey, owners; Mark Hughes, handler.

Judges: Doug McMillen and Dr. Bruce Mueller

OPEN PUPPY — 7 Entries

1st—HENRY’S SUZIEQ HANK, 1681133, setter male, by Henry of Ferguson—Blossom’s Paleface Suzieq. R. P. Miller, owner and handler.

2d—CELTIC’S RED ZONE, 1681588, Irish setter female, by Celtic’s Expediciously—Celtic’s Culmination. Paul Ober, owner; Art Bruno, handler.

3d—STEEL VALLEY BO JR., unreg., pointer male, by Bo of Piney Woods—Class Act Lady. Harry Blaine, owner; Art Bruno, handler.

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Posted by: Tom Jay | Feb 22, 2019 19:40

Rich Tuttle handled my grandfather’s setter, Ginger Baby to a first at the Trumbull Pointer & Setter Club’s Shooting Dog Stake on April 19th, 1941.

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