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Field Trial Report

Western Iowa Pointing Dog Club

By Jim Douglass | Jun 22, 2020
Open Puppy Winner Highlander’s Zipline with owner-handler James Douglass.

Raymond, Neb. — We would like to thank all who came and supported our February 28-29 trial. We deeply appreciate all the support we had and sincerely hope to see everyone again!

This was the fourth year that we were able to secure an early spring date at the Branched Oak Field Trial grounds.  With the support of the Nebraska Field Trial Association, we have been able to secure this weekend as a permanent trial date for the Western Iowa Bird Dog Club. With this permanent date, we as a club intend to provide a high-quality venue for everyone who wants to participate in early February-March field trialing, regardless of the breed of pointing dog they own, for years to come.

Early spring can be an interesting time in Nebraska. With the end of February in Nebraska you can catch a wide variety of weather patterns. For the most part we have enjoyed beautiful weather conditions, with sunny skies and 45°-60° temperatures.

This spring we again lucked out and had beautiful weather. Participants not only enjoyed the opportunity to watch high quality dogs perform but also had a chance to enjoy 60° weather and enjoy some truly beautiful scenery as they rode the 900 plus acres of the Chet McClain Field Trial Grounds at Branched Oak Lake northwest of Lincoln, Neb.

In the morning we had as many as 25 bald eagles soaring in the skies.

This year we broke away from our normal three-day event, with a trial format that included both an AKC trial and an American Field/Field Dog Stud Book recognized trial.

This year’s event was strictly American Field with four stakes. As a result of this format, we were able to have a very leisurely trial with close to 30 dogs participating. The draw was able to attract dogs from almost all of the pointing breeds and participants from most of the Midwest States and beyond.

The weather for the most part was picture perfect. Wind conditions were at about 5-10 miles per hour. An ample amount of birds was released throughout the event, scenting conditions were great, and the dogs didn’t have any trouble finding birds.

Birds  were provided by Matt Conrad and as always they were in excellent condition.

For this trial, we used multiple courses on the western half of Branched Oak’s 980 acres of the field trial grounds.

We also thank our sponsor, Purina, for their continued support of our local club. Purina has been outstanding in their ever-present support of providing dog food and samples.

I would also like to thank the many people behind the scenes both prior and during the trial.  A big thank you for the generous help with judging, planting birds, dog wagon, awards, picking up dogs and doing whatever else needed to be done.

Our personal thanks to our judges, Dale Renick and Scott Thielen, for their tireless effort and many hours in the saddle.

My special thanks to Rita Douglass and Scott Roker for running the Kawasaki Mule dog wagon and doing an outstanding job of planting birds.

Again, Rita Douglass did an outstanding job of providing free meals (chili, cookies, cake and refreshments) to all the judges and participants.

Again, my thanks to everyone involved. The trial ran smoothly with plenty of time for socialization and camaraderie, making it a very enjoyable weekend!

Raymond, Neb., February 29 — One Course

Judges: Dale Renick and Scott Thielen

OPEN PUPPY — 2 Pointers, 1 Setter and 3 German Shorthairs

1st—HIGHLANDER’S ZIPLINE, 1685982,  pointer male, by Erin’s Redrum—Erin’s Hard Frost. James Douglass, owner and handler.

2d—KIVAWOOD’S MOMENT IN TIME, 1688552, setter female, by Cardo’s Red Bull—Cardo’s Wild Rose. Terry A. Feitz, owner; Mike Harryman, handler.

3d—NEBRASKA STRONG HUSKEY, unreg., German Shorthair female, by On Point Barnstormin Bernie—Armbrust’s Karla. O. A. Armbrust, owner and handler.

OPEN DERBY — 4 Pointers and 4 German Shorthairs

1st—HIGHLANDER’S ZIPLINE, 1685982,  pointer male, by Erin’s Redrum—Erin’s Hard Frost. James Douglass, owner and handler.

2d—CHARLES MALLOY HUBKA, 1681386, German Shorthair male, by Barnstormin Bernie—Rawhide’s Jumpin Jenny. Wes Hubka, owner; Art Armbrust, handler.

3d—KASH, unreg., particulars not given. Art Armbrust, owner and handler.

OPEN SHOOTING DOG — 4 Pointers, 1 Setter
and 1 German Shorthair

1st—RINGAFIRE’S KENTUCKY BLEND, 1672120, pointer male, by Pete’s Greystone Bud—Sinbad’s Rebel Rail. David Taylor, owner and handler.

2d—HIGHLANDER’S CELTIC CHROME, 1661653, pointer male, by Erin’s Redrum—Erin’s Super Star. James Douglass, owner and handler.

OPEN ALL-AGE — 6 Entries

1st—COME BACK SEAN, 1673123, Irish setter male, by Come Back Cutter—Come Back Bonita. Terry A. Feitz, owner; Mike Harryman, handler.

2d—LAMPPOST DOTTIE, 1668807, pointer female, by Lamppost Case I H—Lamppost Black Rage. Garvin Collins, owner and handler.

3d—HIGHLANDER’S CELTIC CHROME, 1661653, pointer male, by Erin’s Redrum—Erin’s Super Star. James Douglass, owner and handler.









Open  Shooting Dog  Winners. From left front: Ringafire’s Kentucky Blend with owner David Taylor (behind, far right) and  Highlander’s Celtic Chrome (left) with James Douglass. Behind: Behind are field trial officials and well-wishers.


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