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Western Brittany Open All-Age Championship

By Lyle Christiansen | Mar 13, 2018
M T B Scipios Hotshot Whizki Winner of the Western Brittany Open All-Age Championship

Sonoita, Ariz. — The Western Brittany All-Age Championship was held January 9-10 on the La Cienegas National Conservation Area/Empire Ranch. The Empire Ranch is a 140,000 acre historic yet working ranch near Sonoita, Ariz., in Southeast Arizona.

The Greater Phoenix Brittany Club sponsors this annual championship.

Sitting in the judicial saddle were Terry Chandler of Las Cruces, N. M., and Tommy Negrete of Torreon, N. M. We thank them for their time, expertise and attention.

Quail hunting provides a huge attraction to this area of southwest Arizona. The area is surrounded by the Santa Rita, Mustang and Whetstone Mountain ranges, which are highlighted by gorgeous magenta sunrises and sunsets. A one-hour course in this scenic setting consists of a breakaway through about a half mile of flat grasslands covered with very tall native grass, rocks, cacti and debris from fallen mesquite trees. Heading east there is a mesquite treelined dry creek bed that borders the left side of the course. Going forward, there is a set of two hills, the first higher than the second. At the eastern base of these hills a road crossing provides access across the dry creek bed and up to the water barrel. Once again the course turns in an easterly direction through grasslands studded with mesquite trees, century plants and cholla cacti. A turnaround at 30 takes the participants west over similar grassland terrain in addition to bottoms covered with mesquite trees. This open country invites the dogs to have a big finish.

All braces were run in the morning, with morning temperatures in the high 30s and predicted highs to reach 70° for the two-day championship. Most dogs had multiple contacts with the 40 chukar and 70 Tennessee red quail that were released for Championship.


Been (Paul Doiron) and Rider (Wayne Hale) kicked the running off at 8:00 a. m. Both dogs took off fast. At 5 an anxious bird ended Rider’s day. Been had finds at 13 and 47 with all in order. Another find at 49 required a relocation. It went well and Been finished the hour without incident.

Spanish Corral’s Wild Bill (Doiron) ran a big first half with finds at 28 and 48, handled well with all in order. He finished the hour without incident. Maxwell’s Heavy Hitter (Kevin Rogers) was running big but was lost halfway.

Blew Me Away (Doiron) and M T B Louree’s Let’s Have a Fiesta (Tom White) started fast. Fiesta was working a draw when a nervous bird took flight at 8, ending her day. Blew Me Away was running well when he injured his foot, and his handler picked him up.

Maxwell’s Quick Silver (Rogers) ran very well and big. She had finds at 20, 34 and 43. All finds were in order, and she finished the hour without incident. Crescent City Girl (Barry Steinmetz) had finds at 24, 37 and 53 with all in order. A fast find at 54 was a heartbreaker as she relocated and was picked up.

M T B Scipios Hotshot Whizki (Cali/White) and Magic Carpet Ride (Maverick/Hale) started off big and fast. Maverick concentrated on the draws and treelines to the right. He was rewarded with a find at 49 with all in order. Cali took off from the breakaway and was seen heading to the front along the left side of the creek bed. She crossed over and at 14 was found standing at the base of the first hill. All was in order on the flush so Cali was sent on. As she was traveling to the front at 21, she swapped ends in the tall grass. Several relocations were required until the chukar was put in the air with Cali standing staunchly. After the turnaround she headed toward the edge of the dry creek bed where at 51 she was found pointing a pair of quail. The handler had barely gotten mounted after that find when at 52 she found another bird, pointed and handled the flush. When sent on, she eagerly regained the front and time was called.

Auten’s Mya of Grousehaven (Ron Auten) ran well but finished the hour without bird work. S R’s Blew By Typhoon  (Doiron) ran very big to the front and both sides. He had finds at 14, 32 and 36 with all in order with one unproductive.

Maxwell’s Oncore (Kevin Rogers) ran very big working the treelines and draws well, when at 37 an uncooperative bird ended his day.

This year’s champion was M T B Scipios Hotshot Whizki, nine-year-old white and orange female handled by Tom White of Melba, Ida. Runner-up was S R’s Blew By Typhoon, owned by Daniel Doiron of Santa Ynez, Cal., and handled by Paul Doiron.

Placed third was Maxwell’s Quick Silver, owned by Joe and Kevin Rogers and handled by Kevin Rogers. Fourth was Magic Carpet Ride, owned and handled by Wayne Hale This Championship was dual sponsored by the American Field and AKC.

Sonoita, Ariz., January 9

Judges: Terry Chandler and Tommy Negrete


[One-Hour Heats] — 13 Brittanys

Winner—M T B SCIPIOS HOTSHOT WHIZKI, 1618657, female, by Hi Proof Whizki—T J’s Single Shot of Scipio. Tom White & Margaret Horstmeyer, owners; Tom White, handler.

Runner-Up—S R’S BLEW BY TYPHOON, 1668018, male, by Spanish Corral’s Sundance Kid—Blew By Yet. D. R. Doiron, owner; Paul Doiron, handler.


Judges: Jim Gagnon and Wayne Hale


1st—SONNY’S HOT SUMMER BREEZE, 1669074, Brittany female, by Spanish Corral’s Sundance Kid—Blew By Yet. Myradawn Ellis, owner; Paul Doiron, handler.

2d—STILL’S LIL JOE VON RUGERHEIM, unreg., German Shorthair male, by Lowry’s Eagle Ridge v Rugerheim—Jaegerhof’s Still On My Mind. Pam & Gareth Stillman, owners; Terry Chandler, handler.

3d—LEONA VALLEY’S SONNY RED SIDE UP, 1666707, Brittany male, by Spanish Corral’s Sundance Kid—Leona Valley’s Annie. George & Alice Benoit, owners; Paul Doiron, handler.

Judges: Dennis Brown and Wayne Hale


1st—K NINE’S ON THE LOOSE, 1625538, Brittany female, by Maxwell’s Blew By You—K Nine’s Gun’s and Roses. Linda McDonald & Arlette Hennessey, owners; Paul Doiron, handler.

2d—N U B CINDERELLA TRI LADY, 1654430, Brittany female, by Bandit’s Cinderella Man—North Umpqua’s Morgun. Karen Barrows, owner; Paul Doiron, handler.

3d—KNIGHT N REITERALM’S HEARTLAND FLYER, unreg., Weimaraner male, by Waybac’s Rascal—Knight N Wismar v Reiteralm Sail Away. Russ & Gail Settel, owners; Todd Yamamoto, handler.

Judges: Norm Ahl and Heather Gast

OPEN PUPPY — 6 Entries

1st—BLUE COLLAR’S BURNIN RING OF FIRE, unreg., Brittany female, by Blue Collar’s High Stakes Poker—Talon’s Hope of A Bluecollar Gunrunner. Martin & Julie Maresh, owners; Julie Maresh, handler.

2d—RUGER KING AJAX, unreg., Brittany male, by Masonridge’s Ajax Rebel—Masonridge’s Annie Double Shot. Tommy Negrete, owner and handler.

3d—M T B CALPATCH SCIPIO’S SOLE, 1674956, Brittany female, by Spanish Corral’s Sonny Patch—M T B Scipio’s Hotshot Whizki. Tom White & Margaret Horstmeyer, owners; Tom White, handler.

Judges: Heather Gast and Dave Hayes

OPEN ALL-AGE — 14 Entries

1st—RINCON VALLEY’S SALLY, 1671641, Brittany female, by Maxwell’s Blue By You—Maxwell’s Quick Silver. Kevin Rogers, owner and handler.

2d—BLEW ME AWAY, 1661514, Brittany male, by Spanish Corral’s Sundance Kid—Blew By Yet. Norman & Terry Ahl, owners; Paul Doiron, handler.

3d—MAGIC CARPET RIDE, 1664180, Brittany male, by Spanish Corral’s Sundance Kid—Mikey’s Spice Girl. Wayne Hale, owner and handler.

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