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By John McIntosh | Jun 15, 2017
Winkelman's Little Sugar First in the Illinois Winners Classic Amateur Shooting Dog

Oakwood, Ill. — The Illinois’ (horseback) Classic  was held on April 8-9 at the Middlefork State Fish and Wildlife Area. The Western Pointer Club, led by stake manager Jeff Marshall, put on this Classic. Matt Collins, a director of our host club, secured the judges —Sean Hauser and Jerry Alden from Iowa for the Classic and the Open Shooting Dog. We are grateful for their generous disposition toward field trials. They were attentive, objective and, according to our stake manager, “Set the perfect pace for a shooting dog stake.” This weekend they confirmed that Matt got us the right judges.  For the Open Derby, Mike Duvall and Brian Sheehan arbitrated. Our sport is fortunate to have quality people like Sean, Jerry, Mike and Brian.


In the Amateur Shooting Dog Classic, Winkelman’s Little Sugar, handled by owner Mike Duvall, captured the title with five finds and smooth handling. Mike showed his rapport and confidence in Sugar by riding the course and letting her show qualities. Runner-up was Erin’s Coin Toss with three finds for owner-handler Brian Sheehan. “Pete” has had a great spring. It seems like a placement every time he runs.

The Open Shooting Dog Stake was won by Royal Rocks Sunrise, handled by owner Boyd Sutfin. Second was Erin’s Coin Toss. Boyd handled the venerable Bob Schaefer’s Madtown Bad Boy to third. Each had one find and a strong race.

It is good to see the “Madtown” prefix on a winning dog. Bob Schaefer has been a great worker and supporter for Midwestern trials.

The Open Derby was won by another dog with a great spring season, Joe Vicari’s Lexi. This German Shorthair female is classy and mannerly on point. These comments were heard, “fast on her feet,” “ate up the country,” “has got it all”. She won on an outstanding race and stylish back. Bill Sanderson handled his “Joe” to second. He is attractive on the ground and handled kindly.

John and Christi Hott hosted and prepared a prime rib dinner Saturday evening that any establishment would have been proud to serve. It was outstanding. (Your scribe is somewhat of an epicurean expert.) For this and many other occasions, John and Christi have a well deserved reputation as consummate hosts in our sport. The enjoyable evening that took on the feel of a reunion.

Rich Hannaway, longtime club president, shared the interesting history of the Western Pointer Club.

John Hott gave an update on upcoming events in field trials and grounds in Illinois. We had prizes from sponsors. Purina sent a generous amount of premium dog food. Tony Mahan and Matt Collins found additional sponsors: Gun Dog Supply, Riverview Classic Blank Gun Sales and Service (Robin Soloman), and Collar Clinic. We are pleased to have these well-respected businesses support our classic.

This weekend we benefitted from the new barn at these grounds. Those who helped build it were John Hott, John Shure, Jeff Marshall, George and Ann Ihrke, Chad and Nancy Chadwell, Ed Sanderson and grandsons Devon and Dakota; Matt Collins and Bill Finton.

We thank our judges, our stake manager, our intrepid dog wagon driver, Bill Finton, and all our participants and supporters. We celebrate the bonds formed over a mutual love of the out-of-doors, dogs, horses, and socializing.

We must note that the untimely death on April 11 of Jeff Wagoner’s mother, Linda Wagoner. Her serious injury (that she later succumbed to) meant that Jeff and son Zak headed home with heavy hearts, or surely their names would have been among the placements. Jeff and his wife, Kelli, and their children, Lindsey, Zak and Bridget, have been mainstays of Midwestern trials for many years. Jeff and Zak’s participation makes a significant difference in our trials. They readily help in any way to make a trial a success. We trust that in this time they feel the love, support and prayers of their field trial friends.

May we gather again to celebrate all the pleasures of our sport and the bonds of friendship.

Oakwood, Ill., April 8

Judges: Jerry Alden and Sean Hauser


[One-Hour Heats] — 12 Pointers and 2 Setters

Winner—WINKELMAN’S LITTLE SUGAR, 1630957, pointer female, by Winkelman’s Rebel Yell—Crannie’s Pepper Dot. Mike Duvall, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—ERIN’S COIN TOSS, 1652008, pointer male, by Erin’s Wild Justice—Georgia Sunshine. Brian Sheehan, owner and handler.

Judges: Mike Duvall and Brian Sheehan

OPEN DERBY — 4 Pointers, 1 Setter and 1 German Shorthair

1st—P J WILDFIRE’S LITTLE LEXI, 1663717, German Shorthair female, by P J Wildfire’s Little Bud—Lone Creek Sweet Anna. Joseph Vicari, owner and handler.

2d—JOE, unreg., pointer male, by Lester’s Silver Design—House’s House Fly. Bill Sanderson, owner and handler.

Judges: Jerry Alden and Sean Hauser

OPEN SHOOTING DOG — 11 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st—ROYAL ROCKS SUNRISE, 1625298, pointer female, by Covey Rise’s Offlee Amazin—Brown’s Northern Light. Boyd & Breana Sutfin, owners; Boyd Sutfin, handler.

2d—ERIN’S COIN TOSS, 1652008, pointer male, by Erin’s Wild Justice—Georgia Sunshine. Brian Sheehan, owner and handler.

3d—MADTOWN BAD BOY, 1617189, pointer male, by Erin’s Bad River—Erin’s Wild Rose. Bob & Vicki Schaefer, owners; Boyd Sutfin, handler.

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