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Wichita Bird Dog Club

By Brad Taylor | Dec 03, 2019
Open Walking Shooting Dog Winners. Front row, from left: Kevin Barry with Kimosabe’s Trusted Scout, Gerald Graham with Kanza Mojo Cotton and Brad Taylor with Budd Reddog Taylor.  Standing: Frank Schoenborn, Josh Palmer, Paul Roederer, Amanda Ray, Raymond Gross and Jim Corpening.

Dexter, Kan. — The Wichita Bird Dog Club held its fall trial on October 11-13 on the beautiful and spacious Radcliff Ranch in Dexter, Kan.

We had a good entry consisting of 57 dogs. Special thanks to our judges: Jim Corpening, Josh Palmer, Frank Schoenborn and Tyler Buche.

Enough can’t be said about Paula Radcliff, our gracious landowner. She, along with Don Beauchamp, have allowed Wichita Club to run on these grounds and helped update the corral/ barn.

These gorgeous courses run in the Flint Hills of Kansas following a creek and opening up through the prairie.

As always, a thank you for the help during the trial to the club members and other attendees.

Bob Lais for marshalling and transcribing the trial; Frank Schoenborn for driving the dog wagon and cooking food; Chuck Maxson for cooking food and general assistance with the trial; Paul Ott for providing and driving the second dog wagon which allows us to run continuous courses; Brad Taylor for taking entries. Everyone else who pitched in over the three-day weekend.

Thank you to NutriSource for providing the winners with a quality dog food. If you have not tried their products, please give them a shot.


In the (horseback) Shooting Dog Stake, Flint Ridge Jack,  pointer male handled by Justin Crook in the first brace, had a back at 10 and find at 20 in a forward race. Willow Creek  Minute, setter male for Frank Schoenborn, carded finds at 6, 25 (wild covey) and 30 and ran a forward race. Third placed   Nemaha Rio, pointer male for Dr. Pat McInteer, had an unproductive at 20 and a find at 25. Rio rendered a good forward race to earn his placement.

In brace No. 3 Judge Josh Palmer’s horse fell in the creek. The WBDC hopes he is fine.

In the Open Derby, Lone Big Time had a big race, but without benefit of bird work. Undertaker for Tom Woods also was placed on the benefit of big race. Russell’s Elhew Boone (Justin Crook) had a find at 25 and was placed third.

The Open Walking Shooting Dog winner was pointer male Kimosabe’s Trusted Scout (Kevin Barry) which rendered a good race and had finds at 15 and 30. Kanza Mojo Cotton also had two finds for Gerald Graham, at 10 and 20. Budd Reddog Taylor, Irish setter with Brad Taylor, had a good upfront race but no bird work.

In the Open Walking Derby, first place was T B’s Hawaiian Breeze. Second was Cruise Rocket for Paul Roederer, and third was Wild Afire, Chuck Maxson’s winner this season.

In the Amateur Shooting Dog, Brannigan’s Last Straw, setter male, had two finds and nice race, and Bugs N Dirt also had two finds and an upfront race.

In Open Walking Puppy, the winner was Firebug, another Chuck Maxson winner. Chuck took second with littermate Wild Afire, and Lindsey Wagner wrapped up the placements with Mo’s Blazingstar, another littermate.

Dexter, Kan., October 11

Judges: Jim Corpening and Josh Palmer

OPEN SHOOTING DOG — 14 Pointers and 7 Setters

1st—FLINT RIDGE JACK, 1681829, pointer male, by Scooter of Flint Ridge—Babe of Flint Ridge. Paul Ott, owner; Justin Crook, handler.

2d—WILLOW CREEK MINUTE, 1644693, setter male, by Skydancer Skyview Ace—Willow Creek Ally. Greg Gibson, owner; Bob Lais, handler.

3d—NEMAHA RIO, 1668952, pointer male, by Nemaha Free Style—Wiggins Snow Rebel. Pat McInteer, owner and handler.

OPEN DERBY — 7 Pointers

1st—LONE BIG TIME, 1680370, male, by Oakspring Big Time Warrior—Forty View Jill. Missy Gaines, owner; Justin Crook, handler.

2d—UNDERTAKER, 1682552, male, by Bound to Travel—Gilbert’s Gingersnap. Kurt Ochsner, owner; Tom Woods, handler.

3d—RUSSELL’S ELHEW BOONE, 1678580, male, by Numark Elhew Gusto—River Ranch Selena. Ron Russell, owner; Justin Crook, handler.


1st—KIMOSABE’S TRUSTED SCOUT, 1630179, pointer male, by Elhew Twister—Sunflower Amazing Grace. Kevin Barry, owner and handler.

2d—KANZA MOJO COTTON, 1630671, pointer female, by Island Grove Sinbad—Whippoorwill Wild Kate. Gerald Graham, owner and handler.

3d—BUDD REDDOG TAYLOR, 1663402, Irish setter male, by Aiken—Dynamic Dancer. Brad Taylor, owner and handler.

OPEN DERBY — 3 Pointers and 5 Setters

1st—T B’S HAWAIIAN BREEZE. [Placement Voided]

2d—CRUISE ROCKET, 1686934, setter male, by Rhythm Rocket—Rocketing Hope. Paul Roederer & John Settle, owners; Paul Roederer, handler.

3d—WILD AFIRE, 1685638, setter female, by Bugs N Dirt—Iron Afire. Chuck Maxson III, owner and handler.

Judges: Tyler Buche and Frank Schoenborn

AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG — 1 Pointer and 3 Setters

1st—BRANNIGAN’S LAST STRAW, 1623856, setter male, by Brannigan—Ruffian. Chuck Maxson III, owner and handler.

2d—BUGS N DIRT, 1628416, setter male, by Houston’s Blackjack—Carpenter’s Misty Storm. Ross Wagner, owner; Lindsey Wagner, handler.

OPEN PUPPY — 2 Pointers, 4 Setters and 1 German Shorthair

1st—FIREBUG, 1686749, setter female, by Bugs N Dirt—Iron Afire. Charles Maxson III, owner and handler.

2d—WILD AFIRE, 1685638, setter female, by Bugs N Dirt—Iron Afire. Chuck Maxson III, owner and handler.

3d—MO’S BLAZINGSTAR, 1685734, setter male, by Bugs N Dirt—Iron Afire. Lindsey Wagner, owner and handler.

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