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White Feather — August 15, 2007 — April 23, 2019

By Dan Hensley | Jun 06, 2019
White Feather

Claremore, Okla. — White Feather (Chief) passed away in his kennel on April 23, 2019 due to a relapse of a lung infection that was thought healed a year ago.

In 2011, the late Terry Smith helped me purchase Chief from David Lewis’ widow after David’s untimely death in January of that year. David placed Chief in amateur and open Derby stakes, and amateur shooting dog and all-age trials.

From 2008 to 2015, Chief had twelve wins. With little time to get to know him, I was able to win first at the Region 8 Amateur All-Age Championship at the McFarlin-Ingersoll Ranch in the fall of 2011.

In 2014, Randy Anderson handled Chief to the runner-up title at the Dominion Open Championship at Mortlach, Sask.

I did not have the chance to thank David Lewis for the privilege of owning a great little, tough white dog. Chief was very hard to lose. You had to keep riding to the front because that’s where you would always find him.

Three times Chief fought off certain death. Each time he came back stronger.

Prior to running in a shooting dog classic at Lake Murray in 2012, Chief had not kept food or water down for two days. He placed second with a big race and a limb find on a running covey. He had to have major emergency hernia surgery.

Thank you, David, for sharing your little dog with the big motor.

RIP White Feather.


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