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Forty-Five Dogs Drawn for 2017 Running

Wisconsin Cover Dog Championship

By Brent Sittlow | Oct 05, 2017

Augusta, Wis. — The Chippewa Valley Grouse Dog Association is hosting the Wisconsin Cover Dog Championship at Augusta, Wis., beginning October 5.

Presiding over the 2017 renewal are George Crumlich of Harrisburg, Pa., and Doug McMillen of DuBois, Pa.

The titular stake has drawn a fine field of 45, 19 pointers, 23 setters, 2 Irish setters and 1 Brittany.

The Open Derby has fifteen young contenders.

Championship Braces:

Dog/Breed & Sex/Handler

1. Thornapple Cody, SM; Bruce Minard. With

Dale Creek Cuppa Joe, SM; Tom Waite.


2. Meredith Grade Annie, SF/IS; Scott Chaffee. With

Ripley’s Allisin, PF; Bruce Minard.


3. Ponderosa Mac, SM; Scott Chaffee. With

Leet’s Standard Protocol, PM; Bruce Minard.


4. Bob’s Elhew Jill, PF; Bobby Phillips. With

Rebellious Rotten Ralph, SM; Mike Luebke.


5. Angel’s Envy, SF; Bob Wheelock. With

Henry of Ferguson, SM; Lance Bressler.


6. Bob’s Elhew Kate, PF; Bobby Phillips. With

Snyder’s Full Rage, SF/IS; Scott Chaffee.


7. Hershner’s Thunderbolt, SM; Scott Chaffee. With

Nobody’s Shadow, SM; Bob Wheelock.


8 Go Peter B, PM; Rod Lein. With

Tim’s Setter Rosie, SF; Tim Callahan.


9. Highpoint Left Turn, SM; Scott Chaffee. With

Out of the Shadows, SF; Bob Wheelock.


10. Grand River Gold Digger, PF; Bruce Minard. With

Dale Creek New Era, SM; Tom Waite.


11. Bob’s Elhew Holly, PF; Bobby Phillips. With

Hifive’s Unlisted, PM; Bruce Minard.


12. Hershner’s Gunnar, SM; Scott Chaffee. With

Over The Hill Patty, PF; Rod Lein.


13. Hidden Hollow Sammy, SM; Tom Waite. With

Bob’s Elhew Lucy, PF; Bobby Phillips.


14. Snyder’s Pioneer Scout, SM; Scott Chaffee. With

Outcast Cover Cruiser, SF; Ryan Hough/Kleeve.


15. Diva Dot, PF; Rod Lein. With

Titanium Hammer, PM; Bruce Minard.


16. Autumn Rain, PF; Scott Chaffee. With

Stella, ISF/IS; Tom Waite.


17. Quail Trap Will, SM; Chaffee. With

Zansett’s Simply Red, ISM; Tom Waite.


18. Rebellious Meat Man, SM; Mike Luebke. With

Highbank’s Back Black, PM; Scott Chaffee.


19. Blair’s Witch Project, SM; Tom Waite. With

Titanium Jacksin, PM; Bruce Minard.


20. Dale Creek Jamie Jacksin, PM; Tom Waite. With

Hifive’s Charlie Unchained, PF; Bruce Minard.


21. Wheelin and Dealin, PM; Bruce Minard. With

All Out, SM; Scott Chaffee.


22. Hunter’s Pale Face, SM; Lance Bressler. With

M J’s Sugar Magnolia, BF; Michael Dally.


23. Grouse Trails Cracker Jack, PM; Scott Chaffee. As a bye.


The Open Derby is due to  start October 8 at 8:30 a.m. on the Culvert Course (lunch area).

Dog/Breed & Sex/Handler

1. Fly Cast Rollie Fingers, SM; Scott Chaffee. With

Tim's Setter Earl, SM; Tim Callahan.


2. Back Aches HR, SM; Chaffee. With

Rebellious Fearless Fred, SM; Mike Luebke.


3. Tim's Setter Clare, SF; Tim Callahan.With

Rebellious Boisterous Bart, SM; Mike Luebke.


4. Extra, SM; Tom Waite. With

Titanium Jet Joe, PM; Bruce Minard.


5. Bowl of Slipper, PF; Bruce Minard, With

Roxie, PF/IS; Tom Waite.


6. M J’s Box of Rain, BF/IS; Michael Dally. With

Piper, PF/IS; Tom Waite.


7. Moving Target, ISF/IS; Scott Chaffee. With

Winter, PF/IS; Tom Waite.


8. Fireside Hysun, SF/IS; Scott Chaffee. As a bye.

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