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By Gene Hogge | May 09, 2019
Amateur  All-Age Winners.  Front, from left: Gary Winall with Mohawk Mill Image, Ellen Clements with Mohawk Mill Trail Warrior and Steve Mills with Walnut Tree Fred. Standing: Jim Crews, judge; Barbel Fetkoter, Sammy Giddens, John Outlaw, judge; Skip Brown and John “Parke” Brinkley.

Ahoskie, N. C. — The 99th running of the Virginia Amateur enjoyed a great entry of 57 dogs spread over four stakes. Weather for the trial was excellent with the exception of the first day which saw a cold rain persist through much of the running of the Verle Farrow Puppy Classic and the Parke Brinkley Derby Classic.

Dr. Aubrey Morgan’s Cutawhiskie Farm provided a great venue for the trial. More feed strips and crop cover have been added since last year. As a result this year’s bird release program was the most successful to date with numerous coveys being found throughout the year.

Parke Brinkley has done the lion’s share of work planting and maintaining feed strips as well as coordinating the new CRP areas with farming interests. Future timber harvests and the thinning of standing timber will further enhance the value of the grounds to field trialers.

Much of the success of this year’s trial  is due to trial chairman Skip Brown. His goal of having one of the nation’s best one-course trials is certainly on track and bodes well for next year’s 100th Anniversary.

One of the hallmarks of the Virginia Amateur is the plentitude and quality of food served each day at no cost to those in attendance. Barbel Fetkoter went all out to ensure that everyone enjoyed a surplus of caloric intake during the trial.


The Puppy Stake was a good one, eight puppies competing for the three placements in the Verle Farrow Puppy Classic. I’m not sure that at anytime in the history of the stake was it dominated by one handler, and a junior handler at that.

Bladen “Buckshot” Whaley showed Judges Tommy Liesfeld and Steve Mills what they were looking for and swept all three placements. Both Steve and Tommy were looking for a big running puppy that hit the edges and handled enough to finish the course forwardly. They found what they were looking for with Rain, pointer male running in the last brace of the stake. He hit and carried all the edges and handled when called upon. Second place was pointer female Coco which carried the edges well but did not handle quite as well as her kennelmate. Little Rain, pointer female, rounded out the placements with a vigorous application.

Sixteen Derby entries made for a highly competitive Parke Brinkley Amateur Derby Classic that was judged by Larry King and Gary Miller. Steve Mills’ pointer male Walnut Tree Blue impressed with a big race, three broke finds and a strong ending cast to take first place. Second was Mohawk Mill Captain Hook, pointer male handled by Gary Winall. Hook had a good race, three finished finds and a back. Tom Liesfeld’s pointer male Dominator’s Kid Rock had a good race and one find to capture third.

The Open Derby enjoyed a good entry of thirteen dogs and was judged by John Outlaw and Gary Miller. Mohawk Mill Rebel Pirate, pointer male handled by Gary Winall, carded three finished finds, a back and a thrilling finish to take first place. Dominator’s Kid Rock, pointer male handled by Tommy Liesfeld, had three finds to go along with a very good race to take second. Walnut Tree Blue, Steve Mills’ pointer male, had a very good race and a back of bracemate to place third.

The one-hour Amateur All-Age drew an entry of twenty able contenders with notable wins to their credit. John Outlaw and Jim Crews offered their judicial opinions for the stake.

Gary Winall’s pointer male Mohawk Mill Image won the stake with an impressive ground application, carrying all the edges and handling four finds flawlessly. Little scouting was needed and he handled the course to perfection. Second was another of Gary’s dogs, pointer male Mohawk Mill Trail Warrior, just crowned National Amateur Derby champion. He carded three finds, showed well and required more riding than his kennelmate. Walnut Tree Fred, pointer male handled by Steve Mills, claimed third; he was the bird-finder of the stake with seven cleanly handled contacts and a good race of his own.

Ahoskie, N. C., March 21 — One Course

Judges: Larry King and Gary Miller


1st—WALNUT TREE BLUE, 1680850, pointer male, by Walnut Tree Fred—Dialing Kate. Steve Mills, owner and handler.

2d—MOHAWK MILL CAPTAIN HOOK, 1678793, pointer male, by Mohawk Mill Pirate—Mohawk Mill Southern Belle. Gary S. Winall, owner and handler.

3d—DOMINATOR’S KID ROCK, 1679598, pointer male, by Just Irresistible—Pearl Again. Thomas Liesfeld, owner and handler.

Judges: Gary Miller and John Outlaw

OPEN DERBY — 13 Entries

1st—MOHAWK MILL REBEL PIRATE, 1680375, pointer male, by Mohawk Mill Pirate—Arcanum’s Southern Belle. Gary Winall, owner and handler.

2d—DOMINATOR’S KID ROCK, 1679598, pointer male, by Just Irresistible—Pearl Again. Thomas Liesfeld, owner and handler.

3d—WALNUT TREE BLUE, 1680850, pointer male, by Walnut Tree Fred—Dialing Kate. Steve Mills, owner and handler.

Judges: James Crews and John Outlaw

AMATEUR ALL-AGE [One-Hour Heats] — 20 Entries

1st—MOHAWK MILL IMAGE, 1657438, pointer male, by Mohawk Mill Pirate—Bevy’s Mean Girl. Gary Winall, owner and handler.

2d—MOHAWK MILL TRAIL WARRIOR, 1676193, pointer male, by Stoney Run’s Buddy—Miller’s Fancy Lady. Gary Winall, owner and handler.

3d—WALNUT TREE FRED, 143691, pointer male, by Walnut Tree Highline—Suits Me Playmate. Steve Mills, owner and handler.


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