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Website Display Advertising

To place display ads on the website and for more information, please call: (312) 663-9797 (Ask for Advertising) or E-mail:


Online Classified Advertising

Members can place ads online immediately. If you are already a member, please Login, and then go to Classified in your Post menu. If you are not a member, click Join and start a membership today.

Member classified rates: $15.00 per week for the first 30 words. $0.25 per week for each additional word. To post a photo with the ad, there is an additional one-time fee of $5.00.

bizMembers can place classified ads at no cost.

To place display ads on the site, or to place a classified ad in our weekly printed magazine, please call: (312) 663-9797 (Ask for Advertising) or E-mail:


Print Advertising

The American Field serves a non-duplicated weekly audience of over 25,000 readers who are seeking late-breaking news on purebred sporting dogs and field trial events. Each year, over 2,000 marketers sell more than $3 million worth of goods and services to American Field subscribers by communicating with them through advertising pages of the Field.

Please call us today, and we'll help you design a results-driven sales program starting with the next upcoming issue.

Rates effective July 1, 2018. There is an additional charge of $20 to include any photos that are not on file with The American Field. Corporate logos used in all advertisements will also incur additional charges—$20 for one or two; $40 for three or more.

Prices listed below are based on a graduated rate scale. Ads that are published at least 6 times are eligible for lower rates.

Advertisement Size 1 thru 6 insertions 7 thru 25 insertions Weekly
Full Page $830 $620 $500
Half Page $470 $340 $270
Third Page $355 $260 $210
Quarter Page $260 $185 $150
Sixth Page* $140 $100 $80
Five Inch $105 $80 $65
Three Inch $75 $55 $40
Two Inch $55 $35 $25
One Inch $30 $20 $15

*Minimum ad size for field trials, excluding Purina Points Trials and Championships.

• Mechanicals: Four columns to a page. Each column is 1 3/4" wide x 9 7/8" deep

• Front covers available starting at $620 (B&W) and $1,000 (color).

• Advertising materials due Tuesday for the issue dated Saturday of the following week.

• Color is available for half and full page ads for a premium, starting at $900 (half page).