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Virginia Amateur — A Postscript

By Tom Word | Jan 07, 2020
Parke C. Brinkley (left) and Guy Lewis

I spent about two hundred hours researching the Virginia Amateur Field Trial Association One Hundredth Anniversary Story (Part One) published in the December 21, 2019 issue of The American Field. It was a privilege, and the meticulous files kept for decades by Parke Brinkley and Dr. Aubrey Morgan were a godsend.

One Eureka moment emerged from the effort, and I will relate it here this Christmas morning.

Early in the effort Parke Brinkley’s influence became apparent. He was a man who could get things done, and again and again he did them for the Virginia Amateur.

There is no better example of this than the story of Pernie, a pointer bitch given by her breeder, Joe Perna, to Guy Lewis as a puppy.

Here is that story as written by Parke and found in the files.

“Guy Lewis and Pernie.

“I got to know Joe Perna when I judged the National Capitol trial in 1944. He had a great bitch, Batistome Daisey May, that impressed me so much that I offered to let him breed her to my Air Sam on a puppy proposition (he was to give me my pick of the litter as a stud fee).

“He was pleased with the pups and bred her to Air Sam twice more. He came down to Buchwell on one occasion to look at some puppies that I had and to see Air Sam again. He brought his good friend Guy Lewis whom Dorothy and I had never met. It was the beginning of a very close friendship that continued until Guy’s death.

Joe later gave Guy one of the Air Sam puppies that he named Pernie. She was a nice bitch and Guy put her with Elgin Nininger.

“In the fall of 1946 Joe brought Guy to the Virginia Amateur trial and at the drawing he offered to enter Pernie in the Derby if I would handle her. I tried to get him (Guy) to agree to handle her but he

absolutely refused. He had never handled a dog in a field trial, though he had hunted a lot with his own dogs. The next morning I told him that he would have to handle her because I just wouldn’t do it.

“Now Guy had a hot temper and it really came out but I insisted that he do it and he finally agreed. Pernie ran a good race and had a good covey find which she handled very well. She won the stake and, of course, he was delighted. He went on to become a great field trialer, bought and developed Hawfield into fine field trial grounds, president of Virginia Amateur, president of the Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America, won the National Amateur Quail Championship (with Northwester, a son of Home Again Mike) and was elected to the Field Trial Hall of Fame the first year that he was nominated.”

Thus did Parke Brinkley infect Guy H. Lewis, Jr. with the Field Trial Bug.

And that infection led to the Virginia Amateur’s and Virginia field trialing’s finest hours, the Hawfield Years, 1950-1969.

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