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Victor J. Christopherson Has Died

By David A. Fletcher | Oct 15, 2020
Victor J. Christopherson

MORRICE, MICH. — It is with a very sad heart I report to the pointing dog field trial ranks the death of one of my longest standing and closest field trial friends, Victor Christopherson of Lansing, Mich., and Cape Coral, Fla.

Vic died Tuesday, October 13, at the age of 92, collapsing with heart problems while shopping. Although taken to Lansing Sparrow Hospital emergency department, he was not able to be revived.

I met Vic in the Michigan grouse woods at the Lake States Grouse Championship in 1970. He was a club member. Ken McLaughlin, secretary, had invited me to report the Lake States Championship that 1970 season, my first in the grouse woods.

Vic involved me in three very memorable personal avenues, Lake States Field Trial Club, Grand National Grouse Championship, as a director and then secretary/treasurer for over 25 years, and the Ruffed Grouse Society.

Vic had some very good dogs, all pointers and he vigorously trained them himself, reaching the championship status level several times over the years. He was also a club official with the Lake States Championship, president of the Grand National Grouse Championship and involved with all the grouse clubs as a competitor.

His winning dogs were Kumari Elhew Suzie a nineteen time winner. She won the National Amateur Grouse Championship in 1979 and was runner-up in 1978. Suzie was also runner-up in the Grand National Grouse Championship in 1979.

Vic also won placements with Kumari Mary and Kumari Elhew Sam.

Vic's background is interesting and somewhat remarkable. Born May 14, 1928 in a northern Michigan city, Alpena, where he graduated from high school, Vic then attended Michigan State University for a degree in forestry.

His first employment was part of the crew on a Great Lakes freighter, followed by army service in Korea.

Next was a career stint with the U.S. Foreign Service as a Diplomatic Courier stationed in places around the world such as Manila, Panama City, Cairo, Frankfurt, and Athens.

On one of his flights Vic met his future wife, Philomena, a Bombay, India native. Philly was a flight attendant for Indian Airlines.

Later, Vic worked for the State of Michigan Accident Fund from which he retired after 25 years of service.

He and Philomena spent the winter months in Cape Coral in southwest Florida where Vic enjoyed frequent rounds of golf.

Vic is survived by his wife of sixty years, Philomena, son Tom and daughters Mary and Bobbi, sister Jean Essig, as well as grandsons Kyle, Zachary and Mitchell.

Personally, Vic was a great friend. We did a lot of things together aside from many mutual visits to field trials. He and Philly were dinner guests when a big Tom turkey I bagged on Jimmy Hinton's Sedgefields Plantation called up by Billy Wayne Morton, was deliciously prepared by my wife Carol. Vic and Philly, Carol and I enjoyed the dinner.

We ran dogs together, dined as a foursome many times, attended Ruffed Grouse banquets together and sadly the two of us regularly attended the funerals of our deceased field trial comrades.

Graveside services are scheduled for October 23 at St. Joseph Cemetery in Lansing.



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