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Tim’s Setter Rosie Wins 2017 Running; Snyder’s Full Rage is Runner-Up

Wisconsin Cover Dog Championship

By Brent Sittlow | Nov 13, 2017
Championship Winner. From left: Judge George Crumlich, Tim Callahan with Tim’s Setter Rosie, Scott Chaffee and Judge Doug McMillen.

Augusta, Wis. — The first weekend in October has traditionally marked the running of the Wisconsin Cover Dog Championship in the Eau Claire County Forest. This trial has always boasted a great mixed entry of professionally handled dogs, and amateurs from the Midwest and beyond. This year was no exception.

A warm and moist growing season, and no frost, provided denser greener cover than normal, but it didn’t stop the dogs from rendering fine performances on an adequate supply of wild birds.

This is a true testament to effort and management practices that the Eau Claire County Forestry Department deploys on these grounds. County

Forest provides a true multi-use area in which wild birds can thrive, and for field trial dogs to run and find them!

The Chippewa Valley Grouse Dog Club of Wisconsin is light on membership but very heavy on its dedication to providing a wild bird trial for pointing dog handlers and enthusiasts. Considerable effort is needed to prune, cut and maintain seven courses that traverse hills, swamps, creeks and heavy cover. Warm and humid weekends in July and August were set aside by dedicated contributors to accomplish this work. Those sweaty, mosquito-bitten, tick-bitten, blistered, sore back, thirsty and dedicated members were Rod Lein, Brent Sittlow, Roger King, Tim Callahan, Mike Luebke, and members “on loan” from the Badger Brittany Club. This is not glorious work but it simply has to get done, and it did.

Additional support of this Championship was provided by Purina in the form of sponsorship and dog food. The CVGDA and the entire cover dog circuit are fortunate to have Purina out front and supporting our sport with quality food and financial support. It would be very difficult to find a better product and better company reps to deal with than Purina. Thank you!

It was a pleasure to have George Crumlich of Harrisburg, Pa., and Doug McMillen of Dubois, Pa., to look over the championship entries and judge the performances.

George and his daughter Adele successfully train and campaign field trial grouse dogs under the “Cover Charge” banner. Doug is a dedicated field trialer who has judged numerous trials and campaigns cover dogs under the “Double Deuce” banner. Both gentlemen adapted to the grounds quickly, learned the cover, memorized the courses and knew how and where to look for the dogs.

The Winners

The 2017 Wisconsin Cover Dog Champion is Tim’s Setter Rosie, eight-year-old white and orange setter female owned and handled by amateur Tim Callahan of Catawba, Wis. Drawing the “Highline Course” on day No. 3 provided Rosie with a pair of grouse on the second half to earn the title.

Of course bird work is paramount in any field trial but to win a championship you also need to check off these categories: power, strength, class and biddability. Rosie emphatically checked these categories over the course of her hour on the ground.

Runner-up honors went to Snyder’s Full Rage, white and orange setter female owned by Steve Snyder of Ellendale, Minn., and handled by Michigan professional Scott Chaffee. Rage traversed the Stokely Diablo Jake Course on the first day and produced a woodcock early in the hour, and a grouse find late in the hour.

Rage separated herself from the rest of the field with a classy forward effort that smoothly flowed to the front with just enough strength and field trial punch on the ground to capture runner-up.

The Running

Brace descriptions are abbreviated in this report, primarily due to my soggy notebook. Needless to say rainy weather played a big factor in this trial, with 2-3 inches of precipitation over four days.

Thornapple Cody (Minard) is a strapping setter male that got off to a fast start recording grouse finds at 3, 7 and 11, but was plagued with three unproductives on the second half of the Gasline Course and was eventually picked up by 50. Dale Creek Cuppa Joe (Waite) was involved in the first grouse at 3 but drifted off course past the Gasline at 15. Retrieval device was employed at 32.

Meredith Grade Annie (Chaffee) worked close the first 15 minutes of the Highline Course but opened up after the first road crossing. She was searched for at 29 but suffered an unproductive. A grouse at 52, past the Highline crossing, had her back in the game. She finished with more fire to the end. Ripley’s Allisin (Minard) is an attractive and fancy runner. Her bird work was a stop to flush on woodcock at 12.

Ponderosa Mac (Chaffee) had three woodcock finds on the Crash Course with a commendable race and was carried through first day. Leet’s Standard Protocol (Minard) had a nice woodcock find at 10. His pace lost momentum by 55 and handler elected to pick up.

Bob’s Elhew Jill (Phillips) was a scratch due to an injury. This opened the door for the bye dog to be moved up to fill in on the Horse Creek Course. Grouse Trails Cracker Jack (Chaffee) had a woodcock at 10. Former champion Rebellious Rotten Ralph (Luebke) had his own woodcock at 19. He stopped again later in the hour and was never found. The retrieval unit was requested at 45.

Angel’s Envy (Wheelock) opened up on the “H” Course with determination. She stood at 44 but nothing was produced. Henry of Ferguson (Bressler) got underneath a woodcock at 30 and was taken up.

Bob’s Elhew Kate (Phillips) had a good go on the Stokley Diablo Jake Course to end the day. Rain was setting in but it didn’t deter her effort. She produced two separate woodcock late in the hour. Snyder’s Full Rage (Chaffee) was described above and was named runner-up for her effort.

Hershner’s Thunderbolt (Chaffee) started day No. 2 back at the Gasline Course. Bolt recorded a woodcock at 30. At the road crossing three grouse took flight without a dog involved. Bolt came back to the area and nabbed a lingering fourth bird with good manners.

Nobody’s Shadow (Wheelock) ran hard but got out of ken. The retrieval unit reeled him in just past the Gasline crossing.

Go Peter B (Lein) had what the judges were looking for as he flew around the Highline Course with a great forward pace. Unfortunately he was lost on point just past the Highline crossing at time. Tim’s Setter Rosie (Callahan) was described above in an exciting brace. She was named champion.

Hypointe Left Turn (Chaffee) was looking good with a timberdoodle at 12. He got into a stop and go cycle by 20 and was eventually picked up. Out Of The Shadows (Wheelock) backed Lefty nicely at 12 but had a grouse incident at 21 and was leashed.

Grand River Gold Digger (Minard) was looking good for the first 15 but got out of bell range and the retrieval unit was requested. Dale Creek New Era (Waite) was workmanlike and was picked up past the side hill on the Horse Creek Course.

Bob’s Elhew Holly (Phillips) stood early at 3, which didn’t produce, but got into the plus column with a woodcock at 5. Additional finds at 20 and 26 looked good but didn’t have the forward flowing race to go with it and she was picked up near the half. Hifive’s Unlisted (Minard) was banging away ahead of Holly with multiple finds but shortened in the thick cover near the half and was leashed at 40.

Clouds were building and thunder was rumbling as we finished day No. 2 on Stokley Diablo Jake Course. Hershner’s Gunner (Chaffee) had a nice woodcock at 11 and a double relocated grouse past the King cabin at 31. Gunner backed Over The Hill Patty (Lein) on a woodcock find at 48 but not as crisply as it could have been. Gunner added another grouse at 55 before finishing in the rain at the Chaney Road bridge.

Hidden Hollow Sammy (Waite) was off on day No. 3, back at the Gasline Course. He had trouble going forward and was picked up early in the brace. Bob’s Elhew Lucy (Phillips) was also an early pickup.

Snyder’s Pioneer Scout (Chaffee) and Outcast Cover Cruiser (Hough) were an exciting pair as the rain picked up again on the Highline Course. Both bells faded in and out over the first 50 minutes, with Scout staying a little more in the pocket than Cruiser. Both young dogs succumbed to separate grouse incidents late in the hour as we reached the Highline crossing.

Titanium’s Hammer (Minard) moved up on his own during a wide flushing attempt and was finished early. Diva Dot (Lein) had the Crash Course to herself and took advantage of it with three woodcock finds. However, after her second stop to flush on grouse, handler consulted with the judges and determined that her day was done at 55.

Autumn Rain (Chaffee) had four or five woodcock finds on the Horse Creek Course but got to hunting instead of running and was taken up at 50. Stella (Waite) is a diminutive red setter and failed on a backing opportunity early in the hour.

Quail Trap Will (Chaffee) waited until we crossed the deep mud hole on the “H” course to lose the clapper out of his bell. This caused an early exit back across the same mud hole, and back to the trucks. Zansett’s Simply Red (Waite) was a bit too wide, taken up at 20.

Rebellious Meat Man (Luebke) kept it together through a woodcock, but had a flushing incident in the middle of his run that ended his bid. Highbank’s Back’N’Black (Chaffee) had his running shoes on and had to be gathered up with the retrieval unit past the King cabin.

Blair’s Witch Project (Waite) was animated but got hung up in cut to start day No. 4 and was leashed at 20.

Titanium Jacksin (Minard) had great composure on an early grouse at 6 but didn’t have the forward flow that was needed to beat the winners and was up at 40.

Dale Creek Jamie Jacksin (Waite) hunted the river bottom thoroughly. He suffered an unproductive early and several stops and starts before the road crossing. Hifive’s Charlie Unchained was fast and fancy but got under a woodcock at 15.

Wheelin and Dealin (Minard) started out with big wide casts, suffered an unproductive near the half and handler picked up. All Out (Chaffee) was hard driving with good application.

He connected on woodcock at 40 but was losing steam in warming conditions and was picked up.

Hunter’s Pale Face (Bressler) made some nice early casts but got lateral in heavy cover at the halfway point and was picked up. MJ Sugar Magnolia (Dally) had a stop to flush on woodcock at 5, worked the heavy cover close through much of the first half and went on to have an incident with grouse at 30.

Augusta, Wis., October 5

Judges: George Crumlich and

Douglas E. McMillen, Jr.

WISCONSIN COVER DOG CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] — 18 Pointers, 23 Setters, 1 Brittany and 2 Irish Setters

Winner—TIM’S SETTER ROSIE, 1616148, setter female, by Grouse Feather Mark—Tim’s Setter Ruby. Tim Callahan, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—SNYDER’S FULL RAGE, 1655749, setter female, by Keystone’s Red Rage—Full Tilt. Steve Snyder, owner; Scott Chaffee, handler.


Fifteen Derbies were whittled down to eleven starters by the end of the stake.

Rebellious Fearless Fred and Rebellious Boisterous Bart are littermate brothers, both owned and handled by Mike Luebke of Reeseville, Wis. Both had good range, great application and dug into the cover like shooting dog veterans. They both happen to be out of the 2017 Cover Dog Champion Tim’s Setter Rosie. So it was truly a family affair at the announcements.

Placing third was Back Achers Homerun (Chaffee) which had plenty of application but not quite the range of the two Derbies placed ahead of him.

Judges: Ryan Hough and Brent Sittlow

OPEN DERBY — 1 Pointer, 8 Setters, 1 Brittany and 1 Irish Setter

1st—REBELLIOUS FEARLESS FRED, 1667542, setter male, by Keystone’s Red Recession—Tim’s Setter Rosie. Mike Luebke, owner and handler.

2d—REBELLIOUS BOISTEROUS BART, 1667541, setter male, by Keystone’s Red Recession—Tim’s Setter Rosie. Mike Luebke, owner and handler.

3d—BACK ACHERS HOMERUN, 1667679, setter male, by Long Gone Boston—D J’s Latest Flame. Timothy Harris, owner; Tammy Chaffee, handler.

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