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West Branch Bird Dog Club

By Michael Spotts | Nov 26, 2018
Amateur  Shooting Dog Winners. In foreground, from left: Sadie Bogar, Grace Spotts, Jenn Bogar, Siri Bogar and Jacob Spott. Behind: Art Michael, judge; Amber Spotts, Mike Spotts with Grouse Ridge Gambler, Mike Nemshick, judge; Pedrag Kazic with Islander, Marty Zukovich with Zak’s Cappeletti and Jim Wilkinson.

Weatherly, Pa. — The West Branch Bird Dog Club held its annual fall trial on the well-groomed grounds of the Freeland Kennel Club the first weekend in November.

We had beautiful fall weather and near peak foliage during the trial. Birds were plentiful as the grounds have held several coveys of pre-released birds all summer and fall.

Club members Andy Bogar and Dean Avillion were a big help in conducting the trial. They helped with marshalling and bird planting. Thanks to Jenn and Amber Spotts who had lunch and snacks in the clubhouse all day.

Thanks to Dean Reinke and Purina for their continued support of our club and the U. S. Complete Shooting Dog Association. Purina provides dog food coupons for all placements.

We started with a nice crop of fall puppies. Dean Avillion’s flashy pointer female Huckleberry’s Fancy Pants won the blue with a big, eye-catching race. Second was Knob Mountain Nomad, handled by Mike Spotts. “Ray” hunted with class and desire. Pedja Kazic’s new prospect Max showed good range and speed to round out the placements.

In the Derby, Huckleberry’s Lucky Penny edged out Knob Mountain Monarch to win first. These two were braced together and Penny handled a bit more kindly. Both dogs were well polished on their game. Tom Davis’ hard hunting German Shorthaired Pointer found plenty of birds and hunted hard to secure third.

Grouse Ridge Gambler had three perfect finds and a strong race to win the featured Amateur Shooting Dog in a stake where many dogs finished with clean performances. Gambler stood out with his style on point and intelligent hunting race. Islander ran a big race with two finds. Zak’s Cappeletti rounded out the placements with four good finds and a stop to flush.

Weatherly, Pa., November 4 — One Course

Judges: Art Bruno and Jon Ferdinand

AMATEUR PUPPY — 1 Pointer and 5 Setters

1st—HUCKLEBERRYS FANCY PANTS, 1679345, pointer female, by Decoy Lakes Winning Harley—Hunter Run’s Echo. Dean & Catherine Avillion, owners; Dean Avillion, handler.

2d—KNOB MOUNTAIN NOMAD, 1680697, setter male, by Attitude’s True Grit—Hunter Run’s Lady’s Choice. Michael Spotts, owner and handler.

3d—MAX, unreg., setter male, breeding not given. Pedrag Kazic, owner and handler.

Judges: Art Michael and Mike Nemshick

AMATEUR DERBY — 3 Pointers, 2 Setters and 1 German Shorthair

1st—HUCKLEBERRY’S LUCKY PENNY, 1672673, pointer female, by Daddy’s Little Boy Butch—Richfield Rose. Dean Avillion, owner and handler.

2d—KNOB MOUNTAIN MONARCH, 1674678, setter male, by Erin’s Hidden Shamrock—Bo’s After Party. Michael Spotts, owner and handler.

3d—LUNA, unreg., German Shorthair female, breeding not given. Tom Davis, owner and handler.

AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG — 3 Pointers, 4 Setters and 3 Brittanys

1st—GROUSE RIDGE GAMBLER, 1670231, setter male, by Grouse Ridge Jerry—Grouse Ridge Dee. Michael Spotts, owner and handler.

2d—ISLANDER, 1641545, setter male, by The Insider—East Coast Bella. Pedrag Kazic, owner and handler.

3d—ZAK’S CAPPELETTI, 1645389, setter male, by Grouse Ridge Force—Zuk’s Sage. Martin Zukovich, owner and handler.

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